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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002

    Where can I download the Fall from Heaven?

    A: You can always find the latest version here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1

    Q: How do we know what version/patch of Fall from Heaven we are running?

    A: In the 'Mods/Fall from Heaven 2 030/' directory (or whatever version you are dealing with) there is a readme file. That will have the patched version in it, ie: 'Fall from Heaven 2 0.30e' or whatever.

    Q: What is the best way one can help you with FhF II? Is there a certain type of game that makes for the best type of beta results etc.? Or is it just best to play it how we normally would and just report any problems we encounter?

    A: Play it as you normally would. Please check the Bug Thread (stickied near this thread in the FfH forum) for the specifics on what to do to enable debugging and report issues.

    Q: Is there a place where we can send donations to the developers for their time and effort and to keep this mod going through all the vanilla civ updates?

    A: We (the developers) don't require any payment, we just love to see people enjoying the mod. If you would like to make a donation, and are in a position to do so, please donate to UNICEF (http://www.unicef.org/support/index.html) and help improve our own world.

    Q: How do I make it so that FfH is loaded by default?

    A: Just look in the "Fall from Heaven 2" subdirectory in Mods, there is a link that will start directly FfH2 without the need to start Civ4:BtS (or Vanilla for older versions of the mod) first. You can, of course, copy that shortcut somewhere more accessible.

    Q: Do I have to install FfH2 over FfH1?

    A: They are two separate games. FfH2 doesn’t install over FfH1.

    Q: I have a save from previous version of Fall from Heaven, can I load that one on the new patch?

    A: Save games only work within versions, except where the bug thread notes that a patch "Will break savegames". So a savegame will work between Fall from Heaven II 0.30d and Fall from Heaven II 0.30e but wouldn't work between Fall from Heaven II 0.24 and Fall from Heaven 0.30.

    Q: Why are there so many barbarians?

    A: Yeah, the barbs can be hairy. Make sure you have a couple of warriors per city or you'll be in deep trouble! Also, the high mortality rate for scouts is the intentional cost of exploration. This mod is simulating a much more dangerous starting environment and staying home is a viable strategy. It's an early game reward/risk decision.

    Q: Is FfH2 (and 1) playable via the PBEM system? I've got some people who would like to try it out in a PBEM game.

    A: I don't see why not. PBEM is not simultaneous so it's almost like single player. I played both FFH1 and 2 in LAN and they both work perfectly.

    Q: When I start the game with your mod FfH2, everything is fine, and then when I start a new custom game, the sign on the upright screen says "10 turns left", which means I can only play 10 turns. Am I doing something wrong?

    A: The 10 turn 'problem' usually means you are using a NoCD crack. Remove it and it should work fine.

    Q: Is this mod based on a book or game?

    A: Fall from Heaven's backstory is based on my D&D campaigns that I ran over many years. The Armageddon spells, spell spheres, leaders and heroes were all big parts of those games. But that was only a starting point, since that the writing team (Corlindale, Wilboman and Nikis-Knight) have done huge amounts of work fleshing out the world and making it more unique.

    Q: What is the developers' stance on usage of the artwork and modifications from FfH2 in other mods? I'm at the very start of a mod, and several of the FfH2 modifications but also artwork would fit very well there. With proper credits of course.

    A: Not only is it allowed, it is encouraged! The more good mods the better. We just ask that you please credit the member that made the resource you are using.


    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=159353 – Link Design: Spells

    Q: How do spellcasters level?

    A: They get XP automatically over time, just like Heroes, but slower. With the Arcane trait, they get XP faster. Upgraded spellcasters like Mages gain experience more quickly than their more lowly counterparts (but generally need more to gain levels, of course). In addition, you can send your spellcasters into direct combat against weak or wounded enemies.

    Q: Why can't I build Mages, Archmages, High Priests, etc.?

