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Gotm 185 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Major Advantage, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Wow! space ship around 1000, Darwin in 380, electricity in 500 at emperor level! These are magnificent results.
  2. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    -500 to +1

    -0475 Phalanx in Babylon survives barbarian archer and turns vet. Colossus and Marco built.
    Peace, Trade, Monarchy, Mapmaking -> American (0) -> Writing, maps, 100g
    Peace, Writing -> Indian (4) -> Polytheism, cutoff
    Peace, Pottery, Horseback riding, Mysticism -> Spanish (3) -> maps, 100g
    Peace, Mapmaking -> Carthaginian (1) -> maps, 100g
    Peace, Trade -> German (5) -> maps, war over my tribute demand
    Trade, Mysticism, Monarchy, Writing -> Celt (2) -> maps, Masonry as tribute
    4 of the rivals are literally next door and Germans are within trireme reach. All have 3-4 cities with the exception of Spanish which have 6. Looks like the stage is set for conquest.
    Germans shall be the first target. They have the Hanging Gardens and have already declared war. Wonder goals shall be Great Wall, Pyramids?, and Michelangelo.

    -0450 -> Construction. Trade -> Indian -> maps.
    -0400 CaravanSaray bribed back for 26g. Got 3 archers. Hindana founded. T3L0S7
    -0350 Tell Wilaya founded.
    -0325 2 barbarian archers land on the mainland near 2 of my cities. First structure, a courthouse in Ashur, built.

    -0300 Construction -> Literacy. Celt (2) -> 200g. American, Carthaginian, Indian -> 0g
    -0275 Barbarian archer kills my warrior on mountain. Settler takes its place.
    -0250 Barbarian archer dies attacking my settler on mountain. The other barbarian archer bribed for 61g and used to capture the leader for 150g. 6 barbarian horsemen from hut on island 3; chariot escapes to ship. Kish founded as the first offshore city on island 10. T7L0S3

    -0225 Nomad from hut on island 12. Spanish, Indian -> 100g
    -0200 Accepted German offer of peace to save my trireme and 2 commodity vans on board from possible attack by a German trireme.

    -0175 Advanced tribe founds Zabol on island 14.
    -0150 No point in keeping science low anymore. Spanish are not close to being done with the Great Library and no one else has Literacy. I will likely get it regardless next turn. T3L0S7

    -0125 Literacy -> Philosophy. First barracks built. Umma founded. Archer from hut. Hides to Berlin for 176 establishes the first trade route.

    -0075 Philosophy -> Monotheism -> Republic. Hides to Berlin for 144. Carthaginian -> 100g, Spanish -> 200g, German, American -> 0g.

    -0050 Hides to Washington for 80. T7L0S3

    Game plan: Get Republic next turn and celebrate for a while (Michelangelo will be ready in 2 turns). Then go back to Monarchy and conquer.

    Tech plan: Bridge Building for completion of the road network at home. This requires getting Warrior Code from rivals (3 of them have it) and developing Iron Working. No other tech is needed unless respawns end up in remote areas in which case Navigation would be needed. Science will be set at 10% and discoveries will mostly come from deliveries. Given resources and time, the next tech goal would be Feudalism for Sun Tzu and Theology for Bach.

    Wonder plan: Great Wall for barbarians and to keep it out of the hand of rivals. If Navigation is required, so will be Magellan. Sun Tzu and Bach are the only other priorities.
    Pyramids is being built by Celts. They shall be spared till they finish.

    -0025 Republic -> Warrior Code. Indian -> 200g; American, German -> 0g; Spanish (5), Celt -> 50g. Republic established. T5L4S1. Beads to Washington for 44.

    +0001 Michelangelo built. Construction -> Spanish (5) -> Warrior Code. T2L7S1

    Status at +1
    Population: 0.82M; Cities: 25; Techs: 20; Government: Republic
    Gold: 265; Cost: 3; Trade routes: 0D4F;
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco, Michelangelo
    Units: 14 settlers (1 none), 23 warriors, 4 Phalanx, 5 Archers, 1 horseman, 1 chariot, 1 Crusader, 6 Trireme, 3 diplomats, 20 vans
    Goals: Bridge Building, Vertical growth via celebration, Great Wall, trade with Germans
    Celt: 5 cities, 14 techs
    German: 5 cities, 12 techs; Hanging Gardens
    Spanish: 7 cities, 13 techs
    American: 3 cities, 9 techs; war with Indians
    Carthaginian: 4 cities, 7 techs
    Indian: 5 cities, 13 techs
  3. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Just finished my own game. Landing successful. (Apparently it never fails, even at low %s. Just a lesser % of total pop that survives, and less spaceship points. Weird... but I did go for a full ship. Just an aside.)

