Alright, here's the deal, I'm grounded from the CPU and I'm going to be away from my computer, period, for the 4-day weekend.

I'm going to TRY to get two updates in by then while doing homework, but no promises. I'll try to do one today, if I can get enough work done fast enough.
Vote: Domination3000

1 strike against... me

Protect: Red Spy

Red_Spy protected once.

Vote: Domination3000

2 strikes against me

Vote: Domination3000

Vote: Domination3000 so I can stage a coup and make myself GM of this thread :)mischief:)



Domination3000: Wait, Red_Spy, you mean you want to kill me?

Red_Spy: Indeed

Domination3000: Well, do you think I'm an idiot? I'm the one who has the gun!

Suddenly, many in the crowd began to shout, "Kill him! Kill him!"

Then Dhoomstriker jumped in front of Red_Spy.

Dhoomstriker: You can't kill him, just because he wants to kill you, that's not right.

Domination3000: Not right, I'll tell you what's not right? And he shot Dhoomstriker in the foot.

Domination3000: Any future idiotic attempts to vote for me, people start dying.

Dhoomstriker is injured this round and next round, he cannot vote in either round. He can still be voted for or protected by other players.

I quit this game in protest. Anyone who wants to join me and overthrow Dommy will be greatly appreciated.
Yup, I'm out to, unless someone else takes over. Dom should clearly be out but instead Dhoom has been penalised and he didn't even vote for you!
I'm out too.
protect: Mr. Snuffaluffagus
I, SK, declare myself GM of this game. Dommy, your totalitarianism is at an end. Dhoom, you shall be avenged (if you die, that is)
As the self appointed Regent of Forum Games, servant to the most noble SouthernKing, I declare this game to have been a failure!
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