Don't stop clickin!

Wow! I made it! :eek:
That was annoying, but funny!! :lol:

It got deleted in another forum I visit. Seems people didn't appreciate my humor ;)
praise God for the enter button it makes quick work of your dastardly tricks
phew i made it all the way

so err jeeze u can also do ctrl+alt+del and press end task button
I don't even think that should be in Humor, we should IP Ban this guy for annoying me, or I could be cranky, 1:32 in the morning damnit.
yer i just found that holding enter worked surprisingly well, took about 10 seconds if that.
Who makes up all this junk anyway? I'm not pretty mad at you, WildFire, I'm pretty mad at the guy with far too much spare time who came up with this sh*t. If I wasn't against capital offense...:slay:

- This is what I am at that person (not The Person(me)) --->:mad:
- This is what I think of the site (as long as I'm not stuck on it; been stuck on suck a site before) --->:lol:
*sigh* Its been posted here before. I still appreciate it, though. It does beg the question, how many man-hours are wasted creating and perusing things like this? :p
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