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GOTM #13 *Spoiler* Talks

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Leowind, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. Chofritz

    Chofritz Former Mr. Reloader

    Jul 20, 2001
    Stockholm, n/a, Sweden
    I'm in 1 ad and have a population of about 4 million people in ~30 cities. Don't know if I'll be able to finish since the map is so big, :( I'm having a pretty bad science right now but I'm sending caravans accross the sea now so it should be fixed soon, ;)
  2. Lucky

    Lucky Game- and Quizmaster

    Nov 6, 2001
    Now comes the longest and most tedious part of this GOTM. :eek:
    Only my one Mongol pet city left which is growing and prospering pretty nicely itself. I even founded a small city to send some food caravans into that city so it could be a good trade partner, later I disbanded this city! :cool:
    Now I have 2 target cities for trading, my SSC and the Mongol city.
    Most of my cities now have at least 2 routes to either one of them, my luxury rate is at 30%, rest is science, so I only have happy, WLTP growing cities by now.
    The trades generate enough income and science to pay for everything, my only drawback by now is the relatively low number of engineers, just about 180. :lol:
    I have to double that number but with the growing farmland that should be no problem.
    So the tedious part is directing all these engineers but the fun part are the trade trucks, my transports are constantly shipping them over the oceans and these nice 3 digit numbers appear every time they reach their destination. :D
    My cities are a little low on production but I´m planning to change almost everthing to grassland, I don´t have to build a spaceship, do I?!

    So now it´s interesting to see how long my GOTM score keeps growing, my troops stand ready to end the game! :slay:
  3. willemvanoranje

    willemvanoranje Curitibano

    Jan 12, 2001
    I conquered the world after all, but still count it to one of my worst games in the past few months....
  4. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    OK, I've started. I suppose like all new folks, I'll get my usual share of bumps.:) I've only played at Deity a few times (less than ten) & finished even fewer (maybe a couple) :o so my play this game is conservative.

    I decided to mine the hill & then build on it to give my capital some defense from the babs (no sense in being too stupid:suicide: ). My SSC is further away, but is working.

    I'm at 1878, 3 dozen cities (4 bought, the rest built), only a few international trade routes, but a little ahead in tech.

    No tech giving, no major assaults either way, but I'm gonna build up a guest force & go visit the Amerks who've been ahead in tech for most of the game. :scan:

    Time to shift from docile to mobile...:ar15:
  5. Lucky

    Lucky Game- and Quizmaster

    Nov 6, 2001
    Yeah! :yeah:

    I finally finished today in the morning (2AM) and submitted 15 minutes ago.
    The WLTP growing, increased trading, terrain improvement with over 300 engineers and building the proper city improvements in all those cities lasted almost the whole weekend! :eek:

    This was really tedious!!!
    BUT it is finished! :cool:

    When the GOTM score didn´t want to increase anymore I simply subverted the last Mongol city and finished the game!

    Now on to the Civ3 GOTM!
  6. smegged

    smegged Psi Cop

    Jan 14, 2002
    Brisbane, Queensland
    ....ANAL. Three hundred Engineers. HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LOT.
  7. Lucky

    Lucky Game- and Quizmaster

    Nov 6, 2001
    ANAL??? :eek: :confused:
    I hope you mean that in a highly respectful way!
    If not, :cry: MATRIX, he is insulting me!!! :cry:

    But seriously, I did need them to terraform everything to grassland!
    And I wasn´t finished when I ended my game!
    Only my main continent was totally green (or more like pretty colorful due to all the farmland :lol: ), as were most of the American and the Western island.
    But part of the Viking island and most of the northern continent still were, well, wilderness!
    I did have all of the area there settled but some cities, especially the newer ones, were bound to still grow more than 10 points each. :p
    But with only some 100 engineers left, after disbanding and adding the rest, that would have taken 50 more turn, minimum 20 to do the most important improvements.
    Due to our GOTM formula it wasn´t neccessary nor wise to do that.

    What really annoyed me was that I had to build mass transits in most of my cities in the end. Even a size 30 city with just 3 shield was producing pollution.
    I know this is the way the game is, but it is still annoying! ;)

    BTW, you should look at some other players savegames, especially from Shadowdale, but also Starlifter and Smash. The even started to terraform the polar regions and put cities there!!!
  8. Matrix

    Matrix CFC Dinosaur Retired Moderator

    Oct 28, 2000
    Tampere, Finland
    I definitely picked the wrong difficulty to play a OCC game. :lol: I did not die, but I simply retired and all the important wonders passed away (King Richard, Copernicus, Hanging Gardens) except for Shakespeare and Isaac Newton.