    520 AD: Pop reaches 11.750.000 citizens. Khursabad II built right next to Madrid.

    540 AD: Pop exceeds 13 million citizens. Tell Wilaya silk (d) to Berlin: 630g. Uruk beads (nd) to Berlin: 216g. Going to stop celebrations next turn, I believe. Cities could probably go to size 5 even with 30% luxuries instead of 50%.

    560 AD: Navigation > Invention. (0)T3L3S4. Techrate 4 turns.

    580 AD: Cunaxa silk (d) to Berlin: 444g. Khursabad beads (nd) to Berlin: 128g. Hindana II built. Hut: 50g. Dangit, a tribe would be sweet in this region of the world. Tell Wilaya II built. Start rushing a lot of food vans for Leo’s/mag’s. Getting rid of the glut will take a while. But I needed to get the silk vans out whilst they were still in supply. Otherwise, the supply would get overwritten by junk commodities and I'd never get to build them at all!

    Interturn: Germans develop Astronomy, Indians acquire from GL.

    600 AD: Invention. Next viable oedo year 700 AD. Democracy is a 2, so I need to get it this turn… dangit, that’s a big waste of time. Would have preferred to be able to research Gunpowder 2bcloser to Explosives. Or do I need to Demo right now? I actually won’t! Irrigation is more important. Invention > Gunpowder. (1) Prefer the quicker tech pace and quicker engineers to absence of corruption. Salzbourg silk (d) to size 4 Konigsberg (pls WLTPD quicker): 222g. 7 vans in Babylon for Leo’s.

    620 AD: Nothing.

    640 AD: Gunpowder > Democracy (1) still available! Well I miscounted. I’ll choose that, as I can pull off a 3-turn tech if I need it + van revenue. Naples silk (d) to Leipzig: 462g. Techcost 1064. Barely above half. Babylon settler disbanded, city builds Leo’s next turn. Umma II built. Salamis2 silk (nd) to Madrid: 62g. Lolnope. I so wish it was Berlin. T6L3S1.

    next turn will put me over the top so let’s get more cash before Demo.

    680 AD: BABYLON MAG’S. Uruk silk (d) to Size 10 Berlin: 432g. Tech Box Full. Hut: Crusaders. Scientist in Babylon. Since I don’t have LH I can’t do a 2-way chain yet… man, that still stings. 8 vans in Akkad for Adam Smith’s.

    Interturn: Barb caravel sinks one of my ships near German shores. No goods were on board. Still sucks. Also, Spanish diplomat spotted near one of my undefended cities. They will probably steal secrets…

    700 AD: Democracy > Explosives. REVOLUTION. Unrest in Cardiff. Democracy established. Crète copper (d) to Leipzig: 244g. Dissapointingly, all demands are blocked… miscalculated somewhere. Capoue dye (d) to Berlin: 192g. Nimroud silk (d) to Berlin: 486g. Tello II built. Nina16 II built. T4L3S3.

    Interturn: Russians Spanish steal Democracy Medicine. War is skipped over.

    720 AD: Explosives > Sanitation. (Physics not available) Leo’s is a good wonder. Up to 42 Engies. Ebla II built. Demand blocked in Germany for wine and silver goods, that needs to be addressed.

    740 AD: Unload first engi in German lands for road work. T3L3S4 to guarantee advance next turn. 2turns-tech at 40%.

    760 AD: Sanitation > Physics. Eridu gold (d) to Salamis2 for first domestic trade route: 204g. Naples II built. Vérone coal (nd) to Leipzig: 122g. T2L3S5 to guarantee a tech next turn.

    780 AD: Physics > Atomic Theory. Akkad hides (lol) to Hambourg: Demanded for 204g. Still demanded! Weird. Also a new Gems demand, wildcard most likely. Capoue silver (d) to Leipzig: 305g. Izibia dye (d) to Berlin: 200g, unblocks Silk. T5L3S2.

