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FFH More Events Modmod Expanded

Discussion in 'FfH2 Modmods, Scenarios, and Maps' started by ostar, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    At the request of Black_Imperator, I have expanded upon his original FFH More Events Modmod (his older version is here). The download link for the new Expanded version is found here.

    All the events from FFH More Events mod are still included, now updated to patch M, and 24 new random events are also added by me, Ostar. About three-quarters of them are my creation, the others come from the 'Ideas Needed: Common Events' thread. A full list of new events (spoilerish) are in posts below.

    The original "FFH More Events Modmod" events also now incorporate the bug fixes and streamlining that Sephi applied to them in the "Wildmana" mod. I proofread them and fixed some spelling and grammar errors.

    Also I noticed all but 1 of the More Events events were set to possibly recur multiple times per player throughout the game, unlike almost all FFH events which are set to only occur once per player. So I set the tag (bRecurring) to 0 from 1 for most every event to make the More Events events in line with all other events. Some that seemed likely to recur (plague, a few others) I kept at 1 to allow for a reoccurence.

    A few "More Events Modmod" events were still a little bugged or could trigger too early, so I tweaked them.
    Redecoration (Palace) - could trigger before the player even had the chance of having Marble/Gold/Copper, so I set PreReq Techs to Mining and Masonry.
    Skilled Jeweler - had a bug where some civs could get the wrong building (like Luichirp a Pallens Engine), so fixed that.
    Traveller - all the choices require gold, so I set the trigger to check for a minimum gold amount.
    Board Game - set the PreReq Tech to Writing from None, added a check for minimum gold since all choices require that.
    Ancient Burial - fixed a potential bug by checking for the Plot being Empty first.
    Younger Council - set the PreReq Tech to Education from None.
    That Kind of Day - fixed from firing continually for the Clan, since the original python code keep seeing their own units as Barbarians too.
    A couple of events that were pointless for Infernal civs, like Cookbook, I set a python filter (canTriggerInfernalFilter) for them to not trigger on.

    Everyone is encouraged to import any or all of theses events for their use. I have code commented almost every file below where possible to show what changes from the original FFH files occurred.

    Also included are a Event with Images for FFH compatible xml and event image dds files for those who want to use my Events with Images for FFH modmod as well.
  2. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    List of new events added:

    Kuriotates Fish; Kuriotates Clam; Kuriotates Crab
    Spoiler :
    These three (separate) events create Fishing Boats improvements (not an actual workboat) for the Kuriotates BUT only a) for settlements with those unimproved resources, b) if they have no cities on the coast, c) if the Sailing Tech is known. This way the Kuriotates can still use water resources if they have no cities to build workboats. However, each of them only occurs once per game - no building a string of coastal settlements just to get free improvements.

    The citizens of our settlement of %s2_city have constructed a small fishing fleet themselves to catch their plentiful fish.
    The citizens of our settlement of %s2_city have constructed a small fishing fleet themselves to harvest their bountiful clam beds.
    The citizens of our settlement of %s2_city have constructed a small fishing fleet themselves to harvest their abundant crabs.

    - That is the type of citizen initiative I like to hear about.

    Demonic Tower
    Spoiler :
    Req Mysticism, Ancient Tower
    A group of cultists in an Ancient Tower have summoned a Demon from Hell. Fortunately a band of adventurers killed the cultists and trapped the demon in the Tower.

    - Let no one enter the Ancient Tower until we can kill or banish it.
    (A weakened barbarian demon is trapped (Held) on an ancient tower.)

    Lanun Pirates
    Spoiler :
    Req: A civ with Optics
    Ships of the Lanun have arrived in our waters, seeking gold and plunder!

    - We must marshal our fleets to defeat these Lanun raiders.
    (Only if the Lanun are not a civ, some barbarian "Lanun" privateers appear.)

    Frog Legs
    Spoiler :
    The swamps near the city of %s2_city have a plethora of large edible frogs. Their legs have become a delicacy.

    - They do taste like chicken, don't they? (Swamp gains 1 Toad resource - only fires once per game, and only for one civ - meaning once a game total.)

    Spoiler :
    Req Mine, Knowledge of the Ether
    Miners near the city of %s2_city have found a strange new mineral all over the mine. They call it Uranium, and it glows slightly in the dark. Unfortunately it is slowly poisoning them and their tools. What shall we do?

    - Our Earth adepts should be able to find a way to use this Uranium safely. (Mine +1 hammer.)
    - Station a Life adept at the mine to keep the miners healthy. (No change.)
    - Safety first - take the necessary precautions to protect our miners. (Mine -1 hammer.)
    - Keep it quiet, but KEEP them working. (Req Evil, City -1 unhealthy.)

