Unique Unit Lines

Unique Unit Lines (v 3)


Oct 4, 2016
Unique Unit Lines
(steam workshop)

Applies unique promotions from a unique unit to the whole unit line for the civilization. Promotions must not be lost on upgrade to be considered.

Requires version 17/04/2020 or later of Vox Populi.

Click on the overview button on the top left for information.
So i played few games with this mod and i think it makes the game more interesting but some balance changes are necessary in my opinion. Like Aztec getting woodsman as well as heal on kill promotion. Woodsman is already part of another civ UA. I will try to remember more later.
@HungryForFood Does this work for mods that add new Civs and units like @pineappledan 's 3/4UC mod?

I think this is a great idea for a mod because as a human player I try and build as many of my Civ's unique units as possible in order to make use of their unique promotions later in the game, even after they've been upgraded. For some Civs it is absolutely worth building the older unique unit even after its upgrade it available just to keep the unique promotions once it is upgraded, and this would remove the necessity of "gaming" that system. This also makes it fairer for the AI as I am certain they were never programmed to game that system the way a human player can.

The only downside I can think of is that it makes certain Civs with very early units with powerful unique promotions (Indonesia, Inca, Aztecs, etc.) more powerful overall as they get access to their unique promotions all-game long, and in cases like the Kris Swordsman that might significantly affect their balance.
Yes 4UC will work. As long as a mod is adding unique units in the normal way, it will work.

Perhaps it is not that balanced, but balance was not the focus when I made this mod. I just liked having the unique promotions stick around.

I'd rather avoid making exceptions for balance, since I coded the mod to work in a general way, which is why it should be compatible with most other mods that add unique units.
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