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Expanding Civ3

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by Theov, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Theov

    Theov Deity

    Feb 11, 2008

    For dowload, see the realease post.

    Move the folder into ...\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios
    Take the .biq file out of the Theov folder and move it into the Scenarios folder.

    Ancient Tech tree:
    Spoiler :

    Middle Ages Tech tree:
    Spoiler :

    Insustrial Ages Tech tree:

    Spoiler :

    Modern Times Tech tree:

    Spoiler :

    (yes, that's a Time Machine)

    Popheads with nationality, happiness and specialty indicators:
    Download the popheads: View attachment 403609
    Spoiler :

    City/Worker/Irrigation graphics in-game: Citygraphics-> View attachment 402179
    Spoiler :

    Culture Groups:
    Spoiler :

    The Time Travel Victory, incuding Victory movie; both based on the 1960 movie:

    This is how I play Civ3 nowadays.
    I've added Elephant units, Pirate Ships, Techs, in my opinion the best popheads available, Great and Small Wonders, more resources, Austrians as a playable civilization, better barbarians; all while keeping the playability of the game intact.
    All 5 Culture Groups have one Unique Unit, and one Unique Building.
    Governments have a specific Small Wonder.
    The quest is not anymore of who's the first to travel into Space, the challenge now is to be the first to travel through Time, by building Balthasar's Time Machine.
    There are no 'flavor' units, only added unique unit

    Graphic changes:
    - Complete and working Civilopedia.
    - Obsolete effects are now in the Civilopedia.
    - Gave the Barbarians the black civ colour.
    - Gave all Civs their own color; 32 colors, 32 civs. No more alternatives, no more duplicates.
    - Marketplace and the Harbor now have aging graphics.
    - changed the global warming indicator.
    - changed the World Setup screen with new images.
    - Ruins
    - Black Death
    - popheads
    - jungle
    - irrigation
    - barbarian camps
    - pollution
    - Elvis
    - minor but great change to the city graphics, the underneath ground is now visible.

    Gameplay - I try to keep these to a minimum:
    - Added the Austrians, including ALL leader art. They replace the Sumerians.
    - Moved Spain to the Mediterranean Culture Group. (more on Culture Groups later)
    - Made Ocean impassable for early ships (except the Portugese Carrack) until Navigation / Magnetism - early ships still have a chance of sinking at Sea.
    - Turned off the possibility of map trading. You'll have to discover the world yourself from now on.
    These previous 2 points came with a reason. I noticed that the age of discovery consisted of setting off a suicide galley, meet new people, trade maps and viola, most of the world is known to you. Not anymore; you'll have to research Navigation/Magnetism to be able to cross the oceans and you'll have to discover the world yourself.
    - Ivory has become a strategic recourse called Elephants to build Elephant units. (see below, Olive Oil is added as a luxury)
    - No settling on Marsh, Jungle, Tundra and Desert.

    Added Resources food/shields/commerce:
    Ivory/Elephants is a strategic resource to build Elephant units. It's replaced by Olive Oil
    Stone: 0/2/0, strategic resource required to build some buildings. Masonry.
    Olive Oil: 1/1/1, a luxury resource available with Ceremonial Burial.
    Sheep: 1/1/0, a bonus resource
    Silver: 0/0/3, a bonus resource
    Shellfish: 1/1/1, a bonus resource
    Seals: Coast, lakes and tundra... although they don't seem to appear on tundra. I wonder what that is...
    Crocodiles: marsh and jungle

