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GOTM 182 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by catalin72, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. catalin72

    catalin72 Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2008
    First,I want to say a thing,my opinion completing my previous post after 'challenge' mentioned by Major.I played more years Civ II and IV,Civ III few maps,bad or not,no matter,I saw enough strategy articles to understand the gameplay for each game,more via Ali,Major,etc,thanks,I saw YouTube videos and playing 100 maps sure see some tricks.
    Any Civ II-IV player knows,a lucky hut can decide definitive a game,in Civ II an unlucky hut,AI aquiring Invention when you are in a zone full with huts with possible techs too,an example,a barbs attack too.A player takes 2 nomads and 2 good techs from 4 huts,other player 2 times barbs,one time 25 gold or an unit to make shortage in a city,one time ruins...The argument 'Yes,can have luck with huts,barbs,but if don't manage good your empire,don't make trade,etc' is just 'bla,bla,bla' for me,make trade and 'super' management with a good city taken by barbs from you base for chariots(happened in a random map played recently following the advice with warriors garrison) and 2 aggresive AI close...To play high difficulty without huts and barbs is not a solution,where is the fun ?
    For veteran GOTM players using Classic the luck is more important,will make the top.A friend from our small group said:'If you want war,is hard to obtain this with rational leaders in Classic,for this is good MGE'.War is simple to obtain,are enough tricks,for any government,hard is to mantain peace....Is just my opinion,will say like Blasph23,I don't like more really bad things of Civ II,but will continue to play,with 'good' results or not.A 'medal ' is lost for deadline extended annonced too late,after normally deadline expired,no problem,I'm not an expert in Civ games,'good' and 'bad' are relative sometimes,one is expert in early wars Classic,one in early spaceship,one in early wars MGE,etc.I just like to work terrain with engineers..:)

    1 AD-1000 AD

    20 AD-New Orleans founded
    40 AD-Philosophy,but Germans first:)),begin HBR/Zulu Pyramids
    60 AD-Spanish Lighthouse/saw Minsk of Spanish
    100 AD-Disorder in Boston
    140 AD-Carthaginians begin KRC/saw a German explorer
    160 AD-HBR,begin Polytheism/Sioux units near Chicago
    180 AD-sioux horse emiss,peace,don't exchance techs/Baltimore built in continent 1,Sioux territory,power supreme
    200 AD-MPE-Exchange 3 techs with Zulu,need to give The Republic,Masonry,Construction,Polytheism,maps
    Germans Pottery+Seafaring,give Construction +Trade,maps
    Sioux-3 techs taken,maps/Bridge Building,Iron Working,Mathematics
    Spain-2 gifts,The Wheel taken,maps
    Carthaginians gift MM,maps
    220 AD-All enthiusiastic and cordial/Sioux retreat troops/first mounted unit,elephant Chicago/Zulu and Carthaginians war
    240 AD-2 van for spanish,dye and gems
    260 AD-Sioux Great Wall
    280 AD-Sioux are Republic
    320 AD-Copernicus in Washington,my poor SSC.../Denver founded/begin other wonder in capital
    340 AD-Zulu are Republic
    380 AD-barbs legion near Washington killed by archer
    400 AD-Spanish Monotheism from a hut,exchange with The Republic, maps
    420 AD-Temple in Philadelphia,begin wonder/Buffalo gems to Madrid 144 g
    440 AD-Navigation,begin Engineering/NY dye to Seville 52 g
    460 AD-Spanish are Republic
    480 AD-Germans are Republic,Zulu begin Michelangelo,Spanish have Navigation
    500 AD-Carthaginians capture Swazi from Zulu,take Polytheism
    520 AD-Zulu abandon Michelangelo,good..
    620 AD -Michelangelo in Washington,Zulu and Spanish peace,exchanging techs/
    Exchange Navigation with Engineering with Carthaginians,gift Mathematics,maps
    640 AD-Spanish begin Magelllan/Exchange Navigation for Medicine with Sioux
    660 AD-Invention,begin Physics
    680 AD-Cincinnati founded/hut none crusader
    700 AD-Republic estabilished
    720 AD-3 celebrations/hut,nomad
    740 AD-hut legion Cincinnati
    760 AD-One celebration,one canceled/Dallas founded in island 7
    800 AD-Exchange Invention for Banking with Germans
    840 AD-St Louis silver to Little Bighorn 145 g
    860 AD-Physics,begin Steam Engine
    880 AD-Magellan build/Washington library/Los angeles founded with nomad after forest an irrigation in forest island 4,2 spices/a Sioux van with beads comes in Baltimore
    900 AD-Spanish Oracle,Sioux Shakespeare/Kansas build in island 19,whale and fish
    920 AD-Hut legion none
    940 AD-112 g Buffalo hides to Madrid/306g San Francisco gems to Madrid
    980 AD-Germans develop Democracy,exchange with Navigation,maps.
    1000 AD-Great Library Germans/ Chicago silver to Madrid 220g /132 g Atlanta hides to Madrid

    Stats at 1000 AD
    Cities:17 Population:2 510 000 Techs:34 Government:Republic,Supreme and Spotless
    Units:9 settlers,8 warriors,10 phalanx,5 archers,8 horse,1 elephant,1 crusader,7 caravel,6 van,2 explorer
    Zulu:pyramids,Republic,9 cities,21 techs,peace with me and Spanish,war with Carthaginians
    Germans:GL,Republic,5 cities,23 techs,peace,no other contacts
    Spanish:HG,Lighthouse,Oracle,Republic,13 cities,24 techs,peace with me and Zulu
    Carthaginians:KRC,Monarchy,6 cities,18 techs,peace with me,war with Zulu
    Sioux:GW,Shakespeare,Republic,7 cities,23 techs,peace with me,no other contacts
    Goals:More trade,peace,victory with spaceship launched.

    Notes:I don't understand the absence of white civ if SURE map have restarts on,Russians were destroyed in 675 BC and places for respawn are enough .This can be a help for Jokemaster and other players,maybe map is without restarts,can change a little the strategy.
    A big mistake leaving a place for a city near Cincinnati close to German island will cost me much in the future...
  2. catalin72

    catalin72 Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2008
    1000 AD-To End

