Free buildings from tenets


Nov 29, 2016
Version 3.0.4

There are various free buildings in the Tenets that can greatly strengthen your empire.

Here we managed to move very quickly through the technology tree and it is possible to get airports long before the discovery of the technology that allows them to be built.
It seems to me that this greatly upsets the balance and such tenets should be available for selection only after the discovery of the required technology.

As you can see from the technology tree, there are still 3 technologies to the airports and my empire is only capable of flying on triplanes, which do not require a specially prepared runway. If I followed the upper branch of technology, then I would not know 5 technologies before airports. The empire would have no idea about triplanes.
In addition, I cannot move any plane from other cities to my furthest city on the island, since the city is too far away. How does the delivery of troops by plane take place?

Or there is a tenet that increases the limit of corporation offices. But if the technology 'Corporation' is unknown, then there is no point in talking about offices.



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