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Jun 20, 2004

For the first time in Civilization franchise history, we have a leader able to lead two different civilizations!

Eleanor, duchess of Aquitaine, was queen consort of France from 1137 – 1152, followed by England from 1154 – 1189. She was one of the most influential figures of the Middle Ages, thanks to her vast land holdings inherited at a young age, making her one of the most sought-after brides of the time.

She was a leader in the Second Crusade and is credited with establishing many of the royal court’s chivalric rituals– the social codes rooted in Christianity that guided the behavior of knights and women of high social standing.

Eleanor Unique Ability – Court of Love

Great Works in Eleanor’s cities each cause a loss of Loyalty per turn in nearby foreign cities. A city that leaves another civilization due to a loss of Loyalty and is currently receiving the most Loyalty per turn from Eleanor skips the Free City step and instantly joins her civilization.
Two great models :D
Oh wow! That is one cool LUA and bar the name definitely not what I expected. And I love both her looks.

I'm really digging this one!
1) Those models are great

2) no free cities, well that is a possible game changer if played well
That's a big "meh" from me in terms of her ability, unless they've drastically changed the loyalty mechanism (especially compared to Victoria and Catherine). The leaders models look good, though.
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