    1040-Baltimore coal undmn to Washington 42 g.
    1060-Railroad,begin Magnetism/Washington celebration/134 g dye New Orleans to Valencia/167 g NY wine Little Bighorn.
    1100-Washington silver to Madrid 210 g
    1120-Germans are democracy,elephant carthaginian near San Francisco/hut island 3 nomad.
    1140-Magnetism,begin Feudalism/Insist withdrawal of carthaginian ellie,war/horse kills elephant,veteran.
    San Diego built with nomad island 3/115 g dye Boston to Madrid/120g New Orleans copper to Seville.
    1180-112 g Philadelphia dye to Leipzig/legion and settler carth killed with horse.
    1200-barbs legion near Denver,ironclad kills one,veteran.
    1220-Leonardo in Philadelphia/hut 50 g.
    1240-Feudalism,begin Gunpowder/134 g Detroit dye to Little Bighorn.
    1260-Germans begin Statue/Chicago copper to Zimbabwe 171 g.
    1320-Taxes 0 % science,waiting Gunpowder from Germans,don't take University from Sioux,because of Great Library Germans,need to keep Railroad for Germans.
    Richmond built in swamp in Spanish island,4 specials,spice,whale,2 peat.
    Denver silk to Leipzig 208 g.
    1360-Germans have Gunpowder,exchange with Railroad,maps/University from Sioux with Railroad,maps.
    1400-Chemistry,begin Metallurgy/exchange Gunpowder for Economics with Sioux,but they maked first Adam Smith:)).
    Las Vegas founded with nomad in island 12 3 specials in sea,one hidden/150 g wine Philadelphia to Hamburg.
    1460-domestic spice 36g/234 g wine St Louis Zimbabwe/260 g Buffalo silver Zimbabwe.
    1480-Metallurgy,begin Explosives/Phoenix build in island 19,close to Germans.
    1500-123 g salt Chicago to Ulundi/416g gems Washington to Salamanca.
    1530-Explosives,begin Electricity to make obsolete GL of Germans.
    hut none crusader
    1540-hut,tribe,Seattle,bad placed/sold library to make engi,will be Naples/224 g beads NY Leipzig
    1550-Carthaginians allied with Zulu.../a barb leader captured near Minsk.
    1560-Tribe disbanded/diplomats,spanish and sioux expeled/natives elephants near Los Angeles,a sioux horse killed:).
    142 g Atlanta dye to Hamburg.
    1580-Electricity,begin Theology/Albuquerque founded near Baltimore,Sioux island/eleph +leader killed near Los Angeles.
    1600-Sioux make Darwin,choose Chemistry+Sanitation
    1610-Zulu and Spanish have Industrializationexchange for Steam Engine with Spanish/beads New Orleans to Berlin 132 g.
    Los Angeles silk to Madrid 180g.
    1620-Germans and Carthagainians peace treaty/Zulu become hostile.
    1630-Theology,begin The Corporation.
    1640-Minneapolis build in island 6/Naples build in island 22,Seattle disbanded/179g dye Washington to Stony Lake.
    1650-Expeled spanish diplomat near Richmond/Issus founded near LA,island 4/Malaca captured,92 g,no buildings.
    1660-168g San Francisco dye to Berlin/396g gems Boston to Zimbabwe.
    1670-The Corporation,begin Conscription/Washington sewer system,size13/sign peace with Zulu,gift Sanitation,maps.
    415g coal Buffalo to Zimbabwe/460 g wine San Francisco to Leipzig/estab. embassy in Berlin.
    Bribe a horse sioux near St Louis,128 g,is veteran,can make sneak attacks in my main island.
    1680-Spanish Eiffel Tower/196g St Louis hides to Madrid/estab. embassy in Madrid.
    1690-Conscription,begin Theory of Gravity.
    1700-Estab, embassy for Zulu.
    1710- J.S Bach Ctd in Philadelphia
    1720-Zulu are democracy/228g hides St Louis to Madrid.
    1740-Theory of Gravity,begin Fundamentalism/162 g silver Atlanta to Leipzig.
    1750-Zulu and Spanish have Communism/414 g San Francisco spice to Ngome/252 g St Louis hides to Madrid.
    1752-Fundamentalism,begin Steel.
    1754-Zulu and Germans alliance/155 g Detroit wine to Carthage/embassy for Sioux.
    1756 Germans propose alliance vs Spanish,refuse/Cannae founded,4 specials, near Salamanca/546 g gold NY to Wounded Knee.
    Carthage captured,78 g,market/bribe eleph near Utica,130 g,is none,Senate cease fire forced,Carthaginians dont want peace.
    1758-Steel,begin Electronics/330 g Denver gems to Mpondo.
    1760-Zulu back to Republic/336 g St Louis dye to Hlobane.
    1762 Gift for Zulu Metallurgy,exchange Conscription for Communism,Spanish make UN,don't want exchange/Capua founded in island 3 after forest irrigated.
    1764-Electronics,begin Chivalry,can't Espionage/380 g copper NY to Wounded Knee.
    1766-288g dye Baltimore to Bapedi/Zulu make Statue.
    1768-A leader killed with destroyer from Cannae.
    1770-Chivalry,begin Espionage/Spanish completed ONU,but me first:)).
    224 g Denver copper to Zimbabwe/sign peace with Carthaginians and Spanish.
    1772-Spanish are communism,Carthaginians republic/Utica in disorder,subvert for 108x2,74 back,granaryKGR,temple,one settler,no garrison.
    1774-198 g San Diego hides to Leipzig.
    1776-Spain and Zulu war/Zulu are Fundi,via Statue of Liberty/Turin build in island 10.
    1778-Espionage,begin Genetic Engineering.
    1780-Genoa founded near Turin,island 10.
    1782-Zulu ironclad kills Sioux transport,they not have contact:)
    402 g St Louis gold to Wounded Knee.
    1784-Barbs knights attack in Killdeer,barb leader killed with a knight,100g.
    1786-Genetic Engineering,begin Refrigeration,can just this and Athomic Theory/Zulu and Germans war.
    Luxuries to 70 %,I want Fundi with big cities,10% science.
    1788-Spanish back to Republic.
    1792-Sioux offer 500g for alliance vs Zulu,refuse/Crete build near Utica,2 hidden specials.
    Luxuries to 80%.
    1792-402 g spice San Francisco to Ngome.
    1794-Washington colosseum,celebration.
    1796-Sioux steal Monarchy from Dallas,no war.
    Zulu and Carthaginians war/2 crusaders barb near Washington,an irrigation pilaged,one rifle veteran.
    315 g wine NY to Cedar Creek/crusader barb bribed,82 g.
    1798-Zulu capture Swazi from Carthaginians/312 g New Orleans spice to Ngome/156 g Kansas gems to Valladolid.
    236g Denver dye to Cordoba.
    1802-122 g Detroit salt to Leipzig/Verona build in Spanish island.
    1804-Refrigeration,begin Refining/German frigate kills a catapult spanish making trouble near Philadelphia,good.
    120g dye Dallas to Panormus/Salamis build near St.Louis.
    1806-Las Vegas spice to Ngome 144g/96g Cincinnati dye to Caralis/German Munich is near Cincinati,my mistake mentioned in other post,to leave tiles free...
    1810-Richmond spice to Ngome 390 g/Lisbon build in island 12 after swamp irrigated.
    468g NY dye to Wounded Knee.
    1812-Albuquerque gold to CXordoba 306g.
    1814-Refining,begin Leadership/Sioux and Germans peace/Zulu take Leipzig and Chemistry.
    312g spice Philadelphia to Isandhlwana.
    1818-Zulu peace with Germans and exch techs/455g Buffalo cloth to Ulundi.
    1820-Zulu have first Leadership/270g Richmond gold to Stony Lake/Hamburg Coal founded near Carthage/312 g Denver gold to Intombe.
    210g Utica silver to Stony Lake.
    1822-272 g dye Kansas to Slim Buttes/345g NY wine to Cedar Creek/248 g dye Albuquerque to Minsk.
    1824-Leader captured near Seville.
    1828-Sioux steal Chivalry,will declare war/Germans and Carthaginians alliance/Zulu peace with Carthaginians/Kill garrison in Killdeer with 3 dragoons,one lost,incite revolt with vet spy 108 g,76 back,4 buildings,Adam Smith
    Sign peace with Sioux.
    Prague founded in island 14 in jungle.
    312 g Cremona gold to Intombe.
    1830-Combustion,begin Tactics.
    Issus silk to Washington 398g.
    1836-Fundi estabilished/292g dye LA Ulundi/204g Carthage dye to Zimb/175g Buffalo cloth to Munich.
    1838-Dallas beads to Hamburg 204g/360g Kansas wine to Cedar Creek.
    1840-Tactics,begin Athomic Theory/Hoover Dam in Washington/270 g wine NY to Leptis Parva.
    504g Silk Crete to Wounded Knee/200g oil Richmond to Wounded Knee.
    Garrison killed in Li Bigh with ships,407 g,market,Shakes,Darwin/
    1842-Zulu and Germans allied and exchange more techs.
    1844-Beads Cincinnati to Wounded Knee 230g/180 g San Diego hides to Wounded Knee
    1846-Athomic Theory,begin Automobile/142g Malaca beads to Wounded Knee/bribe carthaginian cannon 102g,is none.
    1848-Las Vegas gold to Valencia 318g.
    1850-Carthaginians are communism,Subvert Panormus for 246x2,60 back,3 units,temple/demand retreat of Spanish troops in main island,war,some spanish units killed.
    1851-Peace signed with Spanish/subvert Rusicade for 174x2,47 g back,market,rifle,settler.
    1852-Salzburg build near Carthage/390 g gems Denver to Hlobane.
    1853-Automobile,begin Machine Tools/San Diego gems to Hlobane 558 g/ New Orleans gold to Ulundi 348g.
    Subvert Leptis Parva for 280g x2 ,84 back,temple,2 rifle
    Carthaginians destroyed.
    Bergen build near Wounded Knee/226 g Cincinnati salt to Wounded Knee.
    1854-568g Chicago oil to Hlobane/Superhighways Washington and other cities.
    1855-Machine Tools,begin Miniaturization
    Zulu and Spanish peace.
    Las Vegas silk to Washington 804g/Venice founded in forest near Rusicade,a fish.
    194g Cannae dye to Hamburg/Milan founded in spanish continent.
    A leader captured near Valencia.
    1856-St Louis silk to Leipzig 764g.
    1857-Miniaturization,begin Guerilla Warfare/1018 g Baltimore oil to Zimbabwe.
    1858-Sioux steal Genetic Engineering,war.
    Ghent founded in Spanish continent.
    1859-Guerilla Warfare,begin Mass Production/240 g Portland gems to Hlobane/427 g Issus oil to Hlobane.
    Garrison of Little Bighorn killed with ships,take city,407 g,market,Shakespeare,Darwin,capital moved to Wounded Knee.
    273g Killdeer oil to Hlobane.
    1860-Battleship veteran killing a settler.
    Incite revolt in Slim Buttes with vet spy,481g,178g back,more buildings,Great Wall,one engi/pollution near Washington.
    247g Phoenix silver to St.Louis/630g silk Turin to Washington/638g Genoa silk to Washington.
    1861-Mass Production,begin Computers/More pollutions.
    Zulu back to Republic.
    Incite revolt in Cedar Creek for 404 g,166 g back,more buildings,5 units,one engi/542g Minneapolis wine to Washington/396 Hamburg Coal silk to Washington.
    Incite revolt in Stony Lake for 768 g,199 back,one vet destroyer,other 2 troops,more buildings.
    1862-Computers,begin Labor Union
    Incite revolt in Three Forks for 222g 65 back,city wall,more buildings,2 units.
    Begin SETI in Washington.
    1863-Democracy estabilished/Labor Union,begin Recycling/560 g Naples gold to Atlanta/Pisa build in forest near Cedar Creek/858 g Lisbon silk to Washington/756 g Capua oil to Washington.
    290g Prague copper to Baltimore.
    1865-Recycling,begin Flight/a leader captured near Seville/320g Utica dye to Seville.
    560g silk Three Forks to Washington/945g Naples oil to Chicago.
    1866-Flight,begin Amphibious Warfare,can just Mobile Warfare and Nuclear Fission,is too earlier for NF,want to sell my oil and other things.
    270 g dye Capua to Ngome.
    411 g Salamis oil to Hlobane/subvert Munich for 617x2,that mentioned big cost,that mistake with a place for a city near Cincinnati,back 156 g ,temple,one rifle,one transport near city,
    bribe explorer for 300g.
    1867-Amphibious Warfare,begin Radio/kill garrison in Wounded Knee with ships,take city,552 g,city wall,bank,library.
    Sioux destroyed.
    1869-Radio,begin Advanced Flight/Zulu back to Fundi/1112 g oil San Francisco to Hlobane.
    259 g Naples dye to Ngome.
    1870-Advanced Flight,begin Rocketry/SETI in Washington.
    1871-Rockectry,begin Mobile Warfare,only tech possible..
    Barbs dragoons near NY,killed with a rifle,veteran.
    Baltimore dye to Zimbabwe 700g/274g Detroit beads to Hlobane.
    1872-Mobile Warfare,begin Space Flight.
    1873-Space Flight,begin Plastics/bribe german engi 676g because have a pollution in Phoenix.
    Baltimore oil to Zimbabwe 1224g.
    1874-Plastics,begin Enviromentalism/Zulu diplomat action blocked by veteran spy stationed in Carthage:)).
    Spanish Avila maked near Baltimore,subvert 58x2,15 back.
    Receptive all.
    1875-Enviromentalism,begin Nuclear Fission.
    532g Panormus oil to Dallas/387 g Leptis Parva silver to Washington/455 g Bergen silver to Detroit.
    1876-Nuclear Fission,begin Nuclear Power.
    1877-Zulu back to Republic.
    1878-Nuclear Power,begin The Laser.
    1879-First component.
    1880-The Laser,Robotics,can't Superconductor.
    1881-Robotics,begin Superconductor.
    1882-Spanish have Espionage,first spanish spy expeled near Ghent.
    1883-Superconductor,begin Stealth.
    1885-Stealth,begin Combined Arms/Zulu back to fundi,sneak attack,one engi lost.
    More Zulu units killed ,capture Caralis,199 g,market/Senate helps me,war continue.
    Swazi captured,304g,market,too Senate let war to continue.
    Capture Umtata,144 g,bank,ibrary
    Peace signed.
    1886-Combined Arms,begin Fusion Power
    Spanish units near Boston,demand retreat,war.
    Kill ships and 3 units with stealth fighter,capture Pamplona,54g,peace signed.
    1887-Fusion Power,begin Future Tech.
    Spaceship launched,13 years.
    1888-Melbourne founded near Killdeer.
    1889-Future tech 1
    Spanish steal Fusion,no war declared.
    1890-SDI in Washington/Sydney founded near LA.
    1891-Zulu troops near Turin,demand retreat,war,alliance actived,Germans too war.
    Capture Leipzig,744g,no emissary.
    Capture Ngome,399 g,market,aqueduct,factory.
    1892-Zulu try to steal from Ngome,spy veteran again protect
    Ngome maked stealth fighter via Mass Transit,become veteran,killing more units.
    Isandhlwana destroyed bombarding.
    Capture Berlin,141 g ,market,GL,no partisans,capture Hamburg 392 g,baracks library, bank.
    Capture Frankfurt,204 g,granary,market,capture Konigsberg with bribe for 902 g,349 back.
    Germans destroyed.
    1893-Capture Bapedi,639 g,barracks,harbor,etc,2 partisans,capture Cartenna,567 g.
    Hlobane captured,840g,Pyramids,barracks,city wall,4 partisans.
    Capture Zimbabwe,540 g,city wall,hydro plant sold,capture Ulundi,80g,more buildings,no partisans.
    Zulu capital moved to Umfolozi,Leipzig paratroopers take Umfolozi,harbor,etc,154g,capital moved to Mpondo.
    1894-Kill garrison in Mponde with stealth fighters,paradrop,406g,barracks,library,stock exc,colo,2 partisans.
    Bribe one partisan with 180 g,is none/438g for revolt in Tugela,235g back,Statue of Liberty,3 alpine tr,barrracks,market,harbor.
    Zulu destroyed.
    Rebuild Isandhlwana.
    1896-Sneak attack Spanish,stealth fighters attack,capture Madrid,264 g,Lighthouse,Oracle,capital moved to Seville.
    All Spanish cities without Bilbao having Eiffel Tower :)) taken using howitzers,stealth planes and bribe.I forgot Eiffel Tower,I don't know if will be in final score GOTM,that's it.
    1897-Bilbao captured using howitzers,not bribe,for GOTM last turn save.
    Spanish destroyed,end of game.

