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Oct 9, 2017
This took me weeks to make and polish. In the past I've had a tendency to add too many bonus resources and wonders, well I've corrected that. This is a very balanced map for everyone, and in many cases, the area is suitable for specific players.

A Map based on Soulblazer, one of my favorite retro games. 6 Regions each with a very distinct and unique feel.

18 Civs, 22 City States. 10 of All Luxuries, and yes there are plenty of strategic resources. (someone actually assumed I didn't add any)
With very few exceptions, everyone has 7 copies of their luxury, and 3 which can be found in 2 other regions at most.
(A couple cases were 6, usually if I needed a city state to steal / import something unique.)
12 Turtles and Whales (City States and Ocean Expansion)
21 Natural Wonders (3x7) Every Civ will have a wonder and a city state they can reach, for early unlocking of Secret Societies.
Thoughtful use of Continents, especially for America.


In case you don't want spoilers I edited out a lot of the details: but here is to setup the advanced game for this scenario: (see below)

I think I did a good job considering this was my source material for the map:


Advanced Setup:

Player can be any of the Civs listed here, note that colors may change depending on priority if you play other then Persia.

create the setup in this precise order:
Advanced starts determine civilizations, not leaders.

1 Persia (player) Pinkish Purple
2 Byzantium Purple
3 Purtugal White
4 Egypt Green
5 Germany Grey
6 America Red Wild West Teddy
7 Georgia Gold and Black
8 Pedro Green
9 France Blue and white Magnificence
10 Vietnam
11 England light blue if Victoria
12 Russia light green due to color conflict
13 Gaul green
14 Rome default purple
15 Spain Creme color due to conflict
16 Cree dark blue
17 Mali dark red
18 Scythia default orange

Changing the number for England, Russia and Spain will
swap their colors. Change Georgia to keep Russia Gold.
Red Spain, America, and England all conflict.
You might get dark red spain if Creme Mali.

Game Modes: Barbarian Clans will not become city states

I suggest doing epic speed for huge maps and disaster level 3. I also like to disable diplomatic victory, as it's just so lame. Build a couple wonders, do some world congress, and now you get to win? What a cop out.

Suitable replacements:

Mali: Nubia
Brazil: Aztec, Mapuche, Sumeria
Germany: Babylon
Russia: Canada

-1216745168 GAME and last digit 7 for MAP
With this seed Persia gets Relic from Tribal village on first turn 1
Might work for whoever is player one, if you have a tribal village nearby at the start which many do.

LORE: Atlantis in the Seabed of Saint Ellis:

The tribes tell a tale of the ancient mer people who lived and in the ruins beneath the sea. Long ago, evolving humans had a domesticated relationship with the ancestor of Dolphins. Some of them formed a close bond with humans and wanted to become like them. It is said the Great God Poseidon blessed them with rapid evolution over a couple thousand years, leading to a race of Mer People ruled by a Queen. There was a dramatic Cataclysm and the temple of Poseidon at the very heart of Atlantis sank deep into the ocean. The civilization collapsed, and the survivors formed into three city states and 8 Tribal Villages that live on the outskirts. Their lives are hard and riddled with problems. They are weary of sickness and ready for change. They long for the day when the survivors of the great civilizations will come back and build cities.

LORE: Magridd, the land of 7 Castles

The 7 natural castles were build into the caves at very high elevation thus it is a snow volcano surrounded by Tundra in a region that is generally without it. Actual castle walls were built, though today they are abandoned. Legend has it these massive structures are where the ancients hid to survive the global cataclysm and emerge. But those emerged were not all one. There was a French Revolution leading to a kind of breakaway where Spain is seen as the Nobles and France as the common people, but in reality both have nobles and commoners.

Spain in particular is lucky, because it's capital is on a continent consisting of the 7 natural castles. This means every city they make will get the free builder and production bonus leading to rapid progress for Spain, and allowing them to forego Monumentality for Exodus of the Evangelists. I had originally intended for Elanor to rule France, but I think Catherine will give them a better chance for cultural victory.

