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ok - some really good discussion here, mostly above my paygrade, so I won't comment on it other than to say I'm happy with the level of detailed planning :thumbsup:

I am curious why none of our ministers seem to want to name their threads according to our constitution? :dunno:

From the TaoSAN:
Daimyo of Domestics: Shall be responsible for managing and maintaining the Team SANCTA Domestics Thread. This thread will be for the solicitation of the "will of the team" on all matters regarding city builds and citizen assignments, economy slider settings, civic settings, religion, new settlements, workers, and wonders.
The Daimyo of Domestics shall be responsible to post regular orders for the Shogun to follow in the "Turn Orders" thread.


Domestics: The Daimyo of Domestics shall create and maintain this thread for all key decision making on running our cities, economy, technology, etc. This thread will also house discussion and decision making on naming cities, workers, settlers, and any terrain features.

I think this thread title is very confusing. When I came back and started to try to catch up after my long break, I skipped over this thread till just now.

The TaoSAN is designed to help us avoid this. If some new person joined the team, or was gone for more than a week and a half like me - our forum would be pretty difficult to follow :sad:

I suppose if we renamed this thread, that would work.

Finally - How did city #2 become the Copper Kettle?
Last I heard, we were going to go with tea names... something like "Wild Amber" that is on our City Naming Theme tea list.

This is supposed to be discussed in the Domestics thread (which I guess is here) and then the orders for naming posted in the Turn Orders thread.
Sure, just ask a mod to rename the thread.

Also, we agreed on a tea theme iirc though. When someone floated the Copper Kettle name I agreed with it, and one other peoson said they prefered Wild Amber Oolong. No one else said anything, which is why it got named to Copper Kettle. I suppose as this was done over christmas while many people were away only three votes being cast was to be expected...
Well this is the thread to talk about it! :D

I'd vote for "Wild Amber" (since the Ooolong part makes the name too long).

To me, "Copper Kettle" is both a) Too Mary Poppins and b) Too obvious from the name that it's our copper city for anyone that sees it on a list of cities in the diplo screen.

I'll PM Whomp and ask for the re-name.
brainstorm until tomorrow for names, then I'll post a poll on the name. In future all I'll do is take the first 5 or so names sugested for a city and place them in a poll; any more and there's a decent chance that a name wins with 2 or 3 votes.
I'm good with "Wild Amber" ! ! ! !
I think we need to get a road up between the cities for the trade route.

The other option is to research Sailing for connection by the river. This option also allows a galley for exploring and may be better.

I still want AH next though....
We get a trade route connection with the river when our borders expand, so no need for a road just yet :) so AH next is still on.
Are we going to rename CK to Wild Amber, or do we need a poll (hope not)? I see no current "votes" AGAINST Wild Amber.
I vote agaisn't as well. it is named already...changing names makes things difficult.
Then Kettle it is....as such it should probably produce a bunch of settlers that can be named after different kinds of tea!:D
Wild Amber is cool, but I like Copper Kettle too. Taking into account that it is a production city, I think Copper Kettle is better, and it's abbreviation is nicer looking too (CK vs. WA).

I would vote to leave C2 named CK and save WA for a specialist city.
I'l put a poll up tomorrow for it, make it last 72 hours. As it is 1am here I wouldn;t trust myself to spell the names correctly...
Just a heads up, but we are going to need a final decision on where to build the third city fairly soon; even if it is something along the lines of "We want to settle it for horses if we have them" (not that I would suggest that).

2 possible city sites are 333 and 2333 of the capital
We ALL know I want horses hooked up ASAP....maybe they show up in IS!:D

Both locations for C3 seem about as good as we can get....is the 333 spot there only to leave room for the other cities, or was there another reason to move it N?
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