    Lousy game. But it was fun to try once though. ;)
  9. Smash

    Smash Super Lurker Retired Moderator

    Oct 28, 2000
    Vancouver, Canada
    Last GotM,I had over 500 engineers at one point.That was alot on that map...insane actually ;)...I started in on the poles very early(around 1ad iirc)..then kinda forgot about them.

    This GotM is a little different :D....I finished with less than 500 points!
  10. la fayette

    la fayette King

    Jun 18, 2001
    albi france
    Thank you for telling me that the civ2 GOTM is still active.
    This is the first one for me (but not my first civ2 game ;) ).
    I dislike long and boring endgames, and milking the score, that is why I played 'warmonger' and early conquest (target = 'green star', isn't it?)
    Objective #1: build Marco (mainly to know where the bad guys are). I achieved that in 850BC.
    Objective #2: build the nice warmonger wonders, STWA and GW, and one happiness wonder (in order to be able to manage a huge empire under Monarchy). I chose the cheapest one, namely HG.
    Ojective #3: discover Chivalry.
    After that, it is mainly a question of choosing between more knights or more triremes (I chose to build LH, in order to make voyages shorter).
    Last Mongol city conquered in 1320.

    (lafayette, wondering whether 1320 means 'green star')
  11. donsig

    donsig Low level intermediary

    Mar 6, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    Well, I finished. Retired. Couldn't kill anyone. Any those evil Americans kept pulling sneak attacks near the end. they even nuked my capital and another of my cities.
  12. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Playing this 2001 Gotm by the modern rules with the powerful caravan re-homing tactic disallowed. Goal is civ building, establishing the most productive civ as fast as possible which if the game were to continue would eventually lead to a Space Ship landing. Immediately following this post will be a 2nd comparison game which compares the results with both games played until 250 bc.

    4000: Built cap on starting site (which leaves much to be desired). 2nd settler moved to grass/shield square.
    3950: > Alphabet.
    3900: Completion of grass/shield road.
    3800: Built 02 on grassland 47/63. 1st warrior emerges and re-supports to 02.
    3700: Alphabet > Code of Laws.
    3500: First hut of game: 50 gold.
    3250: Code of Laws > Writing.
    3200: Completion of Settler. Exercised caution with hut at 46/74 and will build city @ 45/73 before opening it.
    3100: 2nd hut: Map Making.
    3000: Exercised caution with hut 6 steps from cap and will build a city closer to it before opening.
    2950: Found 3rd hut that i will wait before opening more safely.
    2900: Settler.
    2700: Built 04. Allows for an adjacent hut to be safely opened. 3rd hut: Supported Chariot.
    2650: Writing > Literacy.

    2500 Summary: Despotism with 4 cities. 0 settlers (but 2 within 3 turns), 1 chariot, 3 warriors.

    2400: Settler.
    2350: Settler.
    2300: Built 05, plain/river.
    2250: Literacy > Republic. 4th hut (outside of safe zone): Barb horse and my chariot eliminated it.
    2200: 5th hut: supported horse.
    2150: Completion of Settler. Summary: 6 cities / 1 settler.
    2100: Scheduled for an 1850 Oedo, decided to open no further huts until that year as well to maintain 6 cities until that time, not risking the potential chaos a 7th might create.

    2000 bc Summary: 6 cities, 1 settler, 1 chariot, 1 horse, 6 warriors. Treasury: 32 gold.

    1950: Completion of Settler (now have 2).
    1850: :hatsoff:Republic :hatsoff: > Bronze Working. Tax 80 / Sci 20. Built 07, grass with access to whale. Completion of 2nd road. 2 huts near 07 become safe to open (without the possibility of barbs emerging) and completion of Republic eliminates the risk of messing up the Oedo. 6th hut: 50 gold. 7th hut: Masonry. 8th hut (this one distant and with risk): 50 gold. Disbanded 3 warriors inside cities. Spent treasury down to 23 gold.
    1800: Completion of 2 settlers. Summary: 7 cities / 3 settlers.
    1750: Another warrior returns from local exploration and is disbanded inside city.
    1700: Disbanded another warrior inside city, now down to one. Built 08, grass with access to 2 pheasants. 9th hut: Supported chariot. Lux to 20%, Tax 80.
    1650: Completion of 3rd road. Lux to 30%, Tax 70.
    1600: 1st Trireme. With 2 chariots ready to board and a few nearby islands (17, 14, 13, 8), rushed this south/east coast trireme in the hopes of discovering one or more quick island tribes. 10th hut: Barbarian horse which my chariot eliminates.
    1550: Built 09 on fur. Built 10, grass/river. Summary: 10 cities, 0 settlers.
    1500: Completion of 2 settlers. Final exploring warrior returns to a city and disbands.