    Notes:I forgot to write in notepad when were maked Sun Tzu,Cure,etc.
    Was a normally late victory for me,was more bad terrain in main island,but can obtain a big score,some wars,an earlier democracy,etc,I was a little uncertain using first time 2.42.
    Good luck all !
  3. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    You launched a space ship and then conquered all the rivals 3 turns before landing? why?
    The rivals do become nasty and a nuisance near the end, but you could have just contained them (take strategic cities and make sure they are surrounded) instead of wiping everyone out.
  4. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    The previous GOTM took a very long time due to the large size of the map and my decision to expand till the very end. I started playing this one this past weekend. There was no question in my mind that it had to be an OCC due to real time constraints. After Marco and getting maps from everyone I fancied what conquest would have been like with all but the Zulu in a neighboring island.

    Things went pretty much as expected. All but Spanish initially allied with me though they refused to gift for quite some time. I tried early Republic for a change (I rarely do) and it worked out alright. I built my city at the narrow part of the island with access to two whales and one grass-covered fish which eventually was converted to Buffalo. The specials were not great but the location was great with rivals close by and ocean access on both east and west. Had little barbarian trouble. Rivals did not bother settling my island which was a relief near the end. While the rivals did break their alliances there was little action on attacking me. Log follows
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2016
  5. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    -4000 to +1

    Map Analysis
    Resource seed is 10, 11, or 15.

