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Exploit? Stacking 50% longer Golden Ages with Persians


Jan 3, 2003
I don't know which forum this question goes...

I'm playing Darius whose trait is 50% longer golden ages. 10 turns becomes 15. Pretty simple, huh? However something strange happens when you trigger a golden age (via policy or wonder) while already in one.

I had 9 turns left of a normal golden age (via happiness), and then I finished the Taj Mahal which triggers a golden age. I figure that it would just add 15 more turns to my existing golden age, for a total of 24 turns. Wrong! It now says 41 turns left. It gave me 32 more turns from building the Taj Mahal! Huh?

Anyone know how this works? Not that I'm complaining... but I wonder if it's a bug/exploit, because I can't figure out what math gave this result.
The Taj Mahal gives a very long golden age, longer than a happiness bucket or a great-person golden age.

They all vary with game speed (and possibly with difficulty level, not sure on that) and I don't know the exact formulas, but it is expected that Taj would give a Civ w/ golden age duration bonus an extremely long golden age for the game speed ... imagine if you had Chichen Itza as well!
Taj Mahal is counting every bonus GA twice. So Chitzen Itza adds +100%, and Persia adds another +100% for the purpose of determining the length of GA from the Taj Mahal.

The problem isn't Persia, its the Taj Mahal.
Interesting. I didn't have Chichen Itza, so that must mean Taj Mahal base GA is 16 turns... 16 + 100% = 32?
Interesting. I didn't have Chichen Itza, so that must mean Taj Mahal base GA is 16 turns... 16 + 100% = 32?

I built one for the first time just now, Arabia, standard speed, prince, no Chichen Itza, and it gave me 15 turns.
Last game I built it in I got 22 turns (but I might have had chichen Itza,,,I can't remember)
I can confirm i had a 22 turns golden age from taj mahal with chichen itza on normal speed, no other modifiers, which fits the 15 turns base.
Taj Mahal has always given me a 15-turn golden age on Standard (as non-Darius, non Chichen Itza, obviously), so that's that bonus.

However, my friend did get a 50-turn Golden Age from the Taj Mahal as Darius with Chichen Itza, so I've no idea how that works out
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