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Gas resource

pastor Fran

Mar 24, 2023
I have read and watched a lot of civ 7 discussions, what about gas no one talks about gas, maybe we dont need more resources, but resource stockpilling for no one is a problem i agree, but gas is used to heat homes be is heating cooking, what if you mine gas nit just for military use, but to help you grow tall, each neighbourhood gets +1 or 2 when you feed hom gas, of your city center gets more housing when he has lets say 2 gas, maybe use stragegic resources to build up districts, like uranium is used to grow a science district and so on, or with iron you can work more tiles lets say you can start working the 4th tiles when you feed that city centre with enough iron. Dies this make sence?
Ya not just to power a city cause we already have 3 but to grow tall, the more gas you allocate to a neighborhood the more the housing can grow
Natural Gas is often a byproduct of mining for oil. In game terms they would largely be the same thing, or one's presence would imply the other.

re: a new strategic resource, I think a good candidate would be tungsten. It's a rare, and very precious resource for any modern nation with obvious military applications.
Think we already have the military covered with resources, my problem is the stockpile, to start using coal and iron for something else oh and horses in the mid game, adding another resource for military would not make sense, but then using oil or aluminum to grow tall you fund you city centre for instance to work the 4 tile from city centre of increase the housing
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