    Strategy is OCC
    Date Produced Tech achieved Other notables

    -4000 Settler moves left. Seed is not 10
    -3900 Seed is 43 or 59
    -3850 Seed is 59.
    -3750 Washington founded on 3 special site 48,34.
    Work on Warrior started.
    -3550 Warrior
    -3500 Code of Laws Republic will be as fast as Monarchy
    Have not done early republic in quite some time
    Chose writing to go that path
    -3450 Specials are 2 whales and grass covered fish
    -3250 Nomad from first hut.
    -3200 Washington is size 2
    -3050 Writing horseman from hut
    -3000 Settler Support cost is now 2.
    Will have to disband horse as soon as it gets home
    Settler shall join the city soon as well

    Status at -3000
    City Size: 1 Government: Despotism Gold: 19 Techs: 3 Trade routes: 0
    Units: 2 settlers (1 none), Warrior, horseman
    Goals: Republic, Trade, Marco, and Colossus
    Russian: No contact
    Zulu: No contact
    German: No contact
    Spanish: No contact
    Carthaginian: No contact
    Sioux: No contact

    -2800 Horseman disbanded towards a diplomat
    -2550 Diplomat Pheasant revealed
    -2450 Washington is size 2 again
    Settler joins Washington making it size 3. T0L4S6
    -2350 Literacy
    -2200 horseman from northern hut
    -2000 50g from hut

    Status at -2000
    City Size: 3 Government: Despotism Gold: 50 Techs: 4 Trade routes: 0
    Units: None settler, Warrior, horseman, diplomat
    Goals: Republic, Trade, Marco, and Colossus
    Russian: No contact
    Zulu: No contact
    German: No contact
    Spanish: No contact
    Carthaginian: No contact
    Sioux: No contact

    -1950 Library Wonder started
    -1800 Republic Barbarian archer lands in the south west of homeland
    Horseman heads home just in case
    -1750 Barbarians head south
    -1700 Revolution started
    -1650 Republic established. T0L3S7
    -1600 Barbarians disappear. horse reaches home. T0L5S5
    -1550 Washington celebrates
    -1500 Washington is size 4
    -1450 Washington is size 5. T1L4S5
    -1400 Bronze
    -1250 Warrior reaches home and disbands. T0L5S5
    -1200 Washington is size 6
    -1100 Currency

    Status at -1000
    City Size: 6 Government: Republic Gold: 44 Techs: 7 Trade routes: 0
    Structures: Library
    Units: None settler, horseman, diplomat
    Goals: Trade, Marco, and Colossus
    Russian: No contact
    Zulu: No contact
    German: No contact
    Spanish: No contact
    Carthaginian: No contact
    Sioux: No contact

    -0875 Trade T5L5S0
    -0850 Marco Will wait one turn to lower treasury
    -0825 Republic, Literacy, Currency, Trade -> Spanish (6) -> peace, Mysticism, Mapmaking, Wheel, cut off
    Mapmaking -> Zulu (1) -> peace, no alliance, maps
    Mapmaking, Republic, Currency -> Carthaginian (0) -> peace, alliance, no gift, cut off
    Republic, Currency, Trade -> Russian (5) -> peace, no alliance, maps
    Literacy, Republic, Mapmaking -> German (4) -> peace, no alliance, maps
    Republic, Wheel, Trade, Writing -> Sioux (2) -> peace, no alliance, maps
    -0800 Diplomat finishes exploration of home island
    Power went from moderate to weak. T2L5S3
    Carthaginians, Spanish -> maps
    -0775 Caravan Washington is size 7. Carthaginian -> 0g
    Writing -> Russian (4) -> alliance, 0g
    Republic -> Zulu (0) -> alliance, 0g
    Trade -> German (5) -> alliance, 0g
    Mysticism -> Sioux (2) -> alliance, 0g
    -0750 No gift from allies
    -0675 Germans beat me to Philosophy.
    Currency -> German -> Philosophy
    -0650 Caravan
    -0575 Damn! Russians gift Monarchy and Germans Pottery
    Sioux -> 25g.
    -0550 Caravan Russian -> 75g, German -> 50g
    -0525 Zulu -> 25g
    -0500 Russian -> 50g; Zulu, German -> 25g
    -0450 Washington is size 8. T2L4S4
    Russian -> 50g; Zulu, German -> 25g
    -0425 Colossus
    -0400 Caravan Russian, Zulu -> 25g; German -> Masonry
    -0375 Caravan Wheel -> German -> Seafaring
    Philosophy -> Zulu -> Construction
    -0350 Trireme
    -0300 T1L3S6
    -0275 Marketplace Medicine Wine to Toledo for 216 establishes the first route.
    Banking from Spanish hut.
    -0250 Caravan Russian -> 100g; German -> 50g
    Writing -> Zulu -> Math
    -0225 Caravan Philosophy -> Carthaginian (0) -> Iron Working
    -0200 Caravan Beads to Kiev for 364 establishes the second route.
    Zulu -> 50g. T7L2S1
    -0175 Caravan Engineering Seafaring -> Carthaginian -> Bridge building. T2L2S6
    -0150 Caravan Russian -> 50g. T0L2S8
    -0075 T2L0S8
    -0050 Shakespeare
    -0025 T0L2S8
    +0001 Washington celebrates. Russian -> 50g

    Status at +1
    City Size: 8 Government: Republic Gold: 305 Techs: 23 Trade routes: 2
    Structures: Marketplace, Library
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco, Shakespeare
    Units: None settler, horseman, trireme, diplomat
    Goals: Sanitation (currently being researched), celebrating to size 12, Sewer, Copernicus, 3rd route
    Russian: 4 cities, 21 techs; allied with me
    Zulu: 6 cities, 15 techs; allied with me
    German: 3 cities, 22 techs; allied with me
    Spanish: 5 cities, 19 techs;
    Carthaginian: 3 cities, 17 techs; allied with me
    Sioux: 4 cities, 18 techs; allied with me
  6. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1 to +1000

    +0020 Aqueduct Washington is size 9. T0L3S7. Zulu -> 50g
    +0040 Washington is size 10. Russian -> 50g
    +0060 Washington is size 11. T0L2S8
    +0080 Bank Washington is size 12. T2L0S8
    +0120 Sanitation T2L2S6. Russian, Zulu -> 50g
    +0140 Washington celebrates
    +0160 Sewer Spanish build Great Library. Washington is size 13
    +0180 Washington is size 14. Russian -> 50g
    Engineering -> Carthaginian -> University
    +0200 Washington is size 15. Zulu -> 50g
    +0220 Power jumped to Strong. None legion from hut.
    +0240 University Washington is size 16. Russian -> 50g
    +0260 Washington is size 17.
    +0280 Washington is size 18. Russian -> 50g
    +0300 Harbor Power up to Mighty! Washington is size 19. T4L3S3
    +0320 Astronomy Washington is size 20. T2L3S5
    +0340 Washington is size 21.
    +0360 Washington is size 22
    +0380 Washington is size 23 and out of food. T2L0S8
    +0420 Astronomy -> German -> Invention.
    +0440 Economics

    Status at +500
    City Size: 23 Government: Republic Gold: 572 Techs: 28 Trade routes: 2
    Structures: Marketplace, Library, aqueduct, bank, university, sewer, harbor
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco, Shakespeare
    Units: None settler, None legion, horseman, trireme, diplomat
    Goals: Copernicus (180/300 done), Democracy (in 540), 3rd route, Newton
    Russian: 5 cities, 30 techs; allied with me
    Zulu: 6 cities, 24 techs; allied with me
    German: 3 cities, 28 techs; allied with me
    Spanish: 7 cities, 30 techs; Great Library
    Carthaginian: 4 cities, 26 techs; allied with me
    Sioux: 4 cities, 25 techs; allied with me

    +0520 Germans build Pyramids
    +0540 Democracy Democracy established. T3L0S7
    +0640 Copernicus Chemistry Power down to Strong. Zulu -> 50g. T0L0S10
    +0680 Caravan Power back to Mighty?
    +0700 Caravan Theory of Gravity Power down to Strong. Zulu -> 0g. T3L0S7
    +0720 Spanish build Sun Tzu
    +0760 Caravan Navigation Power down to Moderate. Russian->100g, Zulu->0g
    +0800 Settler done improving land; making 2 forts now.
    +0820 Caravan Physics
    +0840 Caravan Dye to Seville for 472 establishes the third route.
    +0860 Caravan Atomic Theory
    +0880 Caravan Navigation -> Russian -> Gunpowder
    Navigation, Gunpowder -> Zulu -> 25g
    +0920 Caravan Magnetism Trireme disbanded.
    +0940 Galleon Barbarian caravel stops by Washington
    All landing spots are covered by vans
    Cloth to Smolensk for 575.
    Settler is idle till railroad or refrigeration
    +0960 Caravan Explosives

