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Dec 24, 2005
A state of Fear and Loathing
Ah, Nice. I would love to see what sort of international map you could make, the crazy alliance possibilities are endless [Who would have thought say China, Africa and South America would help destroy the N.American-European-Australian Alliance]. I suppose in the 2000s we might see more Pan-Continental movements, similar to the ANC in Africa or Bolivarianism in South America.

I suppose the only thing to worry about it inclusiveness [What about culture x or rebel group y?...]

Reworking the event pool might solve this problem for you, instead of always naming the dog [telling every detail in a story], just pop up a random [there is a rebel faction threatening to disrupt trade along a major road/river what do you do?...destroy/bribe/negotiate]

I know you get specifics done rather well, as shown by your work in SR1 and 2, hence why I'm so anxious for a different continent's equivalent of SR. Think of the Labor-Green alliance of North and Northwest Europe fighting the Conservative Factions in Germany and China, Spain and Portugal supplying arms and recources to the Socialists and Greens while America funds the right wing European Elements. The ANC and allied factions fighting the corrupt independent states of central and west Africa while North Africa stays neutral, preferring to trade with both parties.

I suppose I'm just a fan of worldwide revolutions, eh comrade?

Anyhow, keep putting this great stuff out and I'll keep helping as best I can.
Dec 17, 2002
hey you know it brotha. im still working on 3.0 (this project has been draggin on). i will need help with 2d graphics and flavor text, as usual. head over to the "3.0 discussion" thread and see whats been done and say hi :)
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