    Tech Tree:
    - Wines appear with Pottery.
    - Stone appears with Masonry.
    - Olive Oil appears with Ceremonial Burial.
    - Incense appears on the map with Mysticism.
    - Shellfish appear with Map Making.
    - Elephants appear with Stirrups (Horseback Riding).
    - Whales appear with Ship Building.
    - Spice appears with Currency.
    - Furs appear with Navigation.
    - Ritual Sacrifice is available with Mysticism.
    - Changed Horseback Riding into Stirrups. Just a change of icon and name, as the tech gives access to Elephants and Camel units too.
    - Map making is cheaper (8 instead of 12) but added Ship Building and Piracy. (both 5, cheap techs)
    - Heroic Epic is now available with Literature.
    - Building Barricades requires the Monarchy tech.
    - Clearing Wetlands (Marsh, Jungle) requires the Engineering Tech.
    - 'Longevity' Wonder is now a Small Wonder, available with Sanitation. (same effect)
    - Removed Printing Press tech. Communication trading happens with Democracy.
    - Removed Theory of Gravity tech. Newton's University is now available with Physics.
    The AI likes to spend many beakers on these Techs, while most players leave these as there are other priorities.
    - Battlefield Medicine is now available with the Medicine Tech. No Hospitals required.
    - Economics now also requires Navigation. (because of the Oriental Trading Company Small Wonder)
    - Cavalry and some other units now upgrade to tanks and mech inf.
    - The Space Ship and the Apollo Program are replaced by a Time Machine and inventing Time Travel.

    Units A/D/M = Attack (bomb) /Defense /Movement
    Unit Changes:
    - All Unique Units of Religious civs can now enslave. (Arabia, Babylon, Celts, Egypt, India, Japan and Spain).
    - All Culture group unique units can enslave (yes, there are 5 culture group unique units)
    Which means that all civs can enslave, just some more than others.
    - the starting Settler (Tribe) has 3 movement and better vision so you can take 2 steps to a better spot and found your capital. He actually has one movement, but moves as if on a road. So it's 2 steps anywhere and settle.
    - Added Ancient Slave art...
    - Added Industrial Slave art...
    - Added Modern Slave art...
    - Added Middle Ages Worker art... (all these workers, thanks to Plotinus)
    - Added Modern Worker art (NavyDawg)

    So yeah, every era has his own art of slaves and workers....
    - the Barbarian Warrior has now unique art and is 2/2/1. Also available to the Mongols with Hidden Nationality.
    - the Barbarian Rider has now unique art and is 3/2/2. Also available to the Mongols with Hidden Nationality.
    These will ruin your day when not given the right amount of attention.

    - Added 'Kratos', Produced by the Statue of Zeus, the personification of power in Greek mythology.
    (3/2/1 with ZoC, +1HP, no upkeep required).

    - The Ancient Cavalry is now available for everyone with Horses and Iron, he does not have +1HP anymore for game balance reasons. Can enslave. Available with Monarchy.
    - Added the 'Crusader Knight' (4/2/2). New unit is produced by the Knights Templar every 5 turns. No upkeep required.
    - Crusader, 5/3/1 is now available for everyone after Theology.
    - The F-15 is now available for everyone, but for 110 shields, instead of 100. The Navy SEAL (all-round ass kicker) is America's UU (replacing the Guerrilla).

    Unit Additions
    Land Units:
    - the Architect 0/2/1 (15 shields. Costs 1 population. 125% Worker speed. Can only build (Rail)Roads, Colonies and Fortresses/Barricades. Construction.)
    - the Colonist, 0/0/2 (40 shields. Costs 3 population. Replaces the Settler. Navigation)
    - the Siege Archer 2/2/1/ (25 shields, 2/0/1 defensive bombard, Zone of Control. Mathematics)

    - the Crossbow 3/1/1 (25 shields, amphibious. The Republic)
    - the Footknight (4/2/1, enslavement results in a Medieval Infantry) - produced by the Feudalism Small Wonder of the Crusading Order.
    - the Camel Cavalry, only available to Mid Eastern and Mediterranean civilizations: 5/2/2 (75 shields. Gunpowder)
    - the Grenadier 5/4/1 (75 shields. Saltpeter. Democracy.
    - the Armored Car 3/8/2 (90 shields. Industrialization)
    - the Sniper 9/1/1 (80 shields, stealth attack. Espionage)
    - the Machine Gunner. (85 shields, 8/4/1. Steel.)
    - the SAW Gunner 10/6/1 (90 shields, amphibious. Mass Production)
    - the Navy SEAL is now America's UU, replacing the Guerilla for America. (8/8/2, 3/0/1 bombard, amphibious, blitz, all terrain, Stealth Attack)
    - 6 'future' robot units that make you go mental in the final stages of the game.