    A: Some units can't be built, only upgraded to. You need to upgrade them from their predcessors, like Adepts, when they reach a certain level. For tier 3 units (like Mages) the unit must be at least 4th level to upgrade. For tier 4 units (Archmages, etc) the unit must be at least 6th level. This level requirement should be displayed in the tooltip for the unit you're trying to upgrade to in the Civilopedia. Some of these units are also National units, meaning that each civilization can only control a limited number of them (usually 4) at any one time. This restriction should also be listed in the 'pedia/tooltip where applicable.

    Q: Why should I get combat upgrades to my spellcasters?

    A: Because it also makes their spells stronger; e.g. if you cast Raise Skeleton with a Mage that has Combat I and Combat II, The Skeleton will have Empower I and Empower 2. If the Mage has Spell Extension I, the Skeleton will gain Mobility I.

    Q: I'm confused as to what Mana Nodes do.

    A: They control what spells your units can learn. Every civilization starts out with 2-3 mana resources when the game starts (provided by their palace), giving their units the ability to learn spells of those spheres. To learn other spells a raw mana node must be improved into a mana node of a certain type or mana gained from other sources - such as trade (though that's often difficult with the AI unless they're your Vassal; demanding a vassalized enemy's Palace mana is a very good reason not to wipe them off the face of Erebus altogether!), from some of the Unique Improvements which can be placed on the map at the start of the game, or from Wonders (for instance, the various religious shrines provide one source of mana to their owner). So if a raw mana node is turned into a Death mana node or you gain acces to Death mana from another source, your units will have the ability to learn Death spells. Only adepts and other mage types can upgrade mana nodes.

    If you have multiple sources of mana of the same type your units get other advantages according to the following:

    1 source: Your units can learn spells of that sphere.
    2 sources: Your adept-class units with Chanelling I gain Rank I of that sphere for free.
    3 sources: Your adept-class units with Chanelling II (such as Mages) receive Rank I and Rank II of that sphere for free.
    4 sources: Your adept-class units with Chanelling III (such as Archmages) receive Ranks I,II and III of that sphere for free.

    These free ranks are granted when your spellcasters are first trained, and when they are upgraded (from Adept to Mage, for instance). It is possible, in theory at least, to upgrade a unit from Adept to Mage to Archmage and have him receive all 3 ranks of every sphere of magic without having selected any of them when he gained levels. Of course, you'd need an obscene amount of mana to do that!

    Additionally, many types of mana provide other (passive) benefits to your civilization; for instance, each source of Earth mana increases the chance per turn that your worked mines will 'pop' a new resource, Enchantment mana provides 1 happy face to cities connected to your trade network, and each source of Spirit mana increases the rate at which your cities produce Great Person points (GPP) by 5%.

    Some units also have affinity for certain mana types, increasing their strength for each source of the relevant mana you have access to.

    As you can see, mana tends to be one of the most important resources in FfH, especially for magic-oriented civilizations and players. It's also arguably one of the most significant changes from the vanilla Civ4 game; if you're new to FfH, some time spent getting to grips with the magic system is likely to pay off!

    Q: After I researched Sorcery my adepts still don't have access to the 2nd level spells. I am guessing that besides the first level of the sphere, they need additional Mana resources?

    A: Adepts can never cast rank 2 spells. They need to be upgraded to Mages first. And they need to be level 4 or greater to be upgraded.

    Q: My Summoned creatures don't disappear at all.

    A: Skeletons and the like should stay until they die. The creatures from most level 2 spheres should disappear though. Maybe you have the Summoner trait, which allows the creature to stay 3 turns? Mousing over the unit or the info box in the bottom-left when it's selected will tell you if it has a limited lifespan.

    Q: How many spells can an Adept/Mage cast per turn?

    A: There are some exceptions on specific spells, but in general a caster (or any other unit which gains access to spells) can cast 1 spell per turn and it doesnt affect his ability to cast spells on the following turn. Your units can (in version 0.30 of FfH2 and above) cast a spell and make a 'normal' attack in the same turn. In earlier versions this wasn't the case.