    1500 bc Summary: Republic with 10 cities, 2 settlers, 1 trireme, 2 chariots, 1 horse. 7 techs. Treasury: 8 gold.

    1450: Completion of 1st diplomat. Safe now near city 10, 11th hut: Horseback Riding. 12th hut: supported horse.
    1350: Built 11, grassland with access to whale.
    1300: Completion of 1 settler. Summary: 11 cities, 3 settlers.
    1250: Completion of 2 horses with the plan to board the east coast trireme to be completed next turn which will venture towards island 15. Completion of 4th road. Built 12: Grassland with access to 1 pheasant and 1 fish. 12 cities, 2 settlers.
    1200: Completion of 2nd trireme (west coast). One horse boards and the other positions himself to board next turn. Met America off my east coast on land 14. Tributed Literacy to them, peace, traded for 2 highly coveted techs and a third that would have been my first choice after Trade. Bronze Working, Currency and Pottery. Gifted a tech to enthusiastic and traded maps. They also have Ceremonial Burial which i did not want just yet. Science to 10% hoping Trade is offered and if it isn't, i will choose Ceremonial. Treasury: 9 gold.
    1150: > Ceremonial Burial (204) (Trade not offered and this was my fall back). America is hostile and i have no techs to gift them, so likely i will incite war which won't be difficult and steal this tech from them, hoping to then be able to choose Trade. Another option is to build a stronger military which will cause them to despise me less and might open the door to a trade. Summary: 12 cities, 2 settlers, 2 triremes, 1 dip, 2 chariots, 4 horse, 6 roads, 0 irrigation.
    1100: Built 13, grass/river with access to a pheasant. First island hut and 13th hut overall produces not a tribe but a supported Elephant.
    1000: Completion of 1 settler. 2nd island hut: 14th hut overall: Tribe for city 14. This is the First tribe or nomad of the game. 15th hut: Seafaring.

    1000 bc Summary: 1850 Republic with 14 cities. No wonders, none in progress and no buildings. 12 techs with Ceremonial in progress and still need Trade for near future Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Units: 3 settlers, 2 triremes (1 east coast, 1 west coast), 1 dip, 1 elephant, 2 chariots, 4 horse. 7 roads, 0 irrigation. Income: 39 gross shield production (MTons), 42 gold, 0 science. Have met one civ and traded for their map. 293,000 sq. mi. Treasury: 22 gold.

