Details on editing difficulty with newer DifficultyMod.xml format?


Jun 11, 2014
With the newer DifficultyMod.xml format, I can't seem to determine where some of the AI bonuses are coming from. The guide link in the file is out of date, still referencing the old Max choices settings for Policies and Techs (and fair enough, I know this is a volunteer effort and it's not reasonable to expect every bit of documentation to be fully updated for free).

The old format used the A, B and C bonuses in a formula to give resources to the AI, but these seem to be zeroed out now on the lower difficulties:
<!-- VP Difficulty Bonus -->

The lower difficulties are set to zero like this, but starting with Prince and up there are values. Does this mean that the AI gets no resource bonuses until Prince now? Or are these even used anymore? It seems like the AI is still getting resource assistance, even on lower difficulty levels. Is there a flat value that the AI always gets and then additional resources starting with Prince? If so, it's not in the HANDICAP_AI_DEFAULT section; A, B and C are zeroed out there as well.
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