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  1. Isabelxxx

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    Sep 26, 2010
    Major European nations: Russia/Spain/England/France/Netherlands/Portugal





    Duchy of Courland:

        British America (1607– 1783)
            Thirteen Colonies
            British North America (1783 – 1907)
            Indian Reserve (1763–1783)
        British West Indies
        New Courland (Tobago) (1654–1689)
        Danish West Indies (1754–1917)
        Greenland (1814 - today)
        Dutch Brazil (1630–1654)
        Dutch Guiana (now Guyana and Suriname)
        New Netherland (1609–1667)
        Dutch West Indies and Tobago
        Virgin Islands
        New France (1604–1763)
            Acadia (1604–1713)
            Canada (1608–1763)
            Louisiana (1699–1763, 1800–1803)
            Newfoundland (1662–1713)
            Île Royale (1713–1763)
        French Guiana (1763-today)
        French West Indies
        Saint-Domingue (1659–1804, now Haiti)
        Virgin Islands
        France Antarctique (1555–1567)
        Equinoctial France (1612–1615)
        Colonial Brazil (1500–1815) became a Kingdom, United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves.
        Cisplatina (1808–1822, today Uruguay)
        Barbados (1536–1620)
        French Guiana (1809–1817)
        Russian America (now Alaska, 1799–1867)
        Cuba (until 1898)
        New Granada (1717–1819)
            Captaincy General of Venezuela
        New Spain (1535–1821)
            Nueva Extremadura
            Nueva Galicia
            Nuevo Reino de León
            Nuevo Santander
            Nueva Vizcaya
            Las Californias
            Santa Fe de Nuevo México
        Peru (1542–1824)
        Puerto Rico (until 1898)
        Rio de la Plata (1776–1814)
        Santo Domingo (last Spanish rule 1861-1865)
        New Sweden (1638–1655)
        Saint Barthélemy (1785–1878)
        Guadeloupe (1813–1815)

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  2. Sanotra

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    May 16, 2007
    Wa - USA
    I want to play as the Scottish! Home of me Ancestors! Yarr!
  3. Isabelxxx

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    Sep 26, 2010
    It should be possible soon.

    Any opinion about the implementation? There are many possibilities here:

    You could like Scotland in your game but I'm sure many will not want this because of the 1st) paragraph...

    Anyway, In my opinion I's better a complete mod than a "fan mod". These minor nations could be easily enabled/disabled in game just by adding that option in custom games as suggested in 3). That makes the mod more complete and still maintains the coherence; I would prefer to play with all the possibilities.

    Later we could add other ways to implement those extra nations in game as suggested in 2) and 4) while maintaining the historical coherence.
  4. Sanotra

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    May 16, 2007
    Wa - USA
    If you wanted to do something really radical, than here's a suggestion. Bring in each specific nation at a historically relevant time in the game. I would have to research which colonies established their colonies first, but a fictitious example of this idea is included below.

    Spain is the first nation to establish a colony in the new world. Start year 1492. Dutch are second, 1530. French, 1578. British, 1608.

    If a player wants to play as Spain in this example. A ship is spawned at the start location, and the year is 1492. The player plays as Spain, setting up the beginning of his colonial empire. Up until the year 1530, 38 turns later, the Spanish player is alone. Spain has the New World all to itself for the first 38 turns of gameplay. At turn 38, 1530AD, the Dutch vessel appears on the map and starts playing. The French 48 turns later, and the British 30 turns after that.

    If the player opts to play as the French, he starts in the year 1578. Spain and Netherlands are already on the map, with a set number of colonies adjusted by the difficulty, with the Dutch having fewer colonies than the Spanish. If the player opts to play as the British, he would show up in 1608, and greet the other much larger established colonies.

    1776 would be the deadline for all declarations of independence (optional). And those with smaller colonies, because they showed up late, would have to face a smaller REF.

    I know this is a complete overhaul of the game, and would be difficult to implement, but it sounds fun to me. :)
  5. Isabelxxx

    Isabelxxx DoaNE Explorer

    Sep 26, 2010
    I have thought that, but there are some things to consider:

    1) How many turns could play the last nation which colonized America? At first we want to enjoy the game.
    Col 1 let you play in a relaxed way with more than 800 turns... now col 2 have many less turns. Then if we play with some nations the number would be smaller...
    It should not be a problem if we add many more turns to the game.

    2) Difficulty to make the things work as intended.

    3) It will change the game to be more linear since you should know when certain event will happen. The problem here is that this event is so important that could make you feel all games are equal. I certainly would like this implementation as other possibility in custom games but I'm not sure about having that by default.

    4) To make the game less linear the AI colonies should be improved. This is a problem still present in the game as it is. If we introduce some AI nations later I would like to see some challenge there.
    It's not only that you have to defeat REF but the game should also add interaction with the other nations and therefore nations which colonized Europe later were not necessarily less important or weaker. You would not mind to see England coming later to America if you really feel that the introduction of a new nation really adds something to your game, something different each time.

    In fact it should not be so difficult because we want to start in historical dates but having completely random events, AI strength, scenarios to encounter, etc.
    From that point of view the game mechanics are the same and we only add an extra to ensure some logic as you suggested.

    I certainly consider this implementation but it is not really necessary to start doing that now, if we make things right since the beginning that possibility could be easily added in the future without too much work because 38 turns more or less will not affect anything in this mod with the present mechanics for creating new settlements.
  6. Sanotra

    Sanotra Wannabe Modder

    May 16, 2007
    Wa - USA
    Yeah, I see how it would make it more linear. A way to remove the rigged linear anticipation of the arrival of a new nation, would be to create a date range, in which the nation appears. Instead of 1608 for the British, the British would randomly appear somewhere between 1585 and 1625, a forty year window. If you chose to play as the British, your start year would be randomly chosen somewhere in this 40 year window.

    I understand what you're saying about the need for a more dynamic environment when it comes to interaction between the European nations. I have nothing for you on that one, at the moment.
  7. Isabelxxx

    Isabelxxx DoaNE Explorer

    Sep 26, 2010
    Of course, that would be the right way to do it. Also events or something like that could change the date a bit. But not only the date, also the starting units, relations, etc.

    I have many ideas for that. That's why I said that probably the right way to implement that is starting adding Interaction between nations base and then the dynamic starting date.

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