Diversica problems


Feb 9, 2020
Hello, i'm trying to run an old civ 4 modpack diversica, it's a minor problem that doesn't affect gameplay but does anyone know a fix for the diplomacy music?
Or anyone here who has this mod who don't have the issue can maybe upload their folder so I could try and download it? Thanks
Just for context:
I'm currently having a problem with the diplomacy music. I've been driven to my wit's end trying to figure out what's causing it, to no avail.

The problem is that instead of each leader playing their own unique diplomacy music, they all just have it replaced by the same theme from the main menu. This applies to both custom leaders and the original leaders from vanilla/warlords/bts. Every single leader has this problem.

I've checked the xml files - leaderheadinfos, audio2scripts, audiodefines - in both the XML and modular folders over and over. All the entries are there and I can't see fault with them. The mp3 files are also in the correct sounds folder. I've run the WoC_installer.jar countless times. I've tried searching for an answer everywhere. But every time I enter a game, the diplomacy music is always missing.

Otherwise, this mod is pretty much perfect.

Someone please help me - this problem's driving me nuts!
I found that post browsing backwards in the Diversica thread while trying to figure out what manner of problem this is. I know I won't be trying to fix this as I've no familiarity with the WoC framework.
As it happens I've run into the exact same problem. Do any active forum users play with Diversica, and do they experience this same issue? As noted in the post above the problem seems to arise from the WoC framework, can anyone with any familiarity with it shed some light on what might be happening?
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