Global - Faith Purchases in Puppets

Global - Faith Purchases in Puppets (v 1)


Oct 4, 2016
Global - Faith Buildings in Puppets
(steam workshop)

Allows faith purchases of all buildings, Missionaries, and Inquisitors in puppeted cities, including faith purchases unlocked from Reformation beliefs.

Requires version 09/02/2020 or later of Vox Populi.

Click on the overview button on the top left for information.
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Bro, you don't get it - I've wanted this feature since the first game of VP I played years ago... Thank you!

Is it safe to use this in my current game without messing up my save, or should I wait for a new game?
Hmm, seems save game compatible actually. You'll need to edit Global - Faith Purchases in Puppets (v 1).modinfo though, since I didn't mark the mod as save game compatible.

Change the value in following line to 0.
Edit: I found out how to purchase; for anyone else wondering, you have to set it to auto purchase through the drop down menu in the religion screen where you'd normally auto purchase missionaries and prophets.
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For now, you can replace CityView.lua below into (6a) Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI)\LUA, if you are using EUI. The necessary changes should be in VP from the next version onwards.
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by using this mod with the CityView.lua you link, i can manage my puppet cities as if i was playing venice (without playing venice), i can buy faith buildings as expected but i also can invest in buildings which is not the goal i guess^^?
That should not happen.

Anyhow the CityView.lua is not necessary with the latest version of VP. Try and see what happens.
playing on the 3-15-2 version of VP: i can't buy faith buildings in my puppets:
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