[GS] Custom Map - Lonely Hearts - 4-Corner AI + Me + 1 CS in center - Best Map Resources Allocation Technique??


Oct 22, 2014
**If this is better in some other Sub Forum please let me know

I am finalizing a 120x80 Huge World Builder Map with 4 Corner Continent Lonely Hearts style massive Ocean separation for myself and 3 random AI plus a smaller single City State Continent in the center with same Ocean separation from all.

I am ready to place/distribute resources.

My question is what technique do you suggest would work best for replay-ability w/o having to redo Resources each play? Kind of a pain because if I take the time to ensure adequate to all, I can't just randomize on top because World Builder scrambles the entire map.

Should I just use the built-in randomize for Luxury and Bonus and then go back through so each player/AI has adequate Strategic resources to make it into late-game?

Or should I give adequate Strategic to all (I can use randomize first and then replace allowable plots with Strategic) and then allocate each a separate set of Bonus/Luxury that spurs trade against separate goods between all.

I don't want to have a rout on every play by handicapping any AI/CS but I don't know if giving too much to everyone will just lead to AI always having the upper hand just due to game difficulty choice.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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