F/BUG and 3.13 patch

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Nov 16, 2005
Hi All,

How will this all work with 3.13? Will we be able to just install 3.13 right over top without any issues, or is there the possibility that the patch might screw with something?

My intuition tells me that because all of the changes for F/BUG are in CustomAssets, and the patch shouldn't touch CustomAssets, there shouldn't be a problem, but I wanted to check ahead of time.
The last few patches for BTS have had no conflicts with the BUG mod, so it should patch just fine. You may have to reinstall BUG. I'd suggest backing up your CustomAssets folder before install if you want to prevent that.
If they have changed a file that BUG has changed we will need to make some adjustments. This is fairly straight forward with the hardest file to adjust being the maininterface file.

We'll need to do a quick compare between 3.03 and 3.13 to see what files they have changed.
There is some mention of removing the glance screen from the foreign advisor. If this is really going to happen, then I wouldn't mind if this mod put it back.

Removed ugly glance tab from Foreign Advisor
Ugly it may be, but damn is it informative! If they take it out, I'm putting it back in, no doubt. I'll even fix it for fixed-civ games (like Earth) along with the Info screen as I did for Ruff's mod. Just too lazy to fix it in this version so far.
Since the change list of the patch is rather extensive and not very detailed, I wouldn't really be surprised if the glance screen was changed instead of removed in the patch. But I thought that it might be interesting to mention it to the creators of this mod as I expected that you would like the glance screen.
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