    975: Completion of 1 settler. Located 2 island huts and will get my nearby dip involved in both to minimize risk.
    950: Completion of 3 roads. 15th hut: 50 gold. 14 cities, 5 settlers.
    925: Completion of 2 settlers. Met the Vikings traded for Ceremonial Burial (my tech in progress), said no to The Wheel, peace, gifted to worshipful and traded maps (enthusiastic was not enough). Sci to 10% hoping again to see Trade as an option with the wheel as plan B. 16th hut (island 15): Tribe for city 15.
    900: > Trade (252 which would take 6 turns @ 60% sci). Completion of 1 settler. Built 16, grassland with access to 2 fish. 17th hut: None Archer.
    875: Completion of 1 settler. Built 17, grassland with access to a pheasant and 2 fish, 18, grassland with access to silk, and 19, grassland. Summary: 19 cities, 5 settlers.
    850: Completion of 1 settler. Built 20, grassland with access to whale and ore. Beginning to notice more anarchists which is nice and lux is able to be reduced from 60% to 40. Built 21, grass/river. 21 cities, 5 settlers.
    800: 18th hut: None Elephant. Summary: 21 cities, 5 settlers, 2 triremes, 1 diplomat, 2 elephants, 2 chariots, 4 horse, 1 archer. 60% Tax / 40% Lux. 11 roads, 0 irrigation. Treasury: 65 gold.
    775: Completion of 1 settler.
    750: Completion of 2 settlers. Built 22, grass/river. 22 cities / 7 settlers.
    725: Completion of 1 settler. X roads and first irrigation. Built 23, grassland with whale. Built 24, island grass/river with access to wheat. 24 cities, 6 settlers.
    700: Completion of 16th road and 2nd irrigation. Barb boat drops stacked Archer directly next to my empty city and i weigh my options to either allow it to be taken and bribing it back one, two or three turns later or possibly to pay 50 gold. Since the city is not supporting any units and only has 8 shields towards a settler, have chosen to allow it to be taken. Used All but 3 gold to rush a dip in the next city so i can take the city back the same turn and likely a dip and archer with it. Treasury: 3 gold. 19th hut: None Elephant. 24 cities, 6 settlers.
    675: Completion of 1 settler and 1 dip. 26 gold bribes back city 24 along with 2 supported archers and no dip. Built 25, grassland. 20th hut: Monarchy. Increases beaker cost of trade to 285. Treasury: 2 gold.
    650: Completion of 2 settlers. Built 26, grassland with access to 2 fish. 26 cities, 7 settlers.
    625: Built 27, grassland with access to whale. Built 28: grassland with access to a fish. 28 cities, 5 settlers.
    600: Completion of 3 settlers. 2 additional roads, now have 16. Vikes report discovery of Mysticism. 20th hut, island Tribe for City 29. Making the switch to 60% Science here to complete Trade asap and to prepare for 4 wonder caravans then 4 more shortly thereafter. 29 cities, 8 settlers.
    575: Completion of 1 settler. Completion of 2 irrigation projects, now have 4. Built 30, swamp/river end with access to a fish. 30 cities, 8 settlers.
    550: Completion of one settler. Built 31: grassland with access to fish. Built 32: Plain with access to whale and ore. Built 33, island grass/river with access to wheat. Built 34: island grass/river. 34 cities, 5 settlers.
    525: Trade > Mysticism. Science to 0, Tax 60%. Both civs with whom i have contact are hostile so trading or otherwise obtaining tech will require creativity.
    475: 34 cities, 7 settlers, 2 wonder caravans. Treasury: 4 gold.
    450: Completion of 4 additional wonder caravans (now have 6). 4 caras fill 200 shields. Treasury: 34 gold.
    425: :wavey: Pyramids :wavey:. Completion of 2 settlers. 21st hut: None Elephant.
    400: Completion of 2 settlers. Built 35 and 36.
    375: Completion of 3rd wonder caravan and 2 settlers. Built 37, grassland with 2 whales.
    350: Completion of 4th wonder caravan and 3 settlers. 4 caravans fill 200 shields. Lux to 60% to help initiate or otherwise facilitate 6 pre-HG celebrations, some with food deficit that will be overcome next turn. Summary: 37 cities, 12 settlers. 29 roads, 5 irrigation,
    325: :wavey: Hanging Gardens :wavey:. Completion of 1 trireme, now have 5. 6 celebrations and Lux is able to be reduced to 40%, with tax going to 60. Aprox 80% of cities are still climbing their way to size 3.
    300: Completion of 1 settler. 9 active celebrations and 3 others that have come and gone for now. Sticking with 40% lux this turn. 37 cities / 13 settlers. Treasury: 169.
    275: No settlers built. 13 celebrating cities. Lux adjusted to 60% to keep most of it going. Built 38, island grassland with one whale. 38 cities, 12 settlers.
    250: 2 settlers and 2 trade caravans built. Built 39, grassland. Built 40, grassland.

    250 bc Summary: Republic with 40 cities, Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. No buildings. 2 trade caravans, 12 settlers, 5 triremes, 1 diplomat, 4 elephants, 2 chariots, 4 horse, 3 Archers. 38 roads, 10 irrigation. 118 f4 heads, 158 tiles and/or specialists + 12 settlers + 2 trade caravans = 172 productivity index.
  13. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    2nd time playing this map as a comparison, this time with much better early hut luck which includes a Nomad in the 2nd hut and a tribe in the 3rd and which multiplies itself into a significantly stronger game, most especially when the good luck occurs so early. Note also that this game is being played as much as possible as if i didn't know where certain civs are located and as if i didn't know the location of continent one. Playing by the modern rules with caravan rehoming disallowed. Goal is civ building which would lead to an eventual Space Ship landing.