    Elephant Units - require Elephants (Ivory):

    Elephant units upgrade to each other. Ivory is also required for the Indian War Elephant, which now replaces the Elephant Soldier, instead of the Knight. Knights are available to India.

    - the Elephant Rider 2/1/2 (30 shields, +1HP. Horseback Riding)
    - The Mediterranean Culture group builds the Elephant Archer 2/2/2 (30 shields, +1HP which can also enslave.
    - the Elephant Soldier 3/3/2 (70 shields, +1HP. Chivalry)
    - the Elephant Cavalry 6/4/2 (80 shields, +1HP. Military Tradition)

    Bombard Units:

    - the Fire Catapult 0/0/1 (30 shields, 5/1/2 bombard. Construction)
    - the Bombard 0/0/2 (40 shields, 7/1/2 bombard. Saltpeter. Physics)
    - the Smoke Mortar 0/0/2 (65 shields, 9/2/2 bombard. Fascism)

    Sea Units:
    - Gave the Barbarians a 2/2/3 ship instead of the Galley. Gave it defensive bombard.
    - the Scout ship 0/0/3 (20 shields, 2 transport. Writing.) The AI won't move settlers on ships without escort.
    - the Fire Ship 3/2/3 (50 shields. Chemistry)
    - the Royal Galley 3/2/3 (45 shields, defensive bombard, -1HP. Gunpowder)
    - the Heavy Galleass 3/2/4 (2/1/2 bombard. 70 shields, Navigation.)
    - the Ship of the Line 4/4/5 (4/1/2 bombard, 2 transport, +1 HP Bonus, Zone of Control. Built every 5 turns by the Oriental Trading Company. See below.)

    Added Hidden Nationality 'pirate' ships (All pirate ships have -1HP):
    - the Prize Ship (0/0/3, 3 transport, hidden nationality, only available by enslavement from a Ship of the Line, Heavy Galleass or Royal Galley.) Can be turned into a bonfire to please the gods for Culture points.
    - the Trireme 2/1/2 (40 shields. Piracy)
    - the Corsair 2/1/3 (50 shields. 2 Transport. Enslavement. Engineering)
    - the Black Pearl 4/3/5 (85 shields, 4/1/2 bombard. Navigation)
    - the Ocean Liner 0/0/5 (75 shields, 5 Transport. Electricity)

    Changed Buildings:
    - The Coastal Fortress is gone.
    - Shakespeare's Theater makes 4 people content (instead of 8) but doubles the happiness of all Amphitheaters (see below) ... and allows the city to grow beyond 12.
    - Moved the Secret Police HQ to Communism (was under Espionage).

    Added Buildings:
    - Brewery. +2 culture. 20 shields, no maintenance. No tech required.
    - Winery: +50% tax, +1 :), must have access to wines. 80 shields, 2 maint, 1 culture. Pottery, granary is required.
    - Amphitheatre: +50%Lux, +1 :). 100 shields, 1 maint, 3 culture. Philosophy.
    - Brothel: Reduces War Weariness. 70 shields, 1 maint. Polytheism.
    - Blacksmith: +25% shields in city. 80 shields, must have Iron in city radius. Obsolete with Steam Power. Adds pollution.
    - Supermarket: +50%Lux + 2 :). 200 shields, 2 maint. Electricity, marketplace required.
    - Watermill. +25% production, 80 shields, city needs to be on river. Construction.

    Added Culture Group Unique Buildings (at the start of the game, all cost 80 shields, cost 1 maint and add 2 culture):
    European: City Hall, lowers corruption and adds 50% tax. Obsolete with Electronics.
    Mediterranean: Public Baths, adds 50% Tax, +1 :) Obsolete with Sanitation.
    Mid Eastern: War Council, reduces War Weariness, +1 :) and is a Stealth Barrier. Doesn't become obsolete.
    Asian: Temple Grounds, adds 50% science, +1 :) and adds 4 culture instead of 2. Obsolete with the Scientific Method.
    American: Sacrificial Altar, doubles Ritual Sacrifices, reduces corruption. Obsolete with Medicine.