    800 AD: Atomic Theory > Magnetism. Adab spice (nd) to Konigsberg: 78g, clears board. Nineve silk (d) to Leipzig: 534g, unblocks Silver. Samarra wine (d) to Konigsberg: 205g. T4L3S3 is enough for a tech next turn. Issos II built.

    Interturn: Germans develop Feudalism.

    820 AD: Magnetism > Metallurgy. Pop exceeds 23 million citizens. Massive glut in Akkad yet again (21 vans!), missing LH means double ship chain was delayed too hard since you get it a Magnetism instead of Navigation (and Democracy, and Explosives, and... you get the picture. It's a surprisingly big delay when you think of it.). But now it’s finally in place and will start working again next turn. Ur2 II silver (d) to Madrid: 210g. Samarra2 II copper (d) to Seville: 108g. Tello silk (d) to Berlin: 498g, unblocks Dye. Tolède is rioting, so subvert it for 126*2g, get 54g+Temple+2citizens. Their attitude IMMEDIATELY drops to Uncooperative. Ohh boy. Good thing I still have the (completely useless) GW for one last turn still… Cunaxa II built. Hut: 100g. T5L3S2.

    840 AD: Metallurgy > Electricity. Tell Wilaya gems (d) to Hambourg: 630g. Ghent wine (d) to Konigsberg: 375g. Spanish attitude jumps right back up to Enthusiastic. Uh… OK? I’m not sure if the AI patch is working properly tbh. Starting to use some spare money to build some acqueducts, so I can immediately celebrate to 12+ after CfC. Also have quite a few spare junk vans saved up. But that’s potentially at the cost of speed.

    Interturn: barbs disembark near Tell Wilaya II! Fortunately, the entire region is made of wood, so I have time to react.

    860 AD: Electricity > Conscription. Dublin14 silk (d) to Tell Wilaya: 288g. Hindana silver (d) to Leipzig: 285g. Shuruppak silk (d) to Leipzig: DANK. Subvert a rioting Saragosse for 176*2g: get 76 back+60 from granary, 3citizens + Legion. The place is surrounded by 1-move units 2 moves away, so I have to spend 240g on a defensive unit for next turn… Cremona II built.

    880 AD: Conscription > Steam Engine. Cannae20 II built. Ellipi gems (d) to Berlin: 352g. Capoue9 II built. Turin20 II built. Vérone cloth (nd) to Konigsberg: 98g. Nippour wine (d) to Konigsberg: 210g. Vérone silver (d) to Leipzig: 354g. Nimroud gems (nd) to Leipzig: 232g.

    900 AD: Steam Engine > Railroad. Ashur II copper (d) to Leipzig: 360g. Ebla silk (d) to Leipzig: 528g. Tello silver (d) To Leipzig: 490g. Apparently the SSC spot coveted doesn’t have a hidden special… don’t know where/if I’ll build it now. Probably a random island somewhere. Gênes II built. Techbomb the Indians to ensure a discovery next turn.

    Interturn: Germans almost finished with KRC, then swap to Cope’s!! Well, that answers it I guess.

    920 AD: Railroad > CHIVALRY. FFDJKLFMNDSF. Should have checked. Zoom2Babylon, swap to Darwin’s. Chivalry > Industrialization > The Corporation. Well, at least on the bright side I’ll have Miniaturization earlier… but F7U12 indeed. T1L2S7, techrate 1 turn. Crête18 II built. That extra 19g hurts when doing rushes. It adds up.

    Interturn: Berlin builds Cope’s. Delhi builds KRC.

    940 AD: The Corporation > Genetic Engineering. Sydney3 dye (d) to Cunaxa: 194g. Nippour salt (nd) to Hambourg: 100g. Salzbourg gems (d) to Hambourg: 450g. Nimroud gold (nd) to Hambourg: 204g. Ur gems (d) to Hambourg: 456g. Techbomb a bit more, T8L2S0. Vérone16 II built. Salamis II built.

    Interturn: Germans develop BB.

    960 AD: Nippour engi disbanded as I forgot to reset shields after trading. Genetic Engineering > Electronics. Lisbonne II built. Hambourg II built. Prague II built. Babylone2 II silk (d) to Cordoue: 258g. Salzbourg12 II built. Cunaxa dye (d) to Berlin: 520g. 12 vans in Babylone for CfC. Vérone salt (nd) to Konigsberg: 112g, unblocks Wine and Silk in Nippour. Capoue wine (d) to Konigsberg: 260g. Ellipi spice (nd) to Konigsberg: 92g. Ur wine (d) to Konigsberg: 305g. (17, 23) possibly a hidden special. Crête wine (d) to Konigsberg: 245g.


