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I think it opens up two other grassland tiles (at the expense of a grasshill) that we might not otherwise be able to utilise, but as a consequence that city won't have as many river tiles to work (a plan is to make it our capital and cottage alot of the land), but another, southern, city could work the tiles. I think that the current city marked directly to the south of the proposed C3 locations should be moved one tile to the W, to take in a river sugar, but at the loss of a grass hill...

Well, one things for sure: we can dotmap our land but we still aren't entirely sure of everything yet, so I wouldn't be entirely worried about future city sites, they are al likely to include dead tiles such as peaks.
I agree that proposed C4 should go 1W and get the sugar.

I think I still favor C3 at 2333, this leaves room for a city on the PH 3 of the jungled rice that can share the cows to grow at some point.
OK, need concensus on the worker: so far me and Ronnie have voted for the plains hill, need more votes though on what to do with it. Grass hill or plains hill? So far the simulations have suggested that the plains hill followed by a mine is stronger.

Plains Hill: Krill, Ronnie1, 1889

Grass Hill:

(Memphus, I take it you will either vote, or add yourself to the tally when you play the save?)
I'm not following worker actions very closly yet, so at this point I'm more than happy to second Krill's opinions as to what they should do - plains hill.
;) my vote doesn't count. i can just veto :p haha turn orders followed :)
Heh, works for me.

Off topic: Anyone been wondering how the other forums are going? We have over 2800 posts in this private forum alone somehow (and worrilying, atleast 380 of them are mine), alot of them detailing the future future so we can get the save turn around done quickly. Maybe the other teams' forums are just slow as they aren't disucssing the future and that's why there are taking ages to play (in MS case), as they are discussing each turn as it arrives, and hence are playing badly (looking at the crop yield score, at least one team is doing pretty badly...)

Also, anyone want to make a joke in the public forum about how we have more land than any two teams put together :D
It also may be that some of them have tougher decisions - I mean, how hard is it to say "ooh - we have fishing and should build a workboat" to start the game?
@ Memphus: obvious =| smart...

At AT, we had the first 30 turns simmed out before the game began, it shouldn't be impossible for any other team to do the same before the game started and offer up an array of options to the team to vote on; though by now they must obviously have created a couple of new plans for the extending of their empires, as we have been doing.
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