    Q: What does the Spellstaff promotion do? And how to break it?

    A: When you get the Spellstaff spell, you can cast it to create a Spellstaff. You cannot cast it again until the staff is broken. When you've cast any spell, and thus exhausted your casting power, you can break your spellstaff to regain the power to cast for that turn. A quite powerful ability, as it can - for example - allow you to use a tremendously powerful spell twice in one turn, inflicting extra damage on your enemies or otherwise turning the tide in your favour.

    Diplomacy, Civics and Alignment

    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=159365 - link Design: Civics

    Q: Why I get the "You treat your people badly" penalty in diplomacy?

    A: It means that you use one of the first two civics in your Compassion category (Fend for Themselves or Sacrifice the Weak).

    Q: About the 'You treat your people' diplomacy thing, why do several civs care about it and the rest don't?

    A: Some actually like it if you treat your people badly, while others do not care. It's dependent on the Leader if it will show up. (And of course dependent on your compassion Civic).

    Q: Why I can't select civics like Slavery, Sacrifice the Weak etc?

    A: They need a specific state religion, as follows:
    Guardian of Nature: Fellowship of Leaves
    Arete: Runes of Kilmorph
    Sacrifice the Weak: Ashen Veil
    Social Order: The Order

    Some civics are also restricted by your alignment, too; Slavery can not be adopted by Good civilizations.

    Additionally, Evil civilizations cannot become members of the Overcouncil, and the Undercouncil does not allow Good civilizations to join (Neutral players can join one or the other, but not both at the same time). The Councils function in similar fashion to the U.N. in the vanilla game, but each has their own range of resolutions in FfH 2, opening interesting avenues for manipulating the relations between factions and the balance of power in the game - or for being manipulated yourself!

    Q: What impact does the alignment of civilizations have on the game, and how can I change my alignment?

    A: As noted above, alignment affects your options for adopting certain civics and Council membership. It also affects your diplomatic relations - Neutral leaders will tend to be distrustful of those who tend towards either extreme, while Good or Evil leaders who share the same end of the spectrum are generally friendly towards one another and disdainful of, if not outright hostile towards, those who do not see the world from a similar perspective. Some units are only available to players of certain alignments - there are malevolent demons who refuse to follow anyone who isn't evil, while druids require their patrons to adopt the path of neutrality, and Paladins will only fight on the side of Good.

    Alignment is set for each civilization (or, more accurately, by their leader - some civilizations, such as the Ljosalfar, have more than one leader available, and their alignment is not always the same) at the beginning of the game. It is somewhat fluid, however; Erebus' religions are highly distinct from one another, and adopting a state religion can change your alignment, as follows:

    The Order: Anyone adoptinging the Order becomes Good.
    The Empyrean: Evil leaders who adopt the Empyrean shift to Neutral.
    Runes of Kilmorph: As with the Empyrean, adopting Runes moves Evil civs to Neutral.
    Fellowship of the Leaves: The Fellowship is the only religion in Erebus which makes no demands of worshippers in terms of alignment - Good, Neutral and Evil alike can follow its tenets.
    Council of Esus: The shadowy dealings of the Council of Esus prevent its followers from sticking to a Good alignment, changing them to Neutral. Evil adopters remain Evil.
    Octopus Overlords: The deranged, demonic influence of the Overlords alters Good leaders who adopt it to Neutral alignment.
    The Ashen Veil: The act of choosing to follow the Veil is a distinctly Evil one; all who follow it are considered to be Evil, at least in the eyes of the rest of Erebus.

    It is worth noting when considering a change of religion that a number of units in the game will abandon their civilization if it ceases to tread the path they themselves follow; religious heroes will leave if you adopt another faith as your state religion, and so on. If you're worried about a unit abandoning you, check its Civilopedia entry - either the tooltip or the description should tell you what you must do to keep the unit happy.