    Status at +1000
    City Size: 23 Government: Democracy Gold: 2148 Techs: 37 Trade routes: 3
    Structures: Marketplace, Library, aqueduct, bank, university, sewer, harbor
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco, Shakespeare, Copernicus
    Units: None settler, None legion, horseman, Galleon, diplomat, 2 commodity vans, 5 food vans
    Goals: Newton, Refrigeration, maxing out population, Railroad
    Russian: 5 cities, 35 techs; allied with me
    Zulu: 7 cities, 30 techs; allied with me
    German: 3 cities, 34 techs; Pyramids; allied with me
    Spanish: 8 cities, 37 techs; Great Library, Sun Tzu
    Carthaginian: 4 cities, 30 techs; allied with me
    Sioux: 5 cities, 30 techs; allied with me
  7. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1000 to end

    +1020 Caravan Metallurgy
    +1040 Metallurgy -> Zulu (5) -> 50g
    +1080 Caravan Steam Engine The barbarian ship is not leaving
    1 horseman and 1 settler are not enough defense
    Will make a frigate next to get rid of it
    This will delay Newton but I have no choice
    +1140 Frigate Railroad Frigate sinks barbarian caravel and turns vet
    100g from hut. Zulu -> 50g
    +1160 Zulu -> 50g
    +1180 Stock Exchange Barbarian knight lands in southern part of homeland
    +1200 Electricity T0L0S10. Zulu -> 50g
    +1240 Newton Refrigeration Russians build Leo
    Beads and Gems to Caralis for 275 and 412
    +1260 Industrialization T1L0S9
    +1280 Diplomat Zulu make obsolete King Richard
    +1300 Conscription Railroad, Industrialization -> allies. Zulu -> 50g
    +1320 First pollution appears
    +1340 Corporation
    +1360 Second pollution; this is odd. 100g from hut
    +1380 Supermarket Steel T0L0S10. Railroad -> Spanish -> Chivalry
    +1400 Zulu -> 50g
    +1420 Engineer Refining Washington down to size 22
    +1440 Washington grows to size 23. Zulu -> 50g
    None rifleman from hut
    +1460 Combustion
    +1480 Freight
    +1500 Automobile Conscription -> Zulu -> 50g

    Status at +1500
    City Size: 23 Government: Democracy Gold: 3379 Techs: 50 Trade routes: 3
    Structures: Marketplace, Library, aqueduct, bank, university, stock exchange, sewer, supermarket, harbor
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Newton
    Units: None settler, Engineer, None legion, None Rifleman, horseman, Galleon, Frigate, 2 diplomats, 1 commodity van
    Goals: Superhighways (next turn), maxing out population, Computers
    Russian: 5 cities, 41 techs; Leo; allied with me
    Zulu: 7 cities, 36 techs; King Richard; allied with me
    German: 3 cities, 39 techs; Pyramids; allied with me
    Spanish: 8 cities, 42 techs; Great Library, Sun Tzu
    Carthaginian: 4 cities, 33 techs; allied with me
    Sioux: 5 cities, 34 techs; allied with me

    +1510 Superhighways Pollution again?
    +1520 Mass Production Salt to Utica for 552
    +1530 Recycling T2L0S8
    +1540 Freight
    +1550 Electronics
    +1560 Mass Transit Sioux build Darwin and get Communism. T0L2S8
    +1570 Nuclear Fission Washington celebrates. Gems to Caralis for 936
    +1580 Washington is size 24. Power jumped to Mighty
    +1590 Freight Nuclear Power Washington is size 25. Tech bombed Carthaginians
    +1600 Washington is size 26
    +1610 Leadership Washington is size 27. Germans build Liberty
    +1620 Freight Washington is size 28. Spanish build Adam Smith
    +1630 Tactics Washington is size 29. T2L0S8
    +1650 Freight Machine Tools Gems to Caralis for 1044. T2L2S6
    +1660 Freight Mobile Warfare Washington celebrates. Engineer disbanded. T0L2S8
    +1670 Factory Washington is size 30
    +1680 Mini Washington is size 31 and maxed out. T2L0S8.
    Sewer sold
    +1700 Computers New pollution. Aqueduct sold
    +1710 Research lab
    +1720 Laser New pollution. Zulu diplomat reaches Washington
    Zulu demand Mobile Warfare and cancel alliance
    +1740 Robotics New pollution. 100g from hut
    Computers -> German -> Warrior Code
    They demand Tactics and cancel alliance
    +1750 Nuclear plant

    Status at +1750
    City Size: 31 Government: Democracy Gold: 6300 Techs: 64 Trade routes: 3
    Structures: Marketplace, Library, bank, university, stock exchange, research lab, mass transit, factory, nuclear plant, supermarket, superhighways, harbor
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Newton
    Units: None settler, None legion, None Rifleman, horseman, galleon, frigate, 2 diplomats, 3 vans
    Goals: Apollo, Space race
    Russian: 5+ cities, 41+ techs; Leo; allied with me
    Zulu: 7+ cities, 36+ techs; King Richard;
    German: 3+ cities, 39+ techs; Pyramids, Statue of Liberty
    Spanish: 8+ cities, 42+ techs; Great Library, Sun Tzu, Adam Smith
    Carthaginian: 4+ cities, 33+ techs; allied with me
    Sioux: 5+ cities, 34+ techs; Darwin; allied with me

    +1752 Flight T0L0S10
    +1754 Spanish build Magellan
    +1756 Offshore Plat. Radio Russians build Suffrage
    Refused German offer of 100g for war on Spanish
    +1760 Advanced Flight
    +1762 Recycling Center
    +1764 Freight Amphibious Warfare
    +1766 Freight
    +1768 Freight Rocketry
    +1770 Freight
    +1772 Freight Space Flight 200g from hut. Gems, coal to Spanish for 510, 560
    +1774 Freight Plastics
    +1778 AEGIS Combined Arms T2L0S8
    +1782 Tank
    +1784 Superconductor Russians build Michelangelo. 100g from hut
    +1786 Zulu build Eiffel
    +1790 Manuf Plant Environmentalism None musketeer from hut.
    Tactics -> Sioux -> Communism
    They demand Advanced flight and cancel alliance
    +1792 Spanish build UN. 50g from hut
    +1796 Stealth
    +1798 Apollo
    +1800 SS Structural None rifleman from hut
    +1802 SS Structural Fusion Power Gems to Zimbabwe for 1002
    +1804 SS Structural Pollution
    +1806 SS Structural Espionage
    +1808 SS Structural
    +1810 SS Structural Zulu build SETI
    +1812 SS Structural Future Tech 1 Carthaginians build Oracle
    +1814 SS Structural
    +1816 SS Structural 100g from last hut
    +1818 SS Structural Future Tech 2
    +1820 SS Structural
    +1822 SS Structural
    +1824 SS Structural Genetic Engineering
    +1826 SS Structural Power dropped to Strong.
    +1828 SS Structural
    +1830 SS Component Future Tech 3 T0L0S10
    +1832 SS Component
    +1834 SS Component Future Tech 4
    +1836 SS Component
    +1838 SS Component Guerrilla warfare diplomat disbanded
    +1840 SS Component horseman and frigate disbanded
    +1842 SS Module Future Tech 5 Tank disbanded. Washington is out of food
    +1844 SS Module Washington loses a citizen and goes down to size 30
    Power drops to moderate
    +1846 SS Module 15s3c1m space ship launched.
    Power down to Inadequate
    +1848 Future Tech 6 T1L0S9
    +1849 Hanging Gardens Salt to Mpondo for 532
    +1850 Power up to moderate.
    +1852 Lighthouse Labor Union
    +1853 Aqueduct Sioux diplomat expelled
    +1854 Sioux diplomat expelled. T0L2S8
    +1855 Sewer Washington celebrates
    +1856 Future Tech 7 Washington drops out of celebration?
    +1857 Sioux cannon sneak attacks killing a rifleman in fort
    Sioux elephant dies attacking musketeer
    Musketeer kills Sioux cannon and turns vet
    +1858 Washington is size 31 again. Sewer sold
    +1859 Aqueduct sold
    +1860 Great Wall Future Tech 8 Power still moderate. T0L10S0
    +1861 Space ship arrives
  8. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Final part of EC log.

    20 AD: Zulus: WAR. It’s EC, but I still would prefer not taking that rep hit. Kill 3 units in Zimbabwe: city stormed for 20g+Colossus+1citizen. Zulus: accept a cease-fire. Want to solidify my position first.

    Interturn: Zulus steal Literacy. Well that lasted long…

    40 AD: Kill newly built city of Valence. Find Tolède. Kill a unit in Isandhlwhana.

    60 AD: Rebribe San Diego for 52g. Kill Phalanx in Ulundi: city sacked for 13g. No walls for the Germans yet, but I can’t take the most direct path bc Triremes.

