Detailed map tack mod help


Jun 6, 2023

I have installed the detailed map tacks mod, but it only seems to work in a small map in a random generation for some reason. I was wondering what the issue could be. I've tried trying the mod in isolation with the others disabled, but no luck there. I tried making it towards the smaller sizes in custom configurations, and nope. In fact, what seems to work the best is the random create game option. It's really weird as it's never worked before except this morning, and I hadn't changed anything about the kids, I believe. Afterward, it's gone back to not working. Perhaps a subscription issue on Steam, I'm not sure. I doubt that this is the issue, but I'm coming up blank as to what it could be.

Here's a list of the mods I have installed in advance (didn't realize I had this many):

ARS - Improved Goody Huts v1.3
Good Goody Huts
Sailor Cat's Wondrous Goody Huts
Even More Reports
More Lenses
Better Civilization Icons
Sukritact's Tourism Overview Screen
What Did I Promise?
Happiness and Growth Indicators
Great Person Recruited Notification
Better Leader Icon (UI)
Better City States (UI)
Envoy Quest List
Detailed Map Tacks
Better Builder Charges Tracking
Great Works Viewer
Quick Deals
Expanded Initial Vision
Better Espionage Screen
Better Loading Screen (UI)
Enhanced Mod Manager
Reveal Artifact Details
Sukritact's Simple UI Adjustments
Sukritact's Global Relations Panel
Colorized Historic Moments
CIVITAS Resources
Better Trade Screen
Better Report Screen (UI)
Better Civilopedia (UI)
Real Governor Inspector (UI)
Better World Rankings (UI)
Better Religion Window (UI)
Truly Abundant Resources

For example, it works here but not when I customize the configuration

Start the game on another map size and then post the logs. Database, modding and lua. Zip first.
Sorry, i don't see any log folders/items. In Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI - I only see folders for Mods, ModUserData, Saves and a HallofFame sqlite file
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