    Added Culture Group Unique Units (they replace another unit, except for the Mid Eastern Camel Rider) :
    American: Crocodile Warrior (2/1/1, defensive bombard, +1HP, replaces the Archer).
    Asian: Baa Atsawin (3/3/1, replaces the Swordsman).
    European: Mounted Crossbow (3/1/2, replaces Horseman)
    Mediterranean: Elephant Archers (2/2/2, replaces Elephant Rider)
    Mid Eastern: Camel Archers. (2/2/2, requires incense, moves faster in desert and floodplains).
    Mediterranean and Mid Eastern civs can also build Camel Cavalry. (see above)

    Added Small Wonders:
    - The Oriental Trading Company. Makes a Ship of the Line every 5 turns. And is similar to the Colossus Wonder (adds commerce to the city). Available with Economics. 5 Harbors required. Obsolete with the Corporation.
    - National Railway. +1 :) in all cities, Steam power. Coal required in city.
    - Assembly Line. Half unit upgrades. Steel. Iron required in city. 5 Factories are required. Adds pollution. (Leo's workshop becomes obsolete with Steel)

    Added Government Specific Small Wonders, all 200 shields:
    1: Despotism: Hillfort double barbarian bonus and 100% defense bonus for the city.
    2: Republic: Circus Maximus, +2 :) in city, +1 :) in every city on continent.
    3: Monarchy: Tax office, +5% added to the Treasury - cumulative with Wall Street, +50% tax in city
    4: Feudalism: Crusading Order. Builds a Footknight every 5 turns and lowers WW.
    5: Fascism: Party Rallies - adds a palace, produces a smoke mortar every 5 turns.
    6: Communism: Secret Police HQ
    7: Democracy: National Health Care - +2 :) in all cities.
    8: Libertarianism: Statue of Liberty - Modern Colossus, allows to grow beyond 12, reduces WW.
    9: Theocracy: Holy City - treasury earns 5%, +1 :) in every city.

    Added Great Wonders:
    - Olympic Games. Doubles effects of Colosseums. Tourist attraction. Nationalism.
    - Theory of Relativity. Grants two Civilization Advances. Grants any Advance known by 2 others. Fission.
    - Stonehenge. Gives every city a brewery. 200 shields, available with Ceremonial Burial.

    - Despotism has a rate cap of 8. Meaning 80% is the maximum science rate.
    - Monarchy has a rate cap of 9. Meaning 90% is the maximum science rate.
    - Feudalism has a rate cap of 9. Meaning 90% is the maximum science rate.
    - Added Theocracy.
    - Added Libertarianism. "Inspired" by the Bigger Better Worlds mod.
    It has no maintanance, but also no unit support for town and cities. Only Metros support units. Worker efficiency is up. There is a military police, although this represents an idea that a military will defend the citizen's freedom.

    Civilopedia is complete!
    Tech Trees are adjusted!
    Added City Names!
    Civ1 Easter eggs!

    Many thanks to all creators of the graphics.


    Q: Elephants are slower or weaker on offense, when should I build them instead of horses?
    A: When you don't need the speed (small island, neighbors) or when you expect counter attacks from horses! Elephants can take more damage, so they will take out more counter-attacks, so you don't need to bring defensive escort.

    Q: The units built by the wonders don't require upkeep, is this correct?
    A: Yes, it is also in the Civilopedia which I tried to make it as complete as possible. My reasoning is that free units are free units. So just like slaves or prize ships, units from wonders (Kratos, Crusader Knight, Footknight, Ship of the Line) don't require upkeep.

    Q: I have selected the Mongols as an opponent by accident, can you turn them off in-game?
    A: No one selects the Mongols by accident.

    Q: Hi, my style of strategy always includes building this Wonder, so can...
    A: No.

    Q: Where are the Sumerians?
    A: The what?
    Q: The Sumerians... it's a Civilization and I can't find them.
    A: Oh those, I removed them and replaced them with the Austrians, they are way more fun. I moved the Spanish to the Mediterraneans to balance it out. Looks better too.
    Q: But why the Sumerians?
    A: Because they deserved it, carry on...