    Interturn: Survive an attack near Tolède. City undefended again.

    80 AD:Tolède stormed for 89g. Bapedi sacked for 14g.

    100AD: Kill unit in Hlobane: city stormed for 21g. Raze Valence: SPANISH CIV DESTROYED BY AMERICANS. No luck on the respawns. (Aztecs) Russians are still lightly defended, but troops will take a few turns arriving there.

    Interturn: Russians develop Feudalism. Not good!

    120 AD: Van in NY: 76/200 for LH. Russians: 100g.

    Interturn: Find Aztecs before they can settle! Phalanx on a hill blocking the way to newly built Tenochitlan. I’ll have to take a boat nearby. If there’s only 1 defender then it should be OK with the accompanying explorer.

    140 AD: Russians: 50g. Attacking Berlin in 2 turns. Hut: AT of Seattle. Dangit, forgot to save at 1 AD… 100 AD closest save. Albuquerque built. Sneak attack the English: Kill Settler and Phalanx. London sacked for 5g. ENGLISH CIV KILLED BY AMERICANS. Respawn is Greeks. Lacking in city sites covered, so this might take a while.

    Interturn: Germans develop Medicine. They are quite helpful research assistants. Sucks they don’t know it yet.

    160 AD: Portland built.

    180 AD: NEW YORK LIGHTHOUSE. Kill Intombe. Mpondo not found yet… seems to be NW of Hlobane by triangulating the NEAR Function. Sneak attack Germans: Kill 6 (!!!!!) Units in Berlin and another legion nearby. (Only 2/7 veteran, including a Trireme) Lose a boat. And the city did not even have walls… Russians: WAR. Kill 2 units in St Petersburg: city stormed for 31g+Feudalism+3citizens.

    Interturn: No German counterattack, but they do send a boat in range.

    200 AD: Kill 2 Phalanxes in Moscow (1 vet) city stormed for 19g+Barracks+1citizen. Undefended Berlin is stormed for 46g+Pyramids+Republic. Kill boat near Berlin with Vet Trireme, 2 units destroyed. Sneak attack Aztecs: kill Phalanx. Tenochitlan razed. No respawn. Minneapolis built. Naples built.

    220 AD: Kill unit in Kiev after losing a Vet Crusader. Kiev seized for 22g+2citizens. Greeks: They do share maps, at Cordial. Really glad I didn’t have to give Feudalism. Kill unit in Konigsberg at the cost of 1 crusader: city stormed for 56g+4citizens. NY Temple, starts Mikes. Issos built. A 3-unit force is about 5ish turns from Athens. Found Mpondo! They will be done next turn. Cunaxa built. T3L0S7 for faster Theology.

    Interturn: Lose a pikeman to a Barb legion in Richmond. I’ll have to bribe that back as well maybe.

    240 AD: Sack Minsk for 18g. RUSSIAN CIV DESTROYED BY AMERICANS. Cremona built. Kill unit in Mpondo, sacked for 26g. ZULU CIV DESTROYED BY AMERICANS. No respawns for both! Kill wandering Barb leader for 100g in Germany. Cannae built. Hut: Settlers.

    Interturn: Barbs sack Richmond. 1g lost.

    260 AD: Kill 2 units in Hambourg, 1 vet. Hambourg stormed for 45g+5citizens+Medicine. Capoue built. Hut: 100g. Turin built.

    280 AD: Find Francfort, kill Phalanx guarding. Kill guarding Phalanx in Leipzig, storm for 6citizens+Marketplace+68g. It would be so sweet if I could finish next turn… is 300 AD normal map with restarts on good? Idk. Gênes built.

    300 AD: Kill unit in Francfort, city stormed for 48g. GERMAN CIVILIZATION DESTROYED BY AMERICANS. And then there were one… Sneak attack Greeks, kill defender, storm city. GREEK CIVILIZATION DESTROYED BY AMERICANS. That’s it folks! All dead. Wow, the respawn-hunting game went from 0 to 100 real quick. T0L7S3. Crête built. Worker optimization. Enter.

    STATUS AT 300 AD: (End of 116th turn)
    Population: 2.320.000 Cities: 49 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 26 (researching Theo)
    Gold: 224 T0L7S3 Income/Cost per turn: 0 income, 4 cost. Production: 133MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: MPE, HG. Pyramids, Colossus, LH.
  9. catalin72

    catalin72 Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2008
    Were sneak attacks and a tech stolen,normally wars.For few points for peace in the final score x 7-8 turns,no problem,anyway will have the last place in top...
  10. WildPony

    WildPony Chieftain

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    4000: Build cap at starting location. Plan is for a 4 turn warrior then a 13 turn size one settler rushed from 9 shields to 10 unless circumstances are changed in any way by huts. Even though i can go strait to Republic without an off path tech, will likely chance huts until an off path tech is chosen.
    3800: Warrior emerges. With one factor being the ocean in site which sometimes contains whales, planning to explore west and south about 6 steps then to circle back around seeking out the best locations for cities within 6 steps.
    3400: Code > Writing
    3200: Size one settler emerges with 19 food in the box. Could have planned that slightly better i think so there would have been 20 :). With exploration of the coastline paying off very nicely, warrior has uncovered 2 perfectly suitable grass/whale city sites thus far. Not a hut in sight as yet.
    3150: Since 02 will be a whale city producing 3 shields in which building a 10 shield warrior is a waste of resources... and since my warrior happens to be standing on that exact site, warrior decides to wait a turn to re-home there. Another good reason for the re-home is that the next regions to be explored are closer to the cap. With another whale city site already uncovered, cap will likely build a size 2 settler first before possibly or possibly not building another warrior.
    3100: City 02 built 2 steps from cap, grass/whale 51/33. Warrior re-homes and will continue exploring northward along coastline.
    3000: With settler production in cap now at 10 of 40, city works 2 forests to complete the settler in 6 turns.
    2800: Writing > Literacy. This close to Republic, will likely now not open any huts at least until research on Republic is begun... if any huts even exist?? :)). 3rd whale located on NW tip of land... so the land is turning out to be very decent to work with in contrast to the look of the starting site.
    2700: Settler completes in capitol. Will head 3 steps due north to access the whale so the forthcoming 02 settler can settler the whale south of itself. Will for the moment resist the temptation to build a grass/shield road along the way which would produce 1 gold per turn in cap and which i do not believe is worth the delay at this point in racing to Republic.
    2550: Locate very first hut of game in the swamp. Will not open it for now. Build 03, grass/whale/fish 52/24.
    2500: 02 settler completes and knows exactly where to go.

    2500 status: Despotism, 3 cities, 1 settler, 1 warrior (and a 2nd warrior emerging next turn in cap). Shield progress towards next settlers is 3, 0, and 0. 0 roads. No huts opened all game as yet.

    2450: completion of 2nd warrior.
    2400: Lit > Republic Build 04 @ 48/34, grass/whale (and a 2nd whale that is already in use). This 4th city brings civ to a perfect 7 turn tech rate which would allow our fine nation to reach the 2050 oedo year. I won't likely have a 5th city before then. 4 cities, 0 settlers, 2 warriors. 18 gold.
    2350: Settler production in cap rushed along from 4 to 10. Treasury: 8 gold.
    2150: Settler production in cap rushed from 22? to 30. Two turns to completion. Treasury: 4 gold.
    2100: 03 settler production tinkered from 27 to 30 so it can complete in 3 turns (4+3+3). Treasury: 1 gold.
    2050: Republic > Map Making. Science to 80% for this one tech. Had an internal dialogue first in deciding between Map Making and Bronze//Currency/Trade. With Map Making, hopeful to meet some other civs and pick up Bronze, Currency, and/or Masonry and/or Pottery from them. Hopeful as well to advance expansion through some huts on uninhabited islands which provide a high % of likelihood to be tribes. As well Map Making allows for the most well informed and optimal city placement as fast as possible and he resulting boats are able to aid in transporting settlers to the very best locations as quickly as possible... or so went my internal dialogue : ). Settler completes in Cap and the river just to the east is looking like a nice place to settle, particularly a grass/river/whale site.

    2000 status: Republic, 4 cities, 1 settler (and one more next turn), 2 warriors. 2 cities @ 27 and 24 shield production which will build boats and most likely circumnavigate the continent. Still not a single hut opened and only one found.