    4000: Built cap on starting site. 2nd settler moved to grass/shield square.
    3950: > Alphabet.
    3900: Completion of grass/shield road.
    3800: Built 02 on grassland 47/63. 1st warrior emerges and re-supports to 02.
    3700: Alphabet > Code of Laws.
    3600: 2nd warrior and both are set to explore the local radius of cap for near future cities and to open huts to a certain point.
    3550: First hut of game: 50 gold.
    3400: 2nd hut of game: None Nomad.
    3350: 3rd warrior all built in cap (to be used for civil defense in 02 which becomes size 2 next turn). Nomad from 11.5 squares from cap moves along the river back towards a 6.5 or nearer distance of cap.
    3300: Warrior re-supports to 02.
    3250: Code of Laws > Writing. 4th warrior for civil defense in size 2 cap. Rush settler production from 20-40 for 60 gold. 3rd hut: Lucky but ill placed plain tribe for City 03 that slightly misses a nearby whale and silk (edit, but luckily is found next turn to have a whale that it does have access to). City is a 7 distance from cap which just barely causes one of the three trade to be corrupted as well as one of the three shields.
    3200: 02 completes Settler.
    3100: Slowed science to 40% to allow my warrior to reach the next hut just before completing writing so if i am going to get my one off path tech this can happen before having to choose one.
    3050: Built 04, grassland with access to whale and silk. Built 05 with the Nomad from a few turns back, grassland with access to 2 pheasants. Upon building 05, 04 went unhappy and required an elvis and a 2nd turn rushed warrior to make things right.
    2950: 4th hut: supported horse. i had built 05 next to this hut before opening it to eliminate the risk of barbs emerging and i especially was not going to open it with my settler unless it was within a city's limits. 5th hut: 25 gold. Science back to 60%.
    2850: Writing > Bronze Working. Built settler.
    2700: Warriors located 3 huts that i will hold back on opening until i am able to do so more safely. As well this protects my tech path, but i might open one or more unterrained huts with my 2 movement horse at the risk of getting an extra tech or a barb that i can either eliminate or possibly escape from.
    2550: Bronze Working > Literacy. 9th warrior only one of which is still exploring while the other 8 are taking care of the current and near future martial law needs, especially with 2 additional cities anticipated within 5 or 6 turns.

    2500 Summary: Despotism with 6 cities, 0 settlers but 2 next turn, 1 horse, 10 warriors. Literacy in progress 20% of the way along. 5 opened huts and 6 that have been located and unopened as yet. Treasury: 35 gold.

    2450: Completion of 2 settlers.
    2300: Built 07, grass/river. Built 08: Grassland with access to silk. Every city now needs martial law at size one and all 9 civil defense warriors are needed at this time as well as the 10th one one rushed for next turn. Will be needing an additional 2 warriors in the next two turns for cities about to grow from 1 > 2. 8 cities (including 2 size 2's), 0 settlers, 1 horse, 10 warriors (11 next turn). Treasury: 51 gold.
    2250: Literacy > Republic. With Republic in progress and easily achievable in the 1850 Oedo (but not possible for 2050), Horse opens unterrained 6th hut and unfortunately but not disastrously finds Warrior Code.
    2100: 4th city of 8 reaches size 2 and with every citizen requiring his own martial law warrior, completion of the 12th such unit with a 13th out exploring. Will need no further warriors this game and 2 additional cities approaching size 2 will have a settler the turn size 2 would have been reached. Still with enough of a science buffer to be able to reach an 1850 oedo, warrior risks a distant hut and out comes out with Ceremonial Burial. At this point 1850 Oedo is still reachable, but tight and i will open no further huts until that year.
    2000: Completion of 1 settler.

    2000 bc Summary: 8 Cities, 1 settler (and 2 more in 2 turns and 1 more in 3 turns), 1 horse, 13 warriors.

    1900: Completion of 2 settlers and a dip in low food cap.
    1850: :hatsoff: Republic :hatsoff: > Map Making. Completion of 1 settler and 3rd road. Disbanding of 11 warriors within cities , warriors which served their purpose well... and warrior count decreases from 13 > 2. The one remaining martial law warrior is released from his duty to open a nearby hut and his continued service will then be re-evaluated. New summary: 8 cities, 4 settlers, 1 dip, 1 horse, 2 warriors. 5 located huts not as yet opened. T 70 / L 30.
    1750: Built 10, grassland. Built 11, grass/river with access to a pheasant. Necessity dictates an increase in Lux to 40%. 7th hut now safe by being 2 steps from a new city: supported horse.
    1650: 8th hut: 50 gold.
    1600: Completion of 3 settlers and 1 diplomat. 9th hut: Pottery.
    1550: Completion of 1 settler. 11 cities, 6 settlers.
    1500: Built 12 on fur. Directly next to this fur city, opened 10th hut: Supported Legion. Shifting from 60% Tax to 60% Science in the hopes of completing Map Making in 5 turns, maybe 4.

    1500 bc Summary: 12 cities in Republic, 5 settlers, 2 dips, 2 horse, 1 legion, 2 warriors. 7 roads, 1 irrigation.