    980 AD: Electronics > Steel. BABYLONE CfC. Starts Hoover Dam. 84. Akkad wine (d) to Konigsberg: 195g. Cardiff wine (d) to Konigsberg: 385g. Sippar wine (d) to Konigsberg: 480g. T7L3S0. Samarra gems (d) to Hambourg: 384g. Sippar silk (d) to Leipzig: 750g.

    1000 AD: Steel > Leadership. Naples wine (d) to Konigsberg: 475g. Adab cloth (nd) to Konigsberg: 92g. Hindana wine (d) to Konigsberg: 270g. Ghent gems (d) to Hambourg: 546g. Babylone silver (d) to Leipzig: 420g. Bergen9 II built. Venise11 II built. Cardiff gold (d) to Babylone2 II: 306g. Larsa salt (nd) to Hambourg: 178g. Salzbourg salt (nd) to Leipzig: 170g.

    STATUS AT 1000 AD: (End of 151st turn)
    Population: 32.160.000 Cities: 101 Government: Democracy Total advances: 63 (researching Leadership)
    Gold: 73 T7L3S0 Income/Cost per turn: 1995 income, 114 cost. Production: 483MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: MPE, HG, Pyr, GW, Mikes, JSB, Leo, Mag, CfC, Adam’s built. Hoover under construction.

    Don't care much for other civ's wonders. They'll be mine eventually.

    Foreign relations: Celts and Carths dead. Peace with rest. No respawns.

    Plans: Money money money! Finish Hoover and start celebrating above size 12+ on main cities. (which will start happening real quickly, so LOTS of funds will be needed) Then build factories and the like for spaceship. (Prefer rushing factories to tons of vans bc they'll usually be able to produce 25+spt which helps autochurn vans on their own. Also less expensive endgame when you want to build courthouses/supermarkets/banks and the like.) Irrigation isn’t fast enough since I spent a lot of time building railroads (half finished to Carth/Spanish lands). Lack of shielded grassland hurts. Can’t support very many engies.

    Expansion almost complete among various islands and NW of Indians. But I could bribe Spanish cities more aggressively instead of waiting for disorder.
  4. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Yeah, I think I did ok here, but was still far behind my game from #168...(and now a saying by Randy Marsh from southpark comes to my mind, but I rather not quote it here).
    And my actual launch date was not that close to 1000 either, it was a long term decision on wether to go for landing asap or to go for a full spaceship, with the need to pre-build more resources. And either way, I did not have enough cities to do a great job on it.
  5. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Your are playing space ship and you let Copernicus slip away?! I suppose not having an official SSC was a big factor but still... Astronomy was available since +600
  6. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    I had lots of silk vans (an unexpected development) and other commodities to sell to Germans, and a sprawling empire (as usual for me) So I felt like I'd be better served by keeping taxes high and relying on van science for tech, using the extra money to buy more stuff in my more cities and keep expanding for score (otherwise wouldn't be able to buy enough). Low science rate=SSC not very useful. Esp. since the vans for Cope's and Isaac's tend to delay building Leo's/Mag's/Adam's quite significantly otherwise.
  7. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    1020 AD: Leadership > Tactics. Pop exceeds 37 million citizens. Prague silver (d) to Leipzig: 610g. Leipzig is size 12, Berlin size 10. I so wish they’d have actually built that dang Colossus still. Gold demand in Leipzig, replacing Silk. Kish gold (d) to Leipzig: 582g. Salzbourg gold (d) to Leipzig: 588g. Wow, the gold demand seems to be permanent! This is good timing, since it’s in heavy supply and I’m going to require heavy funds soon. Couldn’t be sold for profit anywhere else. Not a wildcard, FYI. I wonder why the dye bug is not activating… Silver is also still in demand. Rush the rest of Hoover in Babylon for 488g. Subvert Barcelone for 387*2g, get 66g+2citizens. Subvert Salamanque for 270*2g, get 60g+2citizens+Barracks. Indians researching Communism… Damnit. Every time. Milan II built. Nina gems (d) to Hambourg: 348g. Umma gems (d) to Hambourg: 528g. Vérone silk (d) to Berlin: 558g. Armagh copper (d) to Berlin: ??? Milan silver (d) to Berlin: 530g. Babylone2 II gems (d) to Madrid: 330g. Ghent23 II built.