    Spoiler :
    Req Agriculture
    A desert area floodplain near the city of %s2_city has a thick, black, stinking, oily liquid welling up from the ground in many places. It is reducing available farmland.

    - We'll never find a use for this worthless "oil". (-1 food on plot)
    - I wonder if this "oil" burns? Req Fire mana, (-1 food, +1 hammer)
    - Hmmm, this "oil" may help us lubricate our machinery better. Req Khazad/Luichirp. (-1 food, +1 hammer.)

    Winds From Hell
    Spoiler :
    Req AC 20, Knowledge of the Ether, Windmill
    Massive storms are slowly destroying our windmills near the city of %s2_city. Eyewitnesses say the winds sound like they come from the very Vaults of Hell. What can we do?

    - Our Air adepts can redirect the winds until the storms subside. (Req Air Mana)
    - Sacrifice a soul to appease these winds. (+1 AC, Ashen Veil state religion)
    - What can we do? Let the storms run their course and rebuild. (Lose Windmill)

    Treant Rage
    Spoiler :
    Req Lumbermill, Knowledge of the Ether
    Logging operations in the forests near the city of %s2_city are in danger. Treants are enraged at tree cuttings and their attacks have caught us by surprise. Loggers are fleeing and buildings being destroyed.

    - Quick, our Nature adepts should be able to calm them down. (Req Nature Mana)
    - Rush our priests there to convince the treants we replant as well as cut. (Req FoL State religion)
    - Our troops cannot reach there in time. We shall just have to rebuild our lumbermills. (Lose Lumbermill)

    Perfect Storm
    Spoiler :
    An unexpectedly fierce storm has struck land near the city of %s2_city, devastating our coastal waters.

    - A disaster. We shall have to repair or rebuild almost everything there. (Lose 1 fishing boat improvement.)
    - A disaster. We shall have to rebuild our pirate cove. (Lanun lose a pirate cove - nothing higher than that, though.)

    Spoiler :
    Req Swamp
    The swamps near the city of %s2_city have an abundant supply of peat.

    - That's good news. (Swamp +1 hammer)

    Spoiler :
    Millers using the windmills near the city of %s2_city have discovered a more efficient way to make bread flour with less waste.

    - Now all we need is the jug of wine and thou, as the poet once said. (Windmill +1 food)

    Sutter's Mill
    Spoiler :
    Req Workshop
    Small amounts of silver have been discovered near the workshops of the city of %s2_city. The workshops are using it to increase the value of their products.

    - Good, but don't let it start a silver rush. (Workshop +1 Commerce)

    Thread Necromancy
    Spoiler :
    An issue long thought decided is being discussed again amongst our people - risen from the dead, so to speak. Heated arguments are breaking out daily, dividing family and friends.

    - Our stability is more important than those raising this issue. So let's have lunch. (Calabim +2 food per city)
    - I have an idea for a series of public ice sculptures using those causing this unrest. (Req Evil, Ice Mana. Palace +100 culture)
    - Let's show the people real necromancy and stop this irritation. (Req Ashen Veil state religion, +1 Diseased Corpse gained)
    - It's hard to talk and spread dissension when your lungs are filled with water. (Req OO state religion, +1 Drown gained)
    - Dissent of such a random nature is a threat to our society and will not be tolerated. Crackdown on this and train our priests better to avoid this happening ever again. (Req Order state Religion, start Golden Age)
    - Just let it be - maybe it will die away again. (-1 unhappy all cities 10 turns)

    Poisoned Water
    Spoiler :
    Req Aqueduct, Knowledge of the Ether
    The water supplies for our city of %s2_city have somehow became tainted - possibly they were poisoned by one of our enemies. Water shortages are widespread.

    - Have our Water adepts purify our water supplies.
    - The powers of Aquae Sucellus will have already removed any and all poisons.
    - Begin cleansing operations immediately, and ration our water supplies until done. (Req 50 gold, -2 unhealthy in city for 5 turns)
    - Begin rationing our water supplies until nature herself finally cleans them. (-1 anger, -3 unhealthy 15 turns)

    Spoiler :
    Req Knowledge of the Ether
    The %s1_civ_adjective Empire has had a scandal break out that somehow it looks like our diplomats there were involved in. Our relations with them will suffer unless we can prove we're innocent. We are, right?

    - Our Mind adepts will prove we are innocent. (Req Mind Mana)
    - We shall prove another civilization caused this. (Req Council of Esus)
    - We are innocent, but have no proof. (-1 relations with other civ)
    - Yes, we're innocent. But tell them we did it - and that they deserved it. (-3 relations other civ)

    Ancient Tower Lore
    Spoiler :
    Req Ancient Tower
    We have discovered a cache of pre-Age of Ice books in an Ancient Tower. The books are decorated with gold and jewels, but fragile - reading them may end up destroying them. And they may be dangerous to read. What shall we do?