    1450: Completion of 1 settler, 8th road and 2nd irrigation. 11th hut: Supported horse.
    1400: Built 13, grass/river.
    1350: Built 14, grass/river. Built 15, grassland with access to a pheasant and 2 fish. 15 cities, 3 settlers.
    1300: 15 cities, 3 settlers.
    1250: Map Making > Currency. Sci to 0 for now, Tax 60 / Lux 40.

    1250 bc Summary: 15 cities in Republic, 3 settlers, 2 diplomats, 3 horse, 2 Legion, 1 warrior (to be disbanded inside a city next turn).

    1200: Completion of 1st boat and 2nd dip. The first dip and a horse hop in headed west to land 15.
    1150: Completion of 2 settlers. 1st island hut and overall the 12th hut: Tribe for City 16. Lux to 60%. 16 cities / 5 settlers.
    1100: Built 17, east coast grassland with access to a whale. Built 18, east coast grassland. 18 cities / 3 settlers.
    1050: Completed 1 settler. 2nd island 15 hut, overall the 13th hut: Currency. Lux to 10% hoping to choose Trade with Masonry as a backup.
    1000: > Masonry (Trade was not provided as an option). Completion of 2nd trireme. Horse boards this south/eastern coast sea vessel and a dip is nearby to join.

    1000 bc summary: 18 cities, 4 settlers, 2 triremes, 3 dips, 3 horse, 2 legion. 17 roads, 2 irrigation. No wonders, have not met any foreign civs. 11 techs. Income: 53 gross shield production, 36 gold @ 40%, 60% lux. 262,000 sq. mi.

    975: Built 19, grassland.
    950: Completion of 1 dip. Built 20, grassland with access to 2 fish. 20 cities / 2 settlers.
    925: Completion of 1 trireme (for 3rd overall). Built 21, grassland with access to whale and ore. 21 cities / 1 settler.
    900: Completion of 1 settler. Built 22, jungle/river tip with much needed access to 1 fish. 22 cities / 1 settler.
    Met America on continent 14, tributed them a tech, peace, amazingly traded them for Trade which is all they had, they wouldn't trade maps at cordial, gifted them a tech to worshipful, then traded maps. With the advent of Trade, will gather 4 caravans together for Hanging Gardens and for now will await the possibility of meeting the ai in the hopes of getting Masonry at this point rather than researching it.
    875: Completion of 1 wonder caravan. Built 23, grassland with access to 2 fish. 23 cities, 0 settlers. Treasury: 13.
    850: Completion of 2nd and 3rd wonder caravans and 2 settlers. Met the Vikings on continent 8, Traded for Masonry, Horseback Riding, Iron Working (all they had), gifted them one tech to worshipful and traded maps. Took a chance on terrained 14th hut to beat the french Legion to it and it was a barb horse. Fortunately the other dip nearby was able to reach the horse for the bribe.
    825: Completion of 4th wonder caravan.
    800: Completion of 2 wonder caravans. 4 caravans fill 200 shields. 23 cities, 200 shields to a wonder, 2 wonder caravans, 2 settlers.
    775: :wavey: Pyramids :wavey:. Had my choice of whether to built Pyr or HG first and felt that Pyr first with HG soon to follow would be the most powerful. Slowed the filling of food stores in 6 cities in awaiting this turn and 4 other cities will fill their food stores in the next 1-3 turns. This turn i have 2 size 3's. Next turn 4 additional cities will grow from 2 > 3 and 2 other cities will grow from 1 > 2. Summary: 23 cities, Pyramids, 4 wonder caravans (for 2nd wonder to emerge in 700), 2 settlers.
    750: Completion of 1 settler. 15th Hut: Seafaring. Beaker cost for current tech is now 378. 23 cities, 4 wonder caravans, 3 settlers.
    725: Completion of 1 settler. 4 Caravans fill 200 shields. Built 24, coastal grassland. Built 25, island grass/river with access to wheat. 16th hut: 50 gold. Holding back on rushing several settlers until cities are size 4 or better, except for a few size 2 cities that had low food storage and which will reach size 2 with half filled food stores as fast or faster by first building a settler. Summary: 25 cities, Pyramids, 200 shields towards next wonder, 2 settlers. Treasury: 149 gold.
    700: :wavey: Hanging Gardens :wavey:.... and completion of 3 settlers. 60% lux is needed for several of the celebrations and 70% is chosen since it eliminates a lot of the elvis. 9 cities are set to initiate celebrations next turn including three size 2's that are stepping into size 3's. 25 cities / 5 settlers. Treasury (building up awaiting size 4+ cities in which to invest in settlers): 204 gold.
    675: 9 celebrations initiated.
    650: 1 trade caravan, 1 settler from the final low food storage size 2 city and to immediately be re-supported... as the size 4 cities continue to celebrate. Aprox +10 f4 heads. 9 cities continuing to celebrate and 2 new size 2 > 3 celebrations will begin next turn. 26 cities / 5 settlers / 1 trade caravan.
    625: 17th hut: Tribe on new island for City 27. Lux to 80%. Several size 5's continuing to celebrate. 27 cities / 5 settlers.
    600: 5 new settlers, + 1st harbor.

