Dunno if this bug is common knowledge


Feb 23, 2002
This is either a bug or possibly(but probably not) a built in cheat

If you make incredibly stupid demands from the computer players, they will simply give you what you ask

e.g. I just played a game on deity and, wanted to provoke the germans inte attacking me, so I demanded that they gave me all their cities, all their gold, luxury etc. and I also demanded the maximum amount of gold per turn (something like 99999999999 gold/turn)

they agreed, and the next turn I actually received all that gold

I tried it again in another game and it seems that you will get what you ask as long as you demand huge amounts of gold/turn

pretty wicked ;)

( but the game was ofcource not much fun to play after this :/ )
Maybe that's a corrollary of the computer making incredibly stupid demands of the human! Maybe it thinks we will eventually give it what it wants! ;)

Anyway, I will try it. I figured it would just result in war.

Probably patched out., though.
Is it removed in the 1.17 patch??
'causs its still there in 1.16 at least
It was supposed to be removed in 1.16 I think, which means either you've discovered a new bug (heaven forbid) or there is some kind of problem with your patch.
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