    - Have them sent - carefully - to our scholars for study. (Req Education, Research bonus to current tech)
    - Have them sent - carefully - to our priests and mystics for study. (Req Mysticism, receive 1 Great Prophet)
    - Keep the gold and jewels, but burn the books just to be safe. (+50 gold)

    Stormy Seas
    Spoiler :
    A sudden storm caught a number of our %s3_unit by surprise. They were all sunk or damaged beyond repair.

    - As it is said, anyone can steer a ship when the sea is calm. (Lose 1 Naval unit)

    Ralph and Sam
    Spoiler :
    Req Sheep Resource, obsolete at Hunting or Calendar
    Packs of wolves near the city of %s2_city have fed well on the local sheep flocks and grown very large and aggressive.

    - Those who cried wolf were telling the truth this time, I see. (1 (held) barb Wolf Pack appears on sheep)
    - Kill the pack leaders - then they shall be our pack of wolves. (Doviello only, receive 1 wolf pack)
    - Hire some adventurers to deal with them. (-20 gold)

    Centaur Tribe
    Spoiler :
    Req unimproved Horse resource
    A tribe of centaurs has claimed the local herds of horses and the land they graze on for their tribe solely. The centaurs ask only to be left alone.

    - No, we claim that land. (1 (held) barb Centaur Archer appears on plot)
    - We will gladly let them manage the land there. In return we offer them protection and a place in our civilization. (Kuriotates only, +1 Centaur unit and Pasture built)
    - We welcome all who seek help not from heaven but from themselves, and offer them our friendship. (Grigori only, Pasture built)
    - If they will manage the herds for us, we will extend them our protection. (FoL state religion, Pasture built)

    Sea Serpent
    Spoiler :
    The sea life is so bountiful off our coasts that a pod of sea serpents has made one of our most productive fishing areas their personal larder.

    - We will have to send our navy to deal with them. (1 (held) barb Sea Serpent appears on a crab, clam, fish, or pearl resource)

    Monkey See
    Spoiler :
    Req Banana, Calendar tech
    A motley collection of monkeys, apes, and gorillas has descended upon our banana crops, eating everything in sight.

    - Monkey see, monkey do, as the old saying goes. (A barb Gorilla appears on banana - but not held. They'll move off the banana if there is any uncontrolled plots next to them.)

    Haunted Castle
    Spoiler :
    Req Fort or Castle, Knowledge of the Ether
    Workers expanding the dungeons of a %s8_improvement near the city of %s2_city have disturbed the mass grave of a pre-Age of Ice battleground. They have fled in terror, saying the vengeful dead are rising.

    - If the dead are rising then they can rise into our armies. (Req Death Mana, +1 Spectre gained, +1 AC)
    - Send some well-guarded Spirit adepts there and have them calm the restless spirits for good. (Req Spirit Mana, -1 AC)
    - Send some well-guarded Life adepts there and have them Sanctify the ancient mass grave. (Req Life Mana, -1 AC)
    - Keep everyone out of there until we destroy those risen spirits. (+1 AC, 1 barb (held) Spectre appears on improvement)
  3. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
  4. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    more events are always welcome, thanx :D
  5. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Wow! Thank you!

  6. Abremms

    Abremms Prince

    Mar 5, 2010
    does this work with RifE, Orbis, or Wild Mana?
  7. black_imperator

    black_imperator Emperor

    Dec 4, 2005
    the original more events mod is included in Orbis and Wild Mana, and i'm working on a Rife-compatible version. For the expanded one , i don"t know though
  8. GIR

    GIR It'sNotStupidIt'sAdvanced

    Jul 12, 2005
    I would love to see a RifE version!!!

    Random events FTW :)
  9. Breez

    Breez King

    Oct 17, 2008
    all very nice.
  10. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    Just a question, are you planning on expanding this to include more events in the near future?
  11. black_imperator

    black_imperator Emperor

    Dec 4, 2005
    for my version of the more event modmod, it is planned to add new events, and especially new quests.

    for ostar's version , i don't know.
  12. Terkhen

    Terkhen King

    Aug 1, 2011
    United Kingdom
    After enabling Python debugging I noticed a a few bugs with this modcomp.

    * at def canTriggerPacifistDemonstration(argsList), player is defined but later it tries to use pPlayer.
    * onMoveBrokenSepulcher is used at the XML files but never defined, I had to remove it from the XML.

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