    600 bc Summary: Republic with 27 cities, Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings: 1 harbor. Units: 1 trade caravan, 10 settlers, 4 triremes, 4 dips, 4 horses, 1 Legion. 21 roads, 3 irrigation. 79 f4 heads, 106 tiles and/or specialists + 10 settlers + 1 trade caravan = 117 productivity index. City sizes: 13 cities that are size 3+ and 8 of the 13 are currently celebrating and will each be one size larger next turn. 2 size 6's, 4 size 5, 6 size 4, 1 size 3. Income: 96 gross shield production, 30 gold, 0 science, 80% Lux, 8 celebrating cities. Treasury: 39, 525,000 sq. miles. 17 techs. Have met 2 civs and have traded for both maps. 0 trades landed as yet.

    575: Completion of 1 settler. 27 cities, 1 trade caravan, 11 settlers.
    550: Completion of 3 settlers. Discovery of continent 1 and the Sioux. Tributed them a tech, they apparently had nothing to trade, gifted them to worshipful since enthusiastic was not enough and traded maps. 27 cities, 14 settlers.
    525: 3 new settlers. Built 28, island grassland with whale. 28 cities / 16 settlers / 1 trade caravan. Treasury: 6 gold.
    500: 1 new trade caravan. Built 29, grassland with access to a fish. Hostile America reveals that they discovered Monarchy.

    500 bc Summary: Republic with 29 cities, Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings: 1 harbor. Units: 2 trade caravan, 15 settlers, 4 triremes, 4 dips, 4 horses, 1 Legion. 29 roads, 6 irrigation. 97 f4 heads, 126 tiles and/or specialists + 15 settlers + 2 trade caravan = 143 productivity index. City sizes: 17 cities that are size 3+ and 7 of them are currently celebrating and will each be one size larger next turn. 1 size 7, 3 size 6's, 4 size 5, 7 size 4, 1 size 3. Income: 139 gross shield production, 42 gold, 0 science, 80% Lux. Treasury: 23 gold, 592,000 sq. miles. 17 techs. Have met 3 civs and have traded for all 3 maps and every known tech except Monarchy. 0 trades landed as yet.

    475: 1 new settler. Built 30, grassland with access to whale. Built 31, grassland.
    450: 2 new settlers. 31 cities, 16 settlers, 2 trade caravans.
    425: Completion of 5 settlers, 1 trireme, 1 explorer. Traded the Vikings for Construction (18th tech, cost for next is 399 beakers). Incited war with the Hostile Americans to open the door to trading them for Monarchy (and hopefully 1 or more others) with 2 trade caravans 6 turns from their foreign and demanded off-shore destinations. One scientist implemented to choose the next tech which will hopefully be mysticism. 31 cities, 21 settlers, 2 trade caravans.
    400: Completion of 22nd settler, 6th trireme,2nd explorer and 2nd harbor. Built 32, island grassland with access to a whale. Built 33, island grassland. Traded America for Banking and Monarchy (20th tech with current beaker cost adjusted to 630 which will greatly enhance forthcoming trade bonuses). 18th hut: 25 gold. Trireme and 2 explorers head towards continent 1 to circumnavigate clockwise to join the trireme with dip and horse that have been adventuring counter-clockwise the past 7 turns.

    400 bc Summary: Republic with 33 cities, Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings: 2 harbors. Units: 2 trade caravan, 20 settlers, 6 triremes, 2 explorers, 4 dips, 4 horses. . 39 roads, 12 irrigation. 116 f4 heads, 149 tiles and/or specialists + 20 settlers + 2 trade caravans = 171 productivity index. City sizes: 20 cities that are size 3+ and 9 are currently celebrating and will each be one size larger next turn. 0 size 7s, 5 size 6's, 6 size 5, 9 size 4, 0 size 3. Income: 152 gross shield production, 54 gold, 0 science, 80% Lux. Treasury: 135. 669,000 sq. miles. 20 techs. Have met 3 civs and have traded for all 3 maps. 0 trades landed as yet. Anticipated date of arrival for the 2 en route is 275 bc.