    Interturn: Germans develop Invention. Cope’s doing wonders for them. Cordoue builds Sun Tzu.

    1040 AD : Tactics > Machinery. BABYLONE HOOVER. Pop exceeds 43 mil. Kill Barb leader near Turin20 II, will get the knights next turn. Adab gold (d) to Leipzig: 468g. Nippour coal (nd) to Hambourg: 108g. Lagash gems (d) to Hambourg: 456g. Dye bug activates. Gems demand gone, hides demand… remains?? Issos silk (d) to Berlin: 672g. Bergen spice (nd) to Konigsberg: 132g. Starting to run out of good vans now… 66 available, but lots are undemanded Coal/Oil and lots of Gems vans are not demanded anymore. Gold is also not yet in heavy production.

    Interturn: Spanish develop Astronomy.

    1060 AD: Machinery > Refining. Pop exceeds 49 mil. Ashur gold (d) to Leipzig: 546g. Akkad gold (d) to Leipzig: 444g. Akkad II silver (d) to Leipzig: 760g. Umma salt (nd) to Berlin: 200g. Undemanded for 182, 254, 232, 260, 156. 264. Pise23 II built. Dublin II built.

    1080 AD: Refining > Miniaturization. Pop exceeds 54mil. Ashur spice (d) to Lisbonne3: 183g. Toronto II built. Hambourg10 wine (d) to Konigsberg: 420g. Ashur II salt (nd) to Konigsberg: 176g. Zamua gold (d) to Leipzig: 780g. Crète dye (d) to Berlin: 336g. Sippar gems (nd) to Leipzig: 304g. Melbourne22 II built.

    Interturn: Indians start Eiffel Tower.

    1100 AD: Miniaturization > Combustion. Pop exceeds 59 million citizens. HAMBOURG COAL DEMAND. HOLY*T. That’s soo lucky. I have heavy demand at home, but none will fetch as high prices as this city. Have heavy supplies as well from earlymid game. Adab coal (d) to hambourg: 330g. Hides demand is also still running, amazingly. I’m guessing Coal demand is wildcard. Naples gold (d) to Leipzig: 852g. Khursabad silver (d) to Leipzig: 600g. Undemanded for 31g. Lisbonne3 gems (d) to Madrid: 642g. 68 vans. Zariqum coal (d) to Hambourg: 355g. NOO. Hambourg’s demand reset to Copper/Dye/Silk! Dangit. That stinks. Undemanded for 168. Ghent gold (d) to Leipzig: 798g. 188g. Lagash gold (d) to Leipzig: 570g. Larsa gold (d) to Leipzig: 726g. Sydney20 II built. Like a fool, I forgot to give Germans Sanitation.

    Interturn: Indians develop Communism, Marco’s canceled.

    1120 AD: Combustion > Automobile (Refrigeration not available) Holy moly my tax revenue has increased by 75% in six turns, thanks to celebrating at 30% luxes. Pop exceeds 64mil. Dublin14 gems (d) to Hambourg10: 444g. Nimroud hides (nd) to Leipzig: 258g. LEIPZIG NO LONGER DEMANDS SILVER. Still demanded in Konigsberg. Dye bug activates, gold bumped to 3rd slot. Tell Wilaya gold (d) to Leipzig: 840g. Nineve II spice (nd) to leipzig: 234g. Nina wine (d) to Konigsberg: 295g. 62 vans. I’ll try to deplete my gold/silver reserves and give Industrialization/Automobile to Germans to trigger oil and coal demand later. Ellipi gold (d) to Leipzig: 480g. Ellipi wine (d) to Konigsberg: 270g. Izibia gold (d) to Leipzig: 408g. Ashur Ii gold (d) to Leipzig: 780g. Embassies with Spanish, Americans.


    1140 AD: Automobile > Mass Production. Pop exceeds 71 mil. I need to get my oil vans out NOW. Lagash copper (d) to Leipzig: 396g. WTF no reset?? Ur gems (nd) to Leipzig: 190g. Better. Crète gold (d) to Leipzig: 474g. Hambourg10 gold (d) to Leipzig: 732g. Sippar II silver (d) to Konigsberg: 390g. Cremona copper (d) to Leipzig: 585. Undemanded for 304. 58 vans, the number is decreasing.. I need to get rid of my Silk vans next since Coal will replace Silk usually. Gold supply is also falling off. 270. Uruk 14 II copper (d) to Cordoue: 360g.

