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DaftNES Vb

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by Daftpanzer, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Angst

    Angst Rambling and inconsistent

    Mar 3, 2007
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    Omhiir (mixed lineage): Angst* / topsecret / NPC

    Noticeably diverse group, generally tall and broad, skin tones ranging dark to tan, hair from dark brown to almost blonde. Partial Odoni ancestry noted in strong facial features. Versatile nomads inhabiting a range of grassland and wetland biomes, hunters and warriors armed with spears and bows, occasionally harvest edible seeds of wild grasses growing along the rivers and wetlands. Have dogs, also small domesticated camels used as pack animals.

    1) Raise more stone circles. Maybe develop more techniques for more advanced stonework.

    2) Try to breed larger camels. Perhaps to be more effective as beasts of burden during harsher times of the year?

    3) "If I plant this food in the ground in rows... I can have more food than I can eat!" - Develop agriculture more, perhaps experiment with mixing the crops to breed them into better forms of themselves. Perhaps experiment with more efficient irrigation. All that stone requires heavy labour and isn't gonna build itself. We need calories!

    Viirna (mixed lineage): Angst* / topsecret

    Generally robust frame and average height, tan or light brown skin, dark or brown hair, with strong facial features and long beards in males, and more body hair. Have intermarried extensively with the Odoni, reflected in their somewhat smaller social groups and more obsessive personalities. Excellent craftsmen of stone and bone tools. Diverse gene pool, resistant to disease and to the cold. Hunters, fishermen and foragers. Have suffered over centuries from fights with other tribal groups. Notable for the exceptional artistry of their cave paintings.

    1) Align with the Odoni against the western aggression - blood ties and interbreeding make them consider the Odoni close kin.

    2) We are experienced and mobile warriors. Eons of strife have made us experienced in warfare. Try and develop better fighting tactics under competent leadership, "frostmen" or whatever being the equivalent of the Viirna tongue being the first true army leaders. Perhaps they develop social structures around this? In pitched fights, perhaps Shaka's "bull horn" formation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaka#"Bull_horn"_formation which is a classic centre-flank formation. Otherwise, they are still battle worn nomads and could use fast counter raids as a non-tactics strategy. Even on foot, it was a effective thing to do in the stone age.

    3) Make cultural exchange with the south. If things "go south" in the north, literally go south, migrate south with the Odoni to the Viirna. Whether this results in violence or not is up to you.
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  2. Terrance888

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    Jul 22, 2007
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    Turn 0 Orders

    • Baessa, Traessa and Naessu cooperate with Sentri's desire for cultural and technological exchange. In exchange for oral histories and some military tactics, they will learn methods to cultivate and build. Each tribe reacts differently.
      • Traessa are the most experimental, and soon more sedentary lifestyles lead to greater scale of warfare. They try to domesticate jungle fowl, and develop the ideas of alliances and espionage.
      • Baessa live near highlands, where Baessa who adopt the Sentri domesticate portfolio may form a subculture known as the Baessen
      • Naessa start dividing between sea and land traditions, and may develop light houses and more constructed ritual centers for gift-trading. (Masonry tradition from Naua as well, possibly)
    • A great ritual gifting/trading center forms between the three cultures. Marked by totems, ritual hunts, and exchange, Kusaena quickly becomes an anchor of the Naessu cultural consciousness.

    Spoiler Realized I might have been too detailed :

    1. Adoption and adaptation of cultivation from the Sentri (Baessa, Traessa, Naessu). Each of the three southern Baessa tribes slowly begin to learn from the Sentri, even as the Sentri sends their wisemen to learn among them. Although many of the Sentri crops and animals do not work in their environments, they begin looking at their mainstays in a new light and start experimenting with new livelihoods in various ways. ((all three attempt cultivation, domestication, trade, and stone working to various degrees. I'll only note the outliers))
      1. The Traessa
        1. Already the most experimental of the tribes, they begin experimenting with cultivating of various herbs and medicines they previously identified. This may also include food stuffs, but also poisons, dyes, and other useful forestcraft.
        2. Although goats don’t do well in the jungle, they may seek to domesticate jungle fowl for eggs, to eat pests, or to alert them to attackers, and other creatures as well.
        3. As successful Traessa communities begin to settle down, territory and hunting grounds suddenly became magnitudes more important. Although the traditional simmer and clash of raids and ambushes still continue, every generation or so there is an orgy of violence as built up alliances implode against each other. They quickly begin experimenting with new ways to mark boundaries and seal alliances. As well as espionage.
      2. The Baessa
        1. The only unique note for the Baessa is that offshoot cultures of goat herders might form in the mountains. Wisemen from the Sentri may one day note that other than somewhat different fruits and crops, as well as cultural quirks, these Baessa, sometimes called “Baessen”, live a very familiar lifestyle to their own.
      3. The Naessa
        1. While most of the Naessa continue to be far flung travelers and traders, increasingly sedentary communities cause new traditions and rituals. Slowly, a divide between the “chiefs of the sea” and “chiefs of the fire” form. However, this is not a cultural divide, but one of responsibility and outlook. Chiefs of the fire may return to the sea so long as their refuge is secure, and chiefs of the sea may form new settlements, or settle under the aegis as a chief of the fire.
        2. Possibly, the idea of a lighthouse to aid navigation, may form and are overseen by the chiefs of the fire. The construction of towers, if they are made of stone, may be somewhat informed by Sentri culture as well.
    2. Establishment of a Gift/Trading Ritual Center by the Naessa
      1. At the rich island delta, near the wetlands at the junction between the Naessa, Baessa and Traessa, a Gift/Trading Center greater than any other begins to form. Generations of Naessa story telling detail every shifting inch of the delta for their navigators, and soon this became a regular port of trade for Naessa Chiefs of the Sea to share gifts, stories, and prepare for a great journey to the far north. Both Baessa and Traessa are welcome, and conflicts are smoothed over as communal, ritual hunts replace each individual tribe’s hunting grounds.
      2. The Gifting Tradition of the Naessa blossom and adapt, and the islands of the trading center become festooned with more intimate areas of ritual and communal gifting. Carved totems are raised along the islands, and the need to recarve them through the generations continue to anchor the importance of these rivers and islands in the consciousness of the Naessa.
      3. The area eventually becomes known as the Kusaena, or the “Old/Known Home”. Somewhat ironic as it is a relatively new development, but it’s importance quickly grew in the Naessa culture. Possibly, those who spend most or all their lives in Kusaena develop into a new culture. If so, they may become known as the Kusaenassa, Kusaessa, or Saenassa.

    Spoiler Map of Routes and Peoples :
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  3. topsecret

    topsecret Believer

    Feb 11, 2010
    At the Foot of the Cross

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