    375: 1 new settler. Built 34, island grass/river with access to wheat. 19th hut: 4 barb horses, escaped back into boat. 34 cities, 20 settlers, 2 trade caravans, 6 triremes, 2 explorers + misc units.
    350: Completion of 2 settlers and 3rd harbor. Built 35, grassland. Bribe of a none barb horse. 35 cities, 21 settlers, 2 trade caravans, 6 triremes, 2 explorers, other misc units.
    325: Completion of 1 settler, 4 triremes and a 3rd harbor to replace the one that was sold last turn in an emergency : ). Built 36, island grassland with access to a whale. Built 37, grassland with access to a fish. 37 cities, 20 settlers, 2 trade caravans, 10 triremes, 2 explorers + misc units.
    300: 2 new settlers.

    300 bc Summary: Republic with 37 cities, Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings: 3 harbor. Units: 2 trade caravan, 22 settlers, 10 triremes, 2 explorers, 4 dips, 5 horses. 46 roads(est), 14 irrigation. 149 f4 heads, 186 tiles and/or specialists + 22 settlers + 2 trade caravan = 210 productivity index. City sizes: 26 cities that are size 3+ and 9 are currently celebrating and will each be one size larger next turn. 2 size 7s, 8 size 6's, 10 size 5, 5 size 4, 1 size 3. Income: 208 gross shield production, 56 gold, 0 science, 80% Lux. Treasury: 86, 776,000 sq. miles. 20 techs. Have met 3 civs and have traded for all 3 maps. 0 trades landed as yet, but first two trades are scheduled to land next turn.

    275: 1 new trade caravan, 3 settlers and 4th harbor. Sought the Receptive Mongols and Receptive Vikings to trade any possible techs and they apparently did not have any. More than likely the Hostile Americans don't have anything either. With a substantial beaker cost of 680 it's far less essential at this point to have every possible tech before landing my two trades. First trade of game, demanded copper to off off shore New York: 376. 2nd trade of game, demanded beads to off shore New York: 420 (which is the max possible from my 2 whale / 2 silk oceanic super trade city). I am experiencing great wealth for the first time all game (932 gold) and will re-invest a high percentage of it this turn including several ocean front Hide supplying super trade cities rushing caravans as well as additional settlers and triremes being rushed. One scientist will complete Mysticism. 37 cities, 25 settlers, 3 trade caravans, 10 triremes.

    Interim: Vikes with Receptive attitude in peace take advantage of my lightly defended civ to sneak attack and eliminate my frontier settler fairly close to his core reducing settler count to 24.

    250: Mysticism (21) > Philosophy (682 beakers adjusted to 713). Completion of 3 trade caravans, 5 settlers and 1 trireme (and several additional units next turn that were rushed to the final 10 shields and needed 2 turns to complete). Built 38, grassland with access to a whale. Built 39 and 40, both grass/river cities on the Viking continent. 40 cities, 26 settlers, 6 trade caravans, 11 triremes.

    250 bc comparison to previous game: Very interestingly in both this game and the previous, i have exactly 40 cities in 250 bc, however given the significantly better early hut luck in this game as well as good fortune in getting certain key techs from huts and/or the ai including currency, trade, masonry and pottery, i was able to complete both Pyramids and HG significantly earlier (Pyr: 775 vs 425 and HG: 700 vs 325), i have 26 settlers vs 12, 8 trade caravans built vs 2, 2 trades landed vs 0, 11 triremes vs 5, 19 irrigation vs 10, 4 harbors vs 0, about 50 roads vs 38, Approx 155-160 f4 heads vs 118, and approx 220- 230 productivity index vs 172.

    225: Completion of 2 trade caravans, 3 settlers, 2 triremes , and a rushed emergency war time dip and phalanx on the Vike continent to deal with immediate threats. Built 41, grassland with access to a silk. Built 42, grassland with access to a silk.
    Met the English, tributed them Republic, peace, traded for The Wheel (22nd tech) which is all they had, tried map trade at cordial - no - gifted a tech to worshipful then traded maps. I don't believe there are any other civs.

    Seems like a good place to stop. Future plans would have included lots of Super Trade, especially with demanded Hides from super trade cities, with a very good road network and a nice ship chain beginning to form, lots of additional cities, roads, irrigation and celebration growth, Mike's as the next wonder goal possibly immediately upon landing the next two trades and completion of Philosophy which would hopefully provide Monotheism as well and the approximately 800 gold in bonuses to provide funding for 8 quick local wonder caravans.

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