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Defend city?


Apr 25, 2009
I just installed Civ 5, runs great on my new laptop, so far so good. I have one question though, how can I fortify a unit in a city like in previous civ games? is it possible? did they take this feature off? thanks for any help.
You can fortify, there's a little button called:"Garrison" I believe, and it adds to city defense strength, the unit can be selected at any time.
If you built the unit and it is currently on the city tile ...
... press 'F'

If you tell a unit to go to an ungarrisoned city tile ...
... it will automatically garrison
Ok, so they just changed the name, I had been doing that, but since the unit disappeared I thought the unit had "joined" the city. Thanks.
I believe you can only have 1 unit but considering this game you'd only really need 1. The bombardment from cities is pretty powerful and if you have a well built up (walls, military bases, etc.) it will take several units or siege engines to break you down. Barbarians used to be a major threat but they're now a joke with the city defenses. Though they are quite numerous and spawn interesting units.
It does "join" it. But what happens is the unit doesn't fight. The little defense number (shown as a shield) goes up and the city is tougher.
Joining is indicated by unit icon moving to left side.
When you select unit to attack with
... the icon moves to the right side
... and the city loses defense bonus.
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