    Q: I can't build the Pyramids, Palace, Walls, Colosseum, Cathedral, Great Wall and Hoover dam. Why is this?
    A: You need Stone. But now you mention it, I'll take a look if it's needed for the Cathedral, or Walls...

    Q: Those Black Pearls and Snipers are awesome!
    A: They are right! That why I included them! Gotta love them!

    Q: Pirate ships keep sinking my defenseless ships, now I can't expand like crazy at the end of the Ancient Age. What's going on?
    A: The Barbarians have a tougher ship and Pirate ships built by your opponent don't have a nationality, they can attack without triggering war. The AI uses this very well - and so should you. Yes, naval warfare has gotten a boost.

    Q: You added Belgian cities to the Dutch and French.
    A: That's not a question.
    Q: But I'm highly offended now. What can I do?
    A: Don't select the Dutch or the French.

    Q: Where did you get all these units?
    A: I'm very grateful to the makers of these in the unit graphics subforum and the rest of the Customization forum. If you made a unit/graphic and want me to mention you, no problem, just let me know. It's just that I didn't keep track of all the makers of the units and buildings/graphics that I added.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  2. walletta

    walletta King

    Jun 21, 2008
    Surrey, England
    How about drones? They would reveal areas of the map and carry out precision strikes on specific targets. Also, computer hacks, which would neutralise the enemy's use of advanced weapons for one or more turns.
  3. Yoda Power

    Yoda Power ✫✫✫✫✫✫✫

    Sep 24, 2002
    You could also consider reducing it to only one unit per army, but instead add some extra hitpoints to the Army unit. That way the AI can use armes without trouble.

    What I have done is pushing Cavalry into the industrial age and some earlier horse units such as Hussar, Dragoon, and Lancer. I would recommend making MT a required tech for advancing into the next era though. Otherwise the temptation to skip it is very big.
    same with Cavalry, there are several ships that Can film this role.
    Some mods have it autoproduce an unmoveable artillery unit called Coastal Battery.
    you can do that, but remember that you can only have one GA no matter what.-
    Must be done preplaced.
    Why not just make it usefull?
    you can make a Special Ops unit by using the stealth attack ability in the editor. You can't do an amphibious unit the way you describe it. But you can give the amphibious ability to more units. The AI is surprisingly good at using them.

    There is gazillion units that fits your criteria, but I would start here:

    That's how most mods started. :)
  4. Buttercup

    Buttercup King

    Oct 20, 2011
    I was just about to make this a new thread, but I'll hold back on the ego as it fits quite well into this thread, if anyone has any ideas of how to make this work:

    My favourite map world is Huge, 80% water, Archipelago.

    However, This game is appalling at creating archipelagos, it's often just 4 continents and a bunch of no-hoper islands, leaving the only land-grabs to be pointless little islands that don't really excite the bones (which get murdered by corruption anyway).

    What I would like to instruct the game to do is:

    1. Have a maximum single landmass size.
    2. Ensure all islands have at least 2 sea and 1 coast square between them.
    3. Prevent any more than 1 civ from spawning on an island at the start.
    4. Have a minimum land size for civ-spawning-on islands (relatively close to the maximum size).
    5. Give all early boats (curragh-frigates) a two-to-one attack/defence ratio, ie: 2/1/2 or 4/2/3 or 6/3/4 (bombarding can stay the same) because early warfare is a complete joke as-is.
    6. Limit all naval units to a movement of 3 (pre-wonder) until Destoyers up to a maximum of 5 (pre-wonder) for Destroyers and after.
  5. Theov

    Theov Deity

    Feb 11, 2008
    how big?
    doable in the editor
    doable in the editor
    how big?
    doable in the editor
    doable in the editor
  6. Buttercup

    Buttercup King

    Oct 20, 2011
    48 squares max and 36 squares for starter minimum.
  7. ville-v

    ville-v Chieftain

    Feb 28, 2009
    I think Ironclads should come with Steam Power and upgrade from Frigates. Right now Ironclads is unrequired tech so AI will only research it long time after Combustion, ending up to never build a single Ironclad :crazyeye:

    Would making Guerillas a 8/6/2 unit work?
  8. vorlon_mi

    vorlon_mi Just One More Turn

    Oct 21, 2004
    Chelsea, MI
    I understand that there are big gaps in A/D/M between Cavalry and Tanks, and the naval units you cited. Is that what you want to address? Should the new ground unit be a fast-mover, like the horse-dependent units, or somewhat slower? You could unlock a new mounted musketeer-type unit with Gunpowder (5/3/2), and a somewhat buffed Advanced Cavalry (8/4/3) with Replaceable Parts. Civ 5 made a point of adding WWI era units, like the landship (as an early tank) which could be (10/7/2) which would need to be unlocked early enough that the AI would build it.