    Q: In regards to Crusade, the Bannor-specific Religion Civic, what happens if the evangelist forces a religion in a city which already has 3 religions ?

    A: They get a 4th. The 3 religion limit is only for natural religion spreading. This also applies to your 'missionary'-type units (for instance, Disciples of Leaves); you can spread more than 3 religions to a city using them, but the chance of the religion failing to spread is increased when there are other religions already present in the city.


    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=175251 - Link to Tech Tree Feedback.

    The Civilizations

    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=173034 - Link to Kuriotates info.

    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=172721 - Link to Lurchuirp info.

    Q: How do I get to play as Hyborem/Basium (the Infernals/Mercurians)?

    A: These two guys are not designed to be available from the beginning of the game, but can be summoned to Erebus to fight on the sides of Evil and Good respectively during the course of a game - though both are perfectly capable of harming those with the same alignment as well as their bitter enemies.
    The Infernals are summoned when any player first researches Infernal Pact (which requires they be following the Ashen Veil). The evil red dude himself arrives to walk over the lands, along with a selection of his demonic followers, and will settle - usually in some remaining patch of land outside the existing players' borders. The very earth itself is transformed to hell in his wake, and hellish terrain will spread from Infernal lands into the territory of Veil-worshippers, and later to neutral lands and inside the borders of anyone who isn't Good.
    The Mercurian civilization arrives when a player completes the Mercurian Gate wonder. Completing this wonder grants control of the city in which it is built to Basium, and he will occupy it along with a number of his angels. That might sound like a raw deal, but the player who finishes the Gate gets a Permanent Alliance with the Mercurians for his trouble.

    In a singleplayer game, if you bring either Hyborem or Basium to Erebus you will be offered the chance to give up control of your previous civilization and take over the newly-created one instead (in the case of Basium, you will of course be allied with your former subjects and their new AI leader). This offer is only made once, though there is an event which can trigger and will allow you to switch to another empire if yours has built up a sufficiently large lead - in case you fancy a challenge - which might let you take over the Infernals or Mercurians.

    It's also worth noting that when the AI controls Basium, it will declare war on Veil-worshipping civilizations at the drop of a hat (well, if it's not been at war in the last few turns) - you might need to be ready for a fight if you choose to summon the Mercurians and your rivals worship the Veil.

    If you wish to disallow the summoning of Hyborem and Basium, turn on the "Compact Enforced" option in a Custom Game.

    Q: Arcane, Summoner. What kind of power does that give to the Leader ?

    A: All of the traits are covered in the .pdf manual which should be in your FfH directory, and most have a brief description in the Civilopedia.

    Q: In my game as Ljosalfar, I noticed several things I couldn't do/build, and I can't chop forests.

    A: That is intentional. Your elven wokers can build many improvements without chopping.

    Q: I'm playing with the "Agnostic" civ, the Grigori. I'm having trouble with happiness and culture, and I can't build Temples.

    A: The Grigori (because of their Agnostic trait) can't adopt a state religion.

    Q: My elves can't build seige engines.

    A: Yeah, elves cant make siege devices. It's intentional.

    Q: How do you build vampires? I cant seem to build them.

    A: Only the Calabim can make vampires.

    Q: I was wondering what units can recieve the gift of vampirism from the vampire unit.

    A: The unit must be alive, and be at least 6th level to be made into a vampire. Moroi are an exception and only need to be 4th level.

    Q: I was playing a game last night as the Doviello. I noticed that I could not build Libraries when I discovered Writing or Archery Ranges after I discovered Archery. I couldn't find where these restrictions were placed on Barbarian races. Am I missing something?

    A: The Doviello don't use as many buildings as anyone else. For instance, they don't need Training Yards to train axemen.

    Q: How can I tell which traits I have been given by the Insanity trait?

    A: If you mouseover your flag in the bottom of the display a popup will tell you what traits you have.

    Armageddon and Hell terrain

    What is the Armageddon Counter and how can I influence it?

