Disaster Save Compendium?


Oct 28, 2020
I'm thinking of trying other people's saves that they want me to fix or explain where they could be better. Or fix someone's disaster save file. Think PotatoMcWhiskey's Disaster/Garbage save file videos. I wonder if there's a place where we can upload saves to try out, or play saves that other people need help on.

3 rules

  1. Try not to have a mountain of mods. (I will allow removable resources and features, city lights, quick deals, Environment Skin: Civ V, YNAMP, Sukritact's simple UI adjustments, and some minor UI mods.)

  2. No games where you're completely overrun by AI. You need a few turns prior to the war or when the war immediately started to save the game.

  3. Games after turn 250 are very difficult to save (at least on Deity) because it may be too late to make meaningful shifts into the winning direction.
With that, send in your disaster or garbage saves, or perhaps saves where you're curious on how to proceed.
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