Exporting Data (and using GPT4)?


Jul 20, 2010
Forgive me if I'm intruding. I am about to try this mod and was wondering if there was any information on the AI modifications y'all did. It might help me with my (pipe) dream of somehow getting Civ 5 to give me something usable alongside GPT4, from OpenAI.

Any information on how turn data can be exported or logged (in real time?), things like the map information, hex values, player info, AI Civ info, turn actions, etc. All that.

Mods, if I'm in the wrong place please move this, but I thought that a big, experienced, active board like this one was the best place to start.
I don't know any technical details of how it works but I'd try to examine how firetuner reads the game files... I assume you're familiar if you're here but it is in the civ 5 SDK tool on steam if not.

I assume it makes use of the various Lua hooks and table references the way a mod does... That's the only method I am aware of, for example using Lua you can iterate all plots on the map and then iterate through all objects in each plot, read each one's stats one-by-one. It would be very onerous to do but I can see how you might replicate the data that way
A possible use of GPT4 or any LLM is to communicate with AI. It was actually done in a game of Diplomacy and presented on the las NeuroIPS, the biggest conference on AI: Paper

As for exporting turn data, it's definitely possible, @ilteroi has done that already.
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