    A: The Armageddon Counter (displayed above the score list in the bottom right of the main screen) tracks the effects of the actions of the players on Erebus, increasing when the world moves closer to its end and decreasing when it edges away from the precipice.

    The displayed number runs from 0 to 100 (with 0 being the furthest possible from the brink and 100 being the trigger for Armageddon). However, the 'true' range of the AC is scaled depending on map size and number of players then converted to this percentage display, so in larger games individual actions cause smaller percentage changes in the counter than on tiny maps with few players. If you see something described as requiring a certain AC level, this refers to the percentage you can see above the score display.

    There are too many actions which influence the armagedon counter to list them all here, but some of the more significant ones include:

    * The Mercurian or Infernal civilizations entering Erebus will move things closer to Armageddon.
    * The spread of the Ashen Veil to cities causes a small increase in the Counter (which can quickly add up if the Veil spreads widely).
    * Certain units and heroes cause AC changes when they are created.
    * Razing cities, especially populous ones, will increase the AC, with the exception of:-
    * Razing cities with the Ashen Veil present, and in particular its Holy City, will lower the Counter.
    * Units built in the city containing the Prophecy of Ragnarok world wonder gain the 'Prophecy Mark' promotion, which increases the counter. Killing them lowers it again.
    * The Sheaim civilization (who seek to bring about Armageddon) have a ritual available to them which can increase the AC. Similarly, the Hallowing of the Elohim reduces the Counter.

    Q: What effects does the Armageddon Counter have?

    A: Again, there are too many effects of the Counter to list them all here. The major ones include:

    * Armageddon Events. Often the most palpable effects of the AC, these global events can trigger as the Counter's value climbs. Beginning with Blight (at AC 40), which causes massive unhealthiness in all cities, they get progressively worse. At higher levels of the AC, expect to see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse entering the world to wreak havoc.
    * At increasing levels of the AC, Hell terrain will spread more widely across Erebus.
    * Some powerful units, such as the Mithril Golem, require Armageddon to be close before they can be created.

    Q: What is Hell terrain and how can I control its spread?

    A: Hellish terrain comes in the wake of Hyborem's entry to the world, and spreads more widely as the AC increases. Therefore, keeping the AC at a low value (see above) will slow it down. Good civilizations (and Neutral ones, to a lesser extent) are protected from Hell, so becoming Good (by adopting the Order as state religion) can keep it from your lands. Worshippers of the Ashen Veil, by contrast, will find that Hell terrain can enter their lands immediately.

    Hellish terrain grants combat bonuses to Demonic and Infernal units, and transforms some resources to hellish equivalents (which can sometimes be a benefit. Nightmares - the Hellish replacement for Horses - for instance, boost the strength of new mounted units). Hellfire spreads in some Hellish terrain, destroying forests and other improvements and making it difficult for units without some fire resistance to move around.

    The Sanctify spell, available if you have Life mana, will revert Hellish terrain to its normal equivalent - though it can return if it can spread to the location by its normal means.


    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=159362 - Link to Design: Religions.

    Q: What is the mechanic behind those ancient forests?

    A: Forests have a low chance to turn into Ancient Forests every turn if they are in Fellowship of the Leaves-following civilzation's territory. Enemy units which enter an ancient forest risk spawning a Treant that may attack them.


    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=159377 - Link to Design: Units

    Q: I have the Drown in my city but the people are complaining about a lack of military protecion. What gives?

    A: This is intentional. Animals and undead do not make your people feel safe. Would you trust a lumbering zombie to guard you at night?

    Q: The Mud Golem doesn't build like a usual Worker, with food overflow like in vanilla Civ4.

    A: It's intentional. Did you ever see a machine that grew when you gave it food? This means they often take a while to build in the early game, but your cities will continue to grow while you're building them, and they have a faster workrate than regular workers (so you'll need fewer to achieve the same end).

    Q: I just had a bear gain a level and get combat 1 after defending against a skeleton. Should that be able to happen now?

