F1 Domestic Advisor screen hangs the game.


Feb 8, 2009
early in the game, the F1 screen works okay.

Later on with a bigger colony,
F1 Domestic Advisor screen hangs the game.
Like it's stuck in some infinite loop calculation.
Uses max processing power (100% of one core of CPU.)
Music comes to a halt. Game doesn't respond. Have to kill it with Task Manager.

Ok so I don't like playing the 300 turn limit, I play over the turn limit and perhaps my colonies got a little larger, but the F1 screen calculation time is just ridiculous.

The calculation take tortuously long even with just a few colonies. A little bigger, and the game hangs and never finishes the calculations to pop up the F1 screen.
Task Manager--> Kill.

Core 2 duo 2.66 GHz, Nvidia 8800GT, 3.3 GB RAM.

I've attached my save game if interested.


  • Magical Frenchie Bastard AD-1938.ColonizationSave
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