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Does anyone reply to an error report?


Nov 28, 2001
I have a crash that is occurring in 1798 in an extra huge game (playing India on Marla Singer's map-just built the Apollo Program-neck and neck with Egypt in tech race-would probably win cause AI bad at switching off (from palaces and ICBMs to spaceship parts). The AIs are currently involved in a feeding frenzy on poor Japan (I joined in, btw). I have a brand new Dell, 1.8 gb, 512 mb memory, win XP, playing latest 1.16f (the XP one). I tried turning all other apps off and pretty much all optional stuff (pop-ups and animations). I even tried turning up the virtual memory to the max (4096 mb). It always happens. On the AI turn. First a few Roman ships move (when I have the show enemy moves back on), then a samurai, then something offscreen causes the crash (so I don't think it's the video card). Given the speed the game is running (even on 1.8 gig with all that memory) with all that huge map stuffed to the gills and most of the AIs in super-motion (frenzy feeding on Japan), it couldn't be my turn yet, so it's something an AI is doing.

Everytime it does it, it asks if I want to send an error report (presumably to Microsoft) so I did. Has anyone else ever sent one? Does anything happen? Do you get an answer?

By the way, the only other crash I ever had (and I have played lots of games on lots of other size maps) was when I eliminated a last settler on a boat (an acknowledged bug, I think) so I just let him stay alive on the boat and went about my business. I have just finished a game on a standard map. I have gotten to the end with spaceship, cultural (only on chieftain), domination and diplomatic all the way up to Monarch. I always change the rules with pretty standard mods (experience points, resources) and that never seems to cause any problems. Something new is happening that never happened before and it has to have something to do with the number of cities and units it's having to deal with. It isn't even the Ais declaring war, because I heard one by one as they went after Japan. I'm stumped.
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