    For the naval units, you could include ships-of-the-line (4/4/5) or dreadnaught (8/6/3) as upgraded for frigates, and which in turn upgrade to destroyers and battleships, respectively. Maybe unlock them also with Replaceable Parts.

    CELTICEMPIRE Zulu Conqueror

    Aug 5, 2010
    Eastern Kentucky
    Well, it makes sense that Civ III left out drones because IIRC they weren't used to target enemies until 2004. If Cruise missiles had the reconnaissance ability they could be used as drones.
  10. Kirejara

    Kirejara King

    Jun 21, 2012
    Northern Germany
    I took for the naval unit tree a slightly different approach:

    In each era I differ between warships and transports

    In the ancient era I have got a standard transport equal to the original galley (Map Making 1/1/3, carry two units), a warship (Mathematics, 2/1/3, can bombard, as default it is the Catapult Tetrareme) and a curragh or sailboat as scout for the seafaring civs (Alphabet, 0/1/3, can carry one foot unit). The Dromon is made slightly stronger (3/1/3) and there are several flavor units for several different civs and/or culture groups in most eras.

    In the mediveal era we have got with Astronomy the Caravel group (1/2/4) as transport and the Galleass group (3/2/4) as warships. The historical european Navies (England, France, Spain and Russia) can build with Navigation the Ship of the Line (5/4/4, labeled Warship to avoid confusion with the pre-dreadnought).

    With Magnetism we get the Galeon group (1/2/4), the Frigate group (4/2/5) and the Corvette group (3/2/5, no salpeter required, but unlike most other warship no bombard ability).

    With Steampower the Frigates and Corvettes receive their last upgrade to Steam Frigate (4/2/7) and Corvette (3/2/8) and the Ironclad group (5/8/6) enters.

    Galeons get their last upgrade with Industrialismus into the Clipper (1/2/7, four units as Cargo).

    Iron Construction (formerly Ironclads) gives us the Ship of the Line (14/8/8), the Armored Cruiser (10/6/10), the Protected Cruiser 8/5/11) and the Torpedoboat (6/1/13, can detect submarines, no Bombard ability).

    Unlike the wooden sailing ships the upgrades are disabled at this technological point, but the ships themself are replaced in the building list by their individual successor.

    Steel required Iron Construction and gives us the Dreadnought (20/12/9), the Light Cruiser (10/6/12) and again only for some nation (Germany, England, Japan and Ottoman Empire) the Battlecruiser (20/6/12 or 20/8/11).

    After this the ship building went more or less according to the original game (Battleship, Heavy Cruiser, Destroyer, Carrier and so on) with some additions (Modern Frigate as successor for Destroyer at Rocketry and the Nuclear Carrier at Fusion) and lot of flavor units (some of them with slightly altered abilities - see Battlecruiser).

    I also enabled some ships (mostly Battleships, Heavy Cruisers and Modern Frigate) to carry Seaplanes and Helicopter (marked as both Aircraft and Foot unit ;) ).

    Sorry, for the long post. I hope this could be helpful.

    If requested I could attached a zip with my BIQ for evaluation (editor only as it would not run without the other files).
  11. Theov

    Theov Deity

    Feb 11, 2008
    Yeah I'm always interested in the files, to see what people add.
  12. Kirejara

    Kirejara King

    Jun 21, 2012
    Northern Germany
    Ok, here is the zip with the BIQ and the unit.pcx

    Some units (z. B.: Amazon Ranger) are no longer in use. And some other (z. B. Pirate) are disabled for the KI (no strategy checkbox).