    A: Yes, animals can level now. (That became important when we made werewolves animals). It makes them more valuable if you capture them later, too.

    Q: Do the Treants stick around until killed or are they there for a limited amount of time? Because at least for a while they are very strong - and it might even be an advantage to have an enemy enter your ancient forest if it gives you such a strong unit early on.

    A: Treants created by enemy incursions or the March of the Trees spell (available only to the Ljosalfar) disappear after some turns. Some units with Nature spells can summon permanent Treants which will not disappear unless disbanded or killed. When Treants die, they leave behind a New Forest unless the tile already had a feature or improvement.

    Q: Are goblins not supposed to be able to upgrade to higher tech scouts? They currently can only upgrade to worg riders (horseman) which are not even explorer type units.

    A: Goblins can't upgrade to "hunters" because hunters and up are lizardmen. We try to keep units from changing species in most cases (living units can become demons or undead, but demons or undead can not become living units, etc).

    Q: How exactly does a unit get the Immortality promotion?

    A: Immortality can be gained by the following means:
    1) Immortal Unitclass units effectively have it permanently.
    2) The Blood of the Phoenix Wonder gives all units you control when you build it the Immortality promotion once.
    3) Losha Valas (the Calabim Hero) (re)gains the Immortality Promotion whenever she kills an living enemy.
    4) Hyborem, the Infernal leader, is granted the Immortal promotion when he enters the world of Erebus.

    Q: My vampire has the "diseased" promotion. Is this intended?

    A: Vampires can be diseased, they are living (although immortal if they can keep feeding) in FfH's lore, not undead.

    Q: Where are all the animals? It's hard to find them around sometimes.

    A: Animals stop spawning after there are a certain number of cities per civ in the world. They can often be found in isolated areas, especially near lairs, dens and ruins. The Nature's Revolt ritual (available late-ish in the game) will transform most non-hero Barbarians into animals (and also grant all animal units, including Hill Giants and any animals you - or anyone else - have captured, additional strength).


    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=159369 - Link Design: Buildings

    Q: Captured bears can build the dancing bear even without a carnival.

    A: Dancing Bears can be built without carnival as bears are among the strongest animals. This is the reward for capturing them.


    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=159367 - Link Design: Improvements


    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=159370 Link - Design: Promotions
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  2. Bringa

    Bringa King

    Jan 23, 2006
    This should be frequently asked: is there a way to figure out what patch one has currently installed?
  3. BCalchet

    BCalchet Human, all too human.

    Dec 27, 2005
    Umeå, Sweden
    Open the 'readme.rtf' in the fall from heaven folder. At the top you'll find:

    Fall from Heaven 2
    Version 0.16d

    ...or whatever your current version is.
  4. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Master of Points

    Dec 19, 2001
    This might be true for Most users, but not all. If you have a localized version of windows, your standard location for the game isnt C:\Program Files\...etc. And if you have the game installed on another disc it wont work either. Or if you for example have civ installed at C:\Games\Civ4\ it wont work either.

    A better advice is to alter the "Target" and "Start in" values in the properties of the shortcut to the installed path of the game. While keeping the mod=\Fall from Heaven 2 016 at the end of the "Target" line.
  5. Bringa

    Bringa King

    Jan 23, 2006
    Thanks a lot! That works indeed! My recommendation stands: this should be part of the FAQ.
  6. Master_Hugian

    Master_Hugian Warlord

    Oct 27, 2006
    I have always had a question, does patch e include patch d (or so on?)
  7. BCalchet

    BCalchet Human, all too human.

    Dec 27, 2005
    Umeå, Sweden
    The newest patch does include any additions or improvements from previous patches.