    Interturn: Valladoid riots. Now’s your chance!

    1160 AD: Mass Production > Refrigeration. Pop exceeds 76 mil. Undemanded for 218. Gênes14 silver (d) to Zamua2 II: 437g. Subvert Valladoid for 234*2g, get 117+3citizens+2buildings. Leo’s not being active anymore sucks. BERLIN now demands gold. Weird as hell. I already have a gold demander in Germany… anyhow. Larsa silk (d) to Berlin: 750g. Nippour II copper (d) to berlin: 396g. Ashur silver (d) to Konigsberg: 355g. Nina gold (d) to Leipzig: 486g. Melbourne hides (nd) to Leipzig: 302g. Babylone III built. Ur III built. Next turn, I’m probably giving Industrialization and Automobile to Germans to trigger coal/oil demand. Giving Battleships is risky though… but I’m doing it.

    Interturn: BARBARIANS DISEMBARK NEAR VÉRONE! Lose Vérone, an engineer, Nina,

    1180 AD: Refrigeration > Mobile Warfare. Nina re-bribed for 260g, most survived except Harbour. Kill defending unit with newly obtained Dragoon in Vérone, only Harbour survived there. Dang. Sippar gold (d) to Leipzig: 1408g, thanks to newly bought Superhighways. Utique gold (d) to Leipzig: 492g, Saragosse gold (d) to Leipzig: 696g. Ashur II silk (d) to Berlin: 780g. Ashur gems (nd) to Berlin: ??? Nineve III built. Ashur15 III built. Turin silk (d) to Berlin: 1002g. Delay giving Ind/Auto one more turn. Next solo cycle in Leipzig is 1340 AD…

    1200 AD: Mobile Warfare > Computers. Carthage gold (d) to Leipzig: 696g. Cremona gems (nd) to Berlin: 304g. Lagash4 II gold (d) to Leipzig: 1164g. 73 vans. Increasing % of them are oil/coal. Carthage copper (d) to Leipzig: 464g. Tell Wilaya II silk (d) to Berlin: 1086g. Van amount is increasing again tho, so maybe I don’t give techs yet. I also have no idea where I’m building SETI. Nor do I have vans ready. The less said about spaceship the better… 200.

    1220 AD: Computers > Nuclear Fission. A few turns after being cleared, glut is back thanks to the onslaught of junk vans… should be saving for spaceship tbh. Or SETI for that matter. Cannae5 wine (d) to Madrid: 500g. Now demands Spice. Which is useless. Kish2 II wine (d) to Konigsberg: 365g. Zariqum II wine (d) to Konigsberg: 455g. Silver demand gone everywhere in Gemany! Adab2 II silk (d) to Berlin: 912g. Subvert Philly for 330*2g, get 39+size4. Boston subverted for 308*2g, get 25 back. Ellipi17 III built. 612, undemanded in LP for 208. Leipzig demands updates, to Copper/Dye/Silk,,, I have to give NOW. Give Industrialization and Computers, they cut me off. Not being able to give a specific tech is ARRRRGH. On the bright side, Computers reduces copper demand… and silver/gold/gems. WHOOPS.

    1240 AD: Nuclear Fission > Nuclear Energy. Lategame is a-knockin’. Nimroud gold (d) to Leipzig: 250g. Oh right, it’s ND… But Leipzig demands Coal now! Hindana II silk (d) to Berlin: 516g. Still demands Gold/Silk. Venise silver (nd) to Konigsberg: 196g. unblocks Wine. Hambourg now demands Silk. Undemanded Umma to Hambourg for 260, replaces it to Coal. (???) Ellipi coal (d) to Leipzig: 465g. Eridu8 II dye (d) to Leipzig: 644g. Adab2 II copper (d) to Leipzig: 560g. 77 vans. 252, 212, 158, 226. 260, 178, 248, 330. Have quite a few coal vans in reserve, but I would HIGHLY prefer oil demand. Diplomacy only lets me give Conscription or Democracy… which is bad. Neither of them are techs I would like to give.

    Interturn: Germans start SETI. Oh. Right. I did give them that.

    1260 AD: Nuclear Energy > Robotics. Give Democracy to Germans, they cