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Dec 20, 2005
Welcome to The Newly Created Scenario Mod:

DownLoad The Mod Here v-1.00

My nick name is keldath, and ive been playing civ since civ 1 came out,
ive been modding since civ4 first came out.
this is the work ive made so far:

  • [*] visa mod for warlords
    [*] world of civ (woc) im the founder of the mod .
    [*] overlord mod 1+2
    [*] dawn of the overlords
    [*] song of the moon 2 (shame this mod wasn't popular )
    [*] dune wars like barsoon, dune is a mod i created and prospered by others.
    [*] and barsoom mod.

what is this mod anyway you ask? :

Empire of liberty is A Scenario mod , that is Focused on the birth of the united states fropm 1770 era.


The mod is a scenario mod, meaning its primary game play is with pre made scenarios.
the goal of the mod is to mimic, or re experience the birth of the united states from the era of the independence war to the civil war time.

the first scenario:
Revolution war map size standard - you can play as the 13 colonies or the french struggle with the English, natives and Spanish empire in a fight to control north america,

the second scenario :
civil war - not yet created !

i have tried to adapt the mod as much as i could to real History.
im am aware that i may have gotten some Stuff wrong, i will current these over time.

the mod features the following:
  • Several civs that represent the main nations that where in play at those times.
  • completely reworked Long tech tree.
  • all new unit classes
  • historical buildings and wonders.
  • 5 Christian Based religions.
  • 5 American corporations.
  • Detailed Resource System With produced Bonuses.
  • the game is played for now under scenario files - Via Custom Scenario Option
  • music that will get you into a Great Pioneering Mood :)
  • platyping ui and more.
  • Kmod 1.41
  • Influence Driven War
  • Jcultural control (forts has Culture Borders.
  • Various Sdk Additions.

this mod took around 6 month to be made and i have worked countless hours all by my self,
this is basically first Version, i have ran a lot of auto play games, and i count on your feedbacks to help me get this mod alive and much greater.
im going to add tons of things, but i wanted to get first draft to the public.

I hope you enjoy this, and help me build this mod and make it great, your input is important.
i thank to who ever play this.

known issues:

-Some pedia text are missing
-buildings and units buttons are missing.

Spoiler :
i owe credits to most of the civ4 community i think, i will add people i forgot soon so ,
to every one who ever uploaded a file to improve civ4, thank you so much for this, it is an amazing community.
  • to karadoc, for his super ai mod - kmod.
  • to all the art makers, i will add your names soon.
  • the dune team. deliverator, david lalen, ahriman, koma and lebashr.
  • orlanth - for helping me with many arts music and encouragement
  • platying
  • dacubz145
  • draksara

    and to others along the years:

    pilotis/grave/ripple/johny smith/shqype/Vanchelon/mylon/strategyonly
    Civmansam/gir/fexfx/fanatic demon/arlborn/net55/Afforess
    Minor Annoyance/UncutDragon/denev/Pep/Arri/marnz/jdog5000
    Fuyu/the bug mod team/alerum/lemon merchant/glider/jeckel
    Snafusmith/mechaerik/The Capo/achilleszero/Bakuel/Xenomorph
    KrugerPritz/nudden /The_Coyote/Walter Hawkwood/Wolfshanze

    And a very special thanks to these people who have done
    so much for me and the civ fanatics:
    Afforess - i cant thank you enough.
    glider - you rock man.
    zappara - youve made the biggest mod for civ4, its awesome.
    jdog5000 - a visionary, maybe the biggest contributor to civ4?
    dale - made the impossible possible.
    bug team - talk about interface huh? thank you all.
    Koshling - for helping me and a new dawn with countless improvements.
    to all art makers - for providing us with amazing eye candies.

    and to all the mod components that gave something extra for civ and my mod.


Some pictures:
Spoiler :

Enjoy -


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oh great....

i forgot to set the war declarations events....

untill i upload a patch:

just get in the private maps and change
its name from : Revolutuin War Scenario - (95-45-stand)

to : revolutuin war - (95-45-stand)

(the war declarations work on the map name, since i change the map name just before uploading, i forgot to change the events accordingly...

another thing i saw:
saloon building art is screwed
buildings in marathon cost a bit high.

im playing a game my self so ill feed back my self, plz do feed back me also.

31 people downloaded so far, not bad :)

i got some stuff i wanna add/change for the game play, im taking notes.

need to collect some more data about balance and needed changes, then ill make a patch.

i think the recommended speed is the epic speed.

looking forward for feedback :)
The download site is very confusing, where is the download, nope thats not it, nope that not it either, let me try the 2rd d/l one that says download, nope, dang must be the final download one, YEAH, see what i mean, too many places say download here????
Anyways, i thought i would help in the d/l # at least. But then i looked at how LOOOONG it would take to d/l and i have "cable" d/l speed?? see attached:whew:
All workers are missing textures and basicly pink bloop. Also the modern era cities and improvements kind of dissapointed me :( I couldn't force myself to make more than 5 turns . The terrain and tech tree looks seductive tho and I'm rly eager to try this mod ( I think it has some potential :goodjob:). But I'll wait for new version/patch :p
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