earthlike epic non upscaled research nightmare


May 9, 2014
new game with options that won't lead to overflow bug too soon:) map script "world", earthlike, huge
I would be happy to see any comments about what I could do better:)

--------- prehistoric era
started on river coastal plot near caves - very good one, only natural wonder would make this start perfect:) starting from production buildings and stone throwers to get some animals, searching tribal villages for good units, researching cave dvelling -> language -> nomadism -> gathering (building up production) -> cultural identity, prioritising research techs, first trait nomadic 1 for faster hunters, second trait scientific 1 and aloof 1

---------- ancient era
turn 412 (year 34569 bc), researched sedentary lifestyle, agriculture as free tech (best addition to economy and nomadic trait researches it 20% slower, obvious choice), civilization consists of 5 cities, prioritising coastal plots best if on river

plan for this era: ideograms (library of nineveh), pottery (mud huts good addition for economy), mining (metals civic), community and caste system (civics), trade (more trade routes per city)

---------- classical era
turn 798 (year 7593 bc), classical lifestyle done, free tech alphabet, this time I prioritised republic civic (agora), road building, drug spice trade and insurance (3 trade routes in all cities), after this sanitation and directly to medieval

---------- medieval era
turn 1066 (year 2032 bc), medieval lifestyle done, free tech vassalage, plan for era: feudalism -> guilds -> education -> banking (civic) -> parliaments (king's council 5% gold all cities), maybe somewhere papacy for church school and free church +science all cities, then ocean exploration techs and colonising other continents

---------- renaissance era
turn 1244 (year 606 bc), renaissance lifestyle done, free tech humanism, plan for era: jurisprudence -> navigation (ocean trade routes) -> critical thought -> nationalism -> botanics -> representative democracy
I feel like I'm very slow, should already have more cities and captured whole starting continent, but wars with AI are taking long because my units are loosing too much hp and recovering too long
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Jun 10, 2011
If you want to avoid research overflow bug altogether, then you can't select Upscaled Research Cost, and you should play on Blitz speed
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