EX II - The German "Equality" Game


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Oct 2, 2001
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World Size: Huge
World Type: Random
Conditions: Wet, Cool, 4 billion years old
Barbarians: Restless
Civlization: Germans
11 random opponents
Difficulty: Regent

NO worker automation
Up to 20 turns each turn
24 hrs to call, 48 to post


I thought this would make for an interesting game. So there it is. Will post first summary once we get some players.
I would be interested in playing as well, if you aren't holding out for the regulars... Who knows, maybe one day, in the far off future, I'll be a "regular" too! :D
I'll have a go, I haven't done a succesion game but have done pretty well on monach difficulty by my self. Sign me up.
If Exsanguination hasn't started this thing in a couple of days what say someone get the ball rolling. Brian J maybey. We know the paramaters and I've just got a real itchy trigger finger.

What do you guy's think.
Looks like we have 6 people now.. If Ex hasnt posted by tonight and I have time, I'll start something. I'm at work so if I ahve time I'll post again tonight from home.
haha nice try... ive had the first 30 turns ready for the past week!! just waiting for more people... ill post the first turn tonight/
in a big hurry, so I won't get fancy. I played 21 turns (meant to play 20, but I screwed up the save... sorry)

Our valiant German nomads decided to settle on the coast in 4000 BC, in what seems to be an interesting location. We have coast, grassland, no forest, no river. Nice challenge there for us!!

After producing a few warriors and exploration, we find little. We are still researching Bronze Working (21 turns, +1 gpt). I have a settler in production and a warrior to the south who is to defend this city. I reccomend city #2 goes south - maybe next to that forest patch, also on the coast (good colossus city). After that, its up to you all.

Only 21 turns, so nothing good happened... sorry...


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Great location, lots of resources and no immediate neighbours..

2900 BC:
Kaiser Brian takes the throne of the German Despotism.
Our scout visits a Celt villiage who gives us 25 gold.

2850 BC:
Exploring. Our warrior to the north spots coastline

2800 BC:

2750 BC:

2710 BC:

2670 BC:
Leipzig founded.

2630 BC:

2590 BC:
A friendly tribe gives us a map. Zzzzzz..

2550 BC:

2510 BC:

(11)2470 BC:
A Vandal Settler joins our puny nation! we get a warrior from another village.

2430 BC:
The settler moves closer to our nation, to avoid corruption.

2390 BC:
Our scout bumps into a barbarian! Backs away quickly.

2350 BC:

2310 BC:

2270 BC:
Hamburg built on an excellent location. It will be corrupt for a while but it is really good..

The Mycenian Barbarian kills our conscript warrior! We need military!

2230 BC:

2190 BC:

2110 BC:

2070 BC:
A Vandal tribe gives us Pottery. Bronze working is discovered, we start on Alphabet. We are probably hopelassly behind now, but we need the GL if possible.

Our warrior defeats a barbariasn, but there was another one who killed him. They are close to our cities! Build Spearmen. Excort Settlers. it is not safe.

That was short but sweet.. Great land, if we can defend it from the raging hordes ;)

Biggest worry, military. Barb horsies can't be far behind the warrior which is closing in on us from the east.. The spearman in Leipzig should finish in time.

Good luck!
I played with Paint and placed dots at suggested future city locations. Red and Blue should have priority. Its only a suggestion however.

Second biggest problem: We need to improve our cash flow and thius our tech production..


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Is there any chance that I can Change places with Phantom12345 as I have a very important tournement on the weekend to prepare for.

Oh just A few questions.

1) What victory conditions have you set?

2) How many turns per players? (Now 20 but later mabey 10?)

3) Is it the standard 24hrs to say got it, then 48hrs to post game?

Thanks, Gojky!
I was just looking at the future city placement and i think that both red and yellow should be placed 1 square southeast.

The red beacause you should never place a city on something like cows or wheat beacause, I bielive you dont get the full bonuses.

Yellow is also moved so as not to crowed hamburg.

Orange would then also move left so as not to crowed red.

Red is soon gonna be or wonder making city with so much production its not funny.

Greedly waiting my turn.
Please see the original post for rules.

Gojky, I'll allow you to switch with Igor, but not Phantom. My reasoning for the player order was that both Brian J and Phantom were excellent players in EX I so I know I can trust them to make smart decisions. I'm not saying you can't, but I'd like for there to be some reliable players in between the newbies (most of the new guys have never played an SG before).
Good luck guys, I'll be watching. :scan:

Nice map, good starting area in general.
[hint] Move the capitol later. [/hint] ;)

Too bad about the panzers, though... :lol: j/k
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