Crash when disabling revolutions


Jun 12, 2008
Birmingham, England
V2.92 - Win 10

When I start a game and disable revolutions, the game goes a couple of turns and then goes blackscreen and drops back to desktop.
If I allow revolutions, the game works fine.

I've checked logs and there's no indication of what might be happening. This is using the exact files from the install exe with no changes at all.

Any ideas?

Further investigation done.

It seems to work if I have at least 1 civ OR barbarians active. I tested it yesterday and inadvertently left barbarians crash.

I'm going to try disabling barbarians too and I suspect that will cause a crash.

My settings are: Smallish map, spacerace victory, no civs and no barbarians, no revolutions. It's the options I use when testing things as I don't want enemy units swarming around.
I'll report back if I get a result.
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