    A human player must keep in mind, that the immobile units (Fortress Cannon and Railway Guns) must be unloaded from a transport only in a city. If they are unloaded outside a city on the beach, the game will crash. The KI has no problems with them, as they keep them at their construction site. ;)

    The ocean is marked as impassable for wheeled units, so that all ancient ships (Marked as wheeled ) with the exception of the Viking Longship are unable to cross the ocean even with Navigation/Magnetism.

    Also you can see, that I tried to create some evasive units in case of missing resources. Usually they are weaker and/or slower than the prime unit (z. B. Cavalry Archer and Knight).

    If you have any question about my mess... ehm... BIQ, just ask. ;)

    Attached Files:

  13. Theov

    Theov Deity

    Feb 11, 2008
    Yes, I've seen that 'wheeled' trick before, which makes a lot of sense. Thanks.
    I'm just making an overview of units that I think are missing.
    I added a siege archer (2/2/1) a scout ship (0/0/3 transport 1) and a Ship of the Line (4/3/5) just to bridge some gaps.

    Holy damn, that's a lot of different units! Ninjas? Pirates? Policemen? Haha.

    Which units do you use the most, and are the most fun?
  14. Kirejara

    Kirejara King

    Jun 21, 2012
    Northern Germany
    The Police Officers are cheap garrison units after Spearmen and Pikemen became obsolete. AND they can detect invisible units such as Spies and Secret Agents.

    The Pirates and Ninja (Japan only) are intented as raiders with hidden nationality, but the KI is using them in an absolut game breaking way, so I had to uncheck the KI strategey box.

    The KI is unlike a human player able to conquer another nations cities with hidden nationalty units without causing war. Once the KI reached astronomy or as Japan Feudalism they churned out huge numbers of Pirates and Ninjas to take away each others cities.

    While this seems to be a good aproach, they actually disable themself quite often that way. I tried them on continental maps and each time I reached the other main continent, nearly every city on that continent has changed hands - including the capitals - and most infrastructur (city improvements, roads, mines, irrigations) are destroyed.

    The Spy (invisible) and the Secret Agent (invisible and hidden nationalty) are the successor of them. I enabled only the Spy for use by the KI.
  15. dominatr

    dominatr Smoke Jaguar

    Apr 11, 2010
    How about a unit in the late Middle Ages that comes after Medievel Infantry? Always thought it was odd for them to be around so late
  16. Kirejara

    Kirejara King

    Jun 21, 2012
    Northern Germany
    I have done it that way in my modification: The Grenadier (5/4/1, Military Tradition) is my missing link. ;)

    So I have got a upgrade line from Spearman to Modern Infantry (replacing the weird Mechanized Inf. ) and Warrior/Archer to TOW.

    The Vikings have got a upgrade line on their own: Viking Warrior (1/1/1), Viking Axeman (4/2/1), Berserk (6/2/1) to Marine (12/6/1). Archers are no longer the predessecors of the Berserk.

    And yes, even under KI guidance Ragnar can cause really trouble with those units. ;)
  17. Theov

    Theov Deity

    Feb 11, 2008

    Also made oceans impassable until the tech is known.
    Made tundra and deserts unsettleble. Made Longevity a small wonder with Sanitation.
    Added some futuristic robot units available at the end with Lasers and Smart Weapons :D
  18. eXalted

    eXalted Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2012
    Okay, that's it. I've been lurkering this thread but now I'm going to spicy up my Civilization III!

    Until which tech?
  19. Theov

    Theov Deity

    Feb 11, 2008
    Navigation aor Magnetism. In conquests both allow safe ocean travel.
    You used to be able to use 'suicide' galleys to travel the ocean with a 50% (?) chance of sinking.
    I made ocean 'unpassable by wheeled units' and made the early ships 'wheeled'; then the units are unable to travel the oceans, making the New World on an Earth map for example unreachable in the early ages.
  20. timerover51

    timerover51 Deity

    Jul 10, 2006
    Chicago area in Illinois
    Hmm, a very interesting idea, Theov. Have to consider that. At this rate, you will need to join the Creation and Customization Forum.

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