    1900: Build 05, grass/river/whale @ 58/34. Science to 30% which is enough to complete Map Making this turn.
    1850: Map Making > Bronze. Science to 20% for now. Build 06 @ 51/27, a tight packed grass/fish city 2 steps from the Capitol with several grass/shields available as well.
    1800: 2 boats emerge the very turn after Map Making is discovered and with the vital task of uncovering the whales well in hand, the Americans will rush a couple of quick warriors for the boats and then re-focus on settler production as the primary priority.
    1700: Completion of 2 warriors to travel one in each boat and to be available to open huts in nearby islands.
    1650: Locate continent 1 (surprisingly) and 7 is near. Also 15 and 14 so far. Warrior disembarks onto continent 1.
    1600: Warrior back in boat for now, headed first to higher percentage tribe huts on minor and uninhabited islands. Amazingly still haven't opened a hut all game and have located only one with a land area number of 100,000 sq. mi. This strikes me as being exceptionally rare.
    1550: After circumnavigating tiny island 14 in the previous turn, warrior steps into a river on "15" and meets the Carths where an exceptionally fruitful and game changing exchange takes place. Tributed Map Making as demanded (there was the risk of ruining everything had i not), traded for Bronze, Currency and Masonry, 3 highly coveted techs. Gifted as necessary to worshipful (which consisted of every tech i had) and traded maps. Enthusiastic was not sufficient in this instance. The Carths have 4 techs that i don't have or desire at the moment which are Cer, horse, warrior code, and wheel.
    Meanwhile, the other boat lands a warrior onto "7" and this boat positions itself to pick up another nearby warrior who will be able to explore on continent "1". 02 settler emerges and in the absence of available sea transportation will head 4 turns towards the river.
    1500: Bronze (and currency, masonry) > Pottery. (Trade was not offered). Will keep Sci at 20% for now and hope to find somebody who will trade this to me, a prospect for which the likelihood is fair. Another settler completes.

    1500 status: Republic, 6 cities, 2 settlers, 2 boats, 3 warriors. 0 huts opened throughout entire game and only one found with 118,000 land area. Income: 25 gross tons, 22 gold, 3 science. Treasury: 20 gold. 0 roads and 0 irrigation.

    1400: Completion of settler. Build 07 in an unexciting grassland location (47/37), but one which provides the opportunity to build another much needed boat without inducing unhappiness and which may or may not have an ocean special. Given the options, i felt this was preferential to walking many steps to build something nicer or walking unpredictably several steps into the black. Will seek to rush a boat here and complete a diplomat from another nearby city and explore the southwestern segment of my continent for future city sites. Warrior disembarks on island 19.
    1350: Settler and diplomat reach completion. Warrior on 19 steps and locates a hut which may finally yield an uninhabited island tribe : ). Build grass/river 08 in the river that will have 4 tight cities. Boat with warrior locate Little Big and ideally the Sioux will have pottery. I don't hold to any illusions that they will have trade. Spend gold to below 50 then warrior disembarks... they demanded Map Making and i agreed, then i sought to trade techs and they offered ceremonial. i took a chance hoping for pottery and out of Cer, Horseback and math, i chose Horseback. Then i gifted them to worshipful and traded them for a huge beautiful map that completely changed my imminent plan to massively explore that land starting with what would have been two dips and another boat to get them there. Their map reveals one unopened hut that is near one of my exploring warriors. Beaker progress towards Pottery is about 50 towards 140.
    1300: Pop very first hut of the game and it is an uninhabited island tribe which becomes city 09 on the grass with access to grass/shield squares and apparently no specials. With abbreviated clicking, island 20 and 27 are also very nearby and reachable as is land mass 21 which large enough to likely be inhabited by a civ. Spent gold all the way down to zero to rush boat to explore the southwest of my continent and this boat will be joined by a dip.
    1250. Boat and settler reach completion and we now have 3 of each. Completion of first road. Warrior disembarks to explore further west on continent 1. With limited funds, rush island tribe city from 2 shields to 10 towards a horse to travel with the island hopping boat, disbanded warrior in the city to bring production to 15 and rushed it the rest of the way. Treasury: 5 gold.
    1200: Build grass/river city 10. On landmass "1" warrior opens America's 2nd hut of the game and it is a none legion. Before heading east for further exploration, the boat in the Little big area will head south and transport 2 setters to premium city site locations. Meanwhile the settler who is already among us builds another key road.
    1150: Build city 11 in a plain/river. Since i plan to build several horses for further aggressive exploration, a barracks is begun in this low food city where we will be able to rush and re-support several vet horses. This allows other cities that would have built horses to focus on more settlers. More than likely, veteranship of these horses will save lives : ). So many things i would like to rush, but the gold is finite and the income modest. Treasury: 7 gold.
    1100: 2nd settler of two that will fill boat completes. Valued warrior exploring eastward into the black on continent 1 narrowly escapes a barb archer that emerged out of the black. Dip pops hut for tribe city 12. Boat with dip reaches fairly large continent 9 and is nearest to a city called Moscow. Is it too much to hope that they might have pottery? : ).
    1050: Horse pops hut on what is likely the Russian homeland and out comes a highly welcome none chariot.
    1000: Chariot lands upon Kiev. They demanded Map Making and i gave it to them. I took a chance on trading techs and chose unwanted ceremonial as the least low, low priority of the 4. All i want at this point is pottery and trade and no other techs until i have those. : ). May need to complete pottery and trade on my own, but we will see. Tech is still inexpensive and i have about 100 beakers of 154 towards pottery. Wanting to inhabit the continent of the Sioux, but they seem to have too much of a military presence which i do not prefer to match up with at this time. Will redirect boat and two settlers to a safer and also excellent location.

    1000 Status: Republic, 12 cities, 3 settlers, 3 boats, 2 dips, 1 chariot, 1 horse, 1 legion, 2 warriors. Income: 42 gross tons, 45 gold, 9 science. 224,000 land. Treasury: 13 gold.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
  11. WildPony

    WildPony Chieftain

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    975: Sioux horse backs up and i decide to risk building a grass/whale/fish city on their continent afterall, dropping one settler on the city site and the other who has one turn of saved work on a grass shield. Another mainland settler is rushed for the Boat to pick up next turn and the same boat will also pick up the roading Settler in two turns. Exploration in the deep south is nearest the city of Berlin.
    950: Settler builds lucky number 13 on landmass 1, grass/whale/fish. Mountain hut on western "1" opened by warrrior and a barbarian horse emerges. Feeling the warrior's chances to survive this hit are fair. Legion opens hut on eastern exploration of "1" and out comes another none legion.
    925: Sioux with hostile disposition have a horse that turns back towards my new city and is two steps away. I predict that if i insist they remove troops that they will declare war... approached them diplomatically, they demanded currency and i gave it to them. More than likely this tribute will buy me some non -aggression for a short while. Strangely barb horse did not attack the mountain-top warrior. 5th road completes.
    900: First city of game goes unhappy upon reaching size 2. Meet the Germans and after extorting me for a tech and peace is made, they shockingly offer to trade me for TRADE which i happily accept. They also have Pottery which i am able to trade for as well. Gifted them to worshipful and traded maps. 4+ core cities furthest along in production switch over to caravan building. Made war with the Hostile Carths and Russians in the hopes of peace and a one turn attitude adjustment next turn and trading for every tech they have. Upon last check, the Carths had warrior code and wheel and the Russians warrior code, wheel and iron working... but it's very possible that either or both have more techs by now. Not in a position to make war with Sioux right now and as far as i know they alone have math. At this moment having met all but one or possibly two civs, the game due to aggressive exploration is playing nearly as if the Wild Pony civ had Marcos.
    Pottery > Seafaring. Build settler-transported island 7 grass/whale city 14. Peace with Carths, traded for The Wheel and i ran out of techs to trade. Peace with Russia and traded for Warrior Code and Iron Working. Now when i open a hut it will not be one of these techs that were attainable through other means : ). Just in time for a warrior on Land 1 who is ready to open a hut and which iyields Seafaring.

    By the way for anybody interested, this is the way to get around the gold version's hostile ai's. The very first turn war is ended, which usually will occur by you agreeing to them extorting a tech from you (and other times this part of it is not necessary, especially if your military numbers are better than theirs) the civ will usually be friendly enough to trade techs before it goes back to having an unpleasant disposition which is usually "hostile". Not as ideal as having them be friendly and willing to trade techs in the first place, but it's the next best thing.