    Barring unusual circumstances (i.e. .15k), you only ever need to download the latest full version (currently 0.16) and the latest patch (currently 0.16"e").
  8. Nikis-Knight

    Nikis-Knight Deity

    Dec 22, 2005
    Orange County, CA
    this will be asked frequently, so you might as well include it:
    Q: When will fire be released?
    A: Sometime in 2007.
    Or is that not vague enough? :p
  9. xanaqui42

    xanaqui42 King

    Sep 5, 2006
    The answer given for this question in the first post is correct for .15, not .16. I'd change the answer from:

    A: Because it also makes their spells stronger, i.e. if you summon skeleton with mage that has combat 1 and 2, skeleton will have combat 1 and 2 as well. You can also give them spell extension to give summoned units extra move


    A: Because it also makes their spells stronger, i.e. if you cast Raise Skeleton with a Mage that has Combat I and Combat II, The Skeleton will have Empower I and Empower 2 If the Mage has Spell Extension I, the Skeleton will have Mobility I.
  10. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Switched to your text, thanks Xan.
  11. Owain

    Owain G Flashing Inaccessable

    Sep 7, 2003
    The real answer is, "It's FfH noob! Not FhF!" :D

    I do have a noob question though... I can't seem to find a good place to see exactly what Magic resources I currently have. Its difficult to look through Resources to find it. Is it possible to have this listed separately from resources somewhere quick and easy to check? Maybe this already exists? Its not something I worry about much, but when I want to know, I REALLY want to know... And I don't want to realize that node I just finished is for something I already have.
  12. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002

    Yeah, we have that request on the wish list. Someway to tell a player "You already have a node of that sort, are you sure you want to create another?". I havent found a decent way to do it yet (the function that handles gametext when you mouseover a build option is player agnostic so I dont have anything to check on to see if the player has that resource or not).
  13. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Master of Points

    Dec 19, 2001
    Just be sure that its clear that multiple mana nodes of one type actually has some use.
  14. Chandrasekhar

    Chandrasekhar Determined

    Mar 30, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    Q: What's this about the Woodsman promotions applying to both attack and defense?

    A: In FfH, terrain defense bonuses are also applied when attacking into that terrain. This currently does not work with hills (so the Guerilla promotions don't have any extra effect), but that will hopefully be corrected in a future version.

    Not sure how vital it is that this gets included, but it seems to be one of the more frequently asked questions in any case.
  15. cvlowe

    cvlowe King

    Nov 9, 2006
    I don't know if this is a FAQ, but this seems like the best thread to ask in...

    How do I get rid of "diseased"?

    I have a stack of 12 of my best units all diseased from taking on an AI city. I have them all healed up, but they still have the icon.
  16. Silverkiss

    Silverkiss NekoChan

    May 19, 2006
    Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
    You need the spell "Cure Disease" than can be gained from some religions. There are other ways, but I don´t remenber and can´t check atm, so I´l let someone else answer.
  17. Rod

    Rod King

    Sep 22, 2004
    Munich / Germany

    i do not now whether only I have this problem but I searched for some similiar topics and could not find them in this forum.

    In anyway several units in my game do not display properly but they are some kind of red balls.
    Does anybody has the same issue ?

    I run Civ IV 1.61 and FFH 2.016
  18. steel.stiletto

    steel.stiletto Chieftain

    Nov 8, 2006
    That happens if instead of installing the actual full FfH2 mod, you just install the patch. On the thread "FfH2 0.16 Bug Thread", the first page has a link to the full mod, and one for the patch. The patch is only if you already had a lower version of FfH2 and wanted to update. It doesn't come with the music or graphics. To get those, you have to use the full mod pack.

    Does that answer your question? I'm never sure if I explain things very well.
  19. Rod

    Rod King

    Sep 22, 2004
    Munich / Germany

    i had the same thought, but the point is that i actually have all the game files (400++ MB), but they are in the packed file artxx. pak . Do I have to unpack them ?
  20. Sureshot

    Sureshot Goddess

    Feb 2, 2006
    no you shouldnt have to unpack them

    are you patched to 1.61? and doesnt work with warlords expansion if that what youre using

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