LORE: Greenwood

A land of forests, swamps, and eastern Greenwood has many rainforests. All the forests are inside of the rivers, and the forests next to the river are almost always hills, whereas the grass is almost always flood plains. Therefore it is best to settle in the hills and make good use of Liang and Magnus because whatever you do in Greenwood, you'll be doing a lot of chopping. Vietnam should be quite happy with all the forests. Brazil doesn't have a huge area. I was originally going to have them be Aztec or Mapuche, but along with France are the only other true Art Civilization. France follows a similar theme of river regions, but unlike Greenwood, France should build cities on the plains.

Three Lakes exist in Greenwood, with tiny islands at the center where ancient temples to the Sun God are found. These are too small to exist on the map. The muscat city state is at the center, along with the fountain of youth. It was here in Soulblazer that one spoke to the various animals.

LORE: Mountain of Souls

A cold land on high elevation where ancient little people once lived. It is said their lifespans were short and they have sense gone extinct, but many caves remain that clearly elude to their existence. This region is land locked by the coast with tantalizing grassland just out of reach. Shared by Georgia and Russia, both will struggle and obsess over the Souls of people with their Religious agendas. Georgia has Kilimanjaro and Russia has that two tile ice volcano, Everest can also be found here. Georgia has the better Capital, but Russia will have a bigger advantage here overall. Cahokia, Granada, and Armagh make excellent city states since their improvements can be built here, Especially Cahokia mounds will be useful for the extra food. There are many lakes and sheep to feed cities, but the Tundra is still a challenge.

LORE: The Desert of Leo

Dr Leo was a great inventor of gears and machines. His notes were obtained by the German Government and inspired them to reach high with science. Across the world the ancient tribes speak of Legends, some of which are found in the Hindu Vedes of fire that came from the gods and a global cataclysm that wiped out nearly everyone, bringing them back to the stone age. The Great God Poseidon cursed the oceans, making them too dangerous for most ships. He did this to seal off the land of Evil, also called Mandala or the land of fire and ice. One day humans will break the curse of Poseidon, and enter the land of evil. There will find the green substance of the gods that warring civilizations once used to fill the whole world with fire. Thus it is called the Land of Evil.

I will have a few more posts for different civilizations, but for now the Strategy for Persia is as follows:

Persia is the gatekeeper of the Super Continent, Vaalbara Pangaea Ultima. Their empire is a long stretch of cities in a line, so that roads are of the upmost importance. It's a good thing Persia citizens constantly strive to have the best roads in the world.

One should make careful and timely effort to colonize the two spots that control the waterways between the inner and outer oceans, which are the ends of Persian territory, or so they claim. If you play anyone who lives here you'll want to control these areas.


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The Wild West: Lots of Tobacco, Horses, and an endless expanse of cheap government subsidized corn. Welcome to America:

The toughest capital in the game: Built on hills, river defense, cliffed lakes most units can't enter except via the city.
Ability to defend with ranged and naval ranged units. American defense bonus. Good luck!


Just south of Germany's area can be found the now destroyed Laboratory of the famous Dr Leo. One should make four cities here, and put Campus in the corners. The center would be a great spot for a spaceport, provided you build it before unlocking Uranium. An excellent place overall, and the rivers form a certain familiar German symbol that is found in all cultures across the world.


No, those are not all Ice. While some Uranium can be found in the north, If in the end one desires to nuke everyone and parade around with hordes of giant death robots, one had best settle here, and have Reyna buy districts and tiles, because that's the only way you can get those precious extra copies.


Do you think Vietnam has enough Forests? Note: I have since added some Maize and brought the elephants closer. This was an early picture. I had to make some capitals better so that the AI wouldn't wander away too much. Portugal still migrates down to their wonder forsaking the tier 3 harbor.

In the above picture, I have sense made a lot more empty snow and tundra tiles and slightly less forest for use with special improvements.

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It turns out, I made a map that would potentially be good for dramatic mode, since everyone is reachable, and you have play someone that mainly builds an army early on, you can just defeat all the free cities, and perhaps even liberate some of them. So I made a dramatic version where England is replaced with Australia, who will make a good ally. Added more rainforest in both versions and improved a few textures.

Also while I included advanced starts for 18 civs, in actual practice you may want to make a copy where you reduce a bit for added expansion room. I would suggest two players on the west side, in grassy plains or Greenwood. Just change the starts as to would suit a game you setup.


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