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[BTS] Direct IP on disk version won't connect, just times out

AW Arcaeca

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Mar 10, 2013
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I'm trying to do a multiplayer game with a friend in another state, so LAN isn't an option, and as I understand the GameSpy servers were shut down a while back, neither are internet lobbies, so I guess that just leaves direct IP. Both using the disk version by the way, not Steam or GOG.

I've checked the firewall to make sure Civ4 is allowed through both public and private. I've set my router to forward the ports 2033 and 2056-2107 for both TCP and UDP, and on the firewall end I set up a rule to keep those same ports open to UDP. (Or at least, I think I've done this - I've never had to do this before so I have no idea if I did it right)

No dice. Just keeps timing out.

Now, I was told there's an alternative BTS .exe that will connect with a server that hosts internet lobbies in GameSpy's stead. I've updated the hosts file, I've copied the new .exe into my install path (C://ProgramFiles (x86)/2K Games/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 4 Complete/Beyond the Sword), swapped it out for the original .exe, tried both renaming it and not, and... it just... doesn't run. At all. It simply won't open. It doesn't even show up in my Task Manager processes tab.

I have no idea what else to try. Has anyone else had luck with either direct IP or the NatNeg workaround?
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