    850: Seafaring > Math (which the Sioux have and which one way or another i would get from them before finishing it myself). Uninhabited island hut... prediction is tribe (if i recall correctly, i believe it's an 80% likelihood). result: barbarian horse :). 43 gold in treasury is a bit more than the 41 needed to bribe the horse in the heart of vital exploration and as an added bonus, the horse would be unsupported. Adjusted treasury is now 2 gold. Exploration has completed in continent 1 aside from the remote eastern and western polar ice caps... and 2 legions become available to hop in a fairly nearby boat to explore other local lands. Any dip or horse production is switched over to the grand master and gold standard of exploring units.
    825: Rumors of secret project taking place in city 08. Build city 15, a glorious grass, 4-special location including Banana and Peat which is a powerful combination of squares. The banana rushes a city to size 2 and then the peat rushes it back to size one : ). Boat cuts through the newly built canal city towards the two legions and uncovers a whale which is the 4th special in the cluster.
    800: Completion of Pyramids. Status: Republic, 15 cities, 2 settlers, 1 Cara, 3 Boats, 3 dips, 2 horse, 1 chariot, 2 legion, 2 warriors. Treasury: 43.
    775: Uninhabited island hut: Nomad. 12 size 2 cities (13 next turn), 3 size 1's. Lux 30% to keep 3 cities content. Taxes 70%. As a Sioux catapult steps towards city 13 (and a Sioux horse is nearby as well), rush a Legion to 40 shields to make this city a bit more defensible. Also this opens up the war option should the catapult step next to the city next turn which would open up the opportunity to pick up math the following turn. Income: 51 gold. Treasury: 53.
    750: First explorer completes. Sioux catapult does step next to my city and their horse is right behind it, but unable to attack for 2 turns in the swampy terrain. If i don't make war there is a very good chance that the Sioux would surprise attack me next turn. Approached them to insist that they remove their unit but i didn't get a chance. They demanded iron working, i declined and they declared war. Legion attacks and kills catapult. Treasury: 77 gold.
    725: Sioux horse approaches and meets the same fate as his catapult friend. America's legion within the city is at about 45% strength. A barracks here would be highly useful and would allow for securing the entire region for several new paradise cities, but with limited funds difficult choices must be made. Barb legion pirate lands next to an indefensible island city that supports both a dip and a horse. Will definitely pay 50 gold to keep everybody alive. Hut: 50 gold. 135 gold invested and treasury of 186 is spent down to 51.
    700: Germans share the good news that they invented Monarchy and since their attitude is hostile, i will make war with them to open up the opportunity to obtain this tech from them. Rumors of secret project nearing completion in the capitol. Boat-transported nomad builds grassland island city 16 which has a whale and fish. Will work the whale for 4 turns and the fish for 2 to reach 20 food in 6 turns. 16 cities, 2 settlers, 48 gross tons, 433,000 land. Treasury: 52 gold.
    675: Completion of Hanging Gardens. 4 cities are now size 3 along with a 5th for next turn. All are set to celebrate starting with 40% Lux. Un-rushed self completion of long awaited barracks in low food plain/river city 11 that was originally going to be utilized primarily to build several veteran horses for exploration to the east, a plan which never materialized given every priority and development which includes the priority of wonder building and the procurement of Seafaring. Boat locates Bapedi on land mass 17 and horse is in a position to greet them next turn. In keeping an occasional eye on f8, this is most likely the final civ to meet. Explorer in the southwest region of my mainland avoids mountain hut for now. Treasury: 3 gold.
    650: Completion of 2 settlers in size 2 cities that had low food storage. Will re-support these settlers and these cities will be at size two half way to size 3 faster than if they had not built settlers. Celebrations initiated in 5 cities. Sioux elephant is two steps away within attacking range of city 13 nicknamed "Sioux City" rendering my grassland Legion a defenseless sitting duck. Can rush an attacking unit to kill the elephant after he kills my legion, but i will appease them and seek peace in the hopes of avoiding this, hoping as well to pick up math in the process. In either case, i will likely rush another military unit in Sioux city this turn. Explorer finds another hut in sw region of my mainland and holds back on opening it for the moment at least until the remainder of continent is explored, the completion of which takes place next turn. Will likely get a boat nearby to minimize risk and rescue him if needed but this would take a few turns. With boat and its dip and chariot passengers nearby, horse awaits the opening of a forest hut until the support is in place. Spend gold to under 50 and now ready to negotiate with the Sioux and then to meet and negotiate with the Zulu. Upon their demand, we appeased Sioux with Iron working... Peace and they would not trade tech with their attitude at neutral. Verified that i do have tech they need by offering to gift them and then withdrawing the offer. Rush complete chariot in this city to be far better prepared next time. Horse approaches Zulu settler, they offer to trade me myst for map making and i accept. They demand another tech and i say no. They offer peace and i said yes. With them at enthusiastic, i offered a map trade and they said no. Gifted them a tech to worshipful and they then parted with their map. Instigate the Germans to war in the hopes of being able to make peace next turn and trade them for Monarchy and any other techs they may have.
    650 Status: Republic, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, 16 cities, 4 settlers, 19 gold.

    Appeased Germans with Seafaring as demanded of them, Peace, traded for Monarchy as hoped. Sioux horse steps within my city limits and within striking distance. Emboldened by my new chariot, i employ diplomacy to risk war. They demanded i give them a tech and upon my refusal they declared war before i ever had a chance to insist they withdraw the horse. Chariot performs a sortee, eliminates the Sioux horse and becomes a vet in the process. Legion would like to step outside of the grassland city into the more strategic defensive terrain, but it is not so urgent as to justify disrupting the size 4 celebration. Capital which built HG had a head start and is now a celebrating size 5 while 3 other cities are celebrating size 4s. 2 other celebrating cities are size 3. One of our remote size 3 cities will require 80% lux to celebrate which possibly will happen next turn. Current Lux rate is 60%. Dip locates forest hut on island 23 and will allow a nearby horse to open it in 3 turns with the dip positioned in a boat ready to bribe any possible barbarian that might emerge. Legion pops hut on uninhabited island 10 and finds 50 gold. Boat with other legion on board moves towards tiny island 12 which is almost certainly uninhabited. Treasury: 121 gold.

    600: Supported by a dip and chariot in a boat, horse opens forest hut on the Russian continent and out comes a none horse.

    575: Sioux is unrelenting and their elephant attacks city 13 and kills Legion. American chariot kills the elephant. Pay a 25 gold premium to rush an archer from 0 to 30 for 100 gold which was the best duel purpose (defender and attacker) unit i could afford. Treasury is now 9 gold. Due to the heavy cost and logistical challenge of keeping this isolated separate-land city alive... and given the very strong and prolific Sioux military presence in the immediate region, i am certainly wishing i had not built in this particular location. But now that i am so deeply invested, i will do what it takes to overcome the pesky threat : ). Completion of first irrigation project.

    550: Surprised to meet another civ, dip steps up to a Spanish chariot. They apparently had no tech, i gifted them to worshipful and picked up a pretty good sized map which uncovers a nice additional portion of continent 9 which is shared by the Russians. Supported by dip, horse opens a forest hut on uninhabited island 23 and out comes a nomad. Finally in a better position to help support Sioux city and the surrounding region from the mainland with a boat and a couple of military units to emerge next turn. 3 irrigation now and 12 roads.

    550 status: Republic, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, 16 cities, 7 settlers, 5 boats, 2 explorers, 3 dips, 2 chariot, 3 horse, 2 legion, 1 archer, 1 phalanx, 2 warrior. 89 tons, 568,000 sq. mi. Treasury: 17 gold. 12 size 3 or better city sizes: 1 size 7, 3 size 6, 2 size 5, 4 size 4, 2 size 3.

    525: American archer kills approaching Sioux catapult. Build city 17 on an island. Explorer with boat to escape into opens mountain hut on homeland and it is a nomad. Status: 17 cities, 8 settlers plus misc units. 588,000 land area.

    500: Legion opens hut on uninhabited island and out come 5 barbarian horses to completely surround him. Build mainland grass/whale city 18 . Since boat is 2 steps from the hut, 2 explorers and a boat open hut as a team to eliminate any possibility of getting attacked and the hut yields banking.

    500 status:
    Republic, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, 18 cities, 8 settlers and 24 additional misc units, 69 heads (f4). 95 tons, 608,000 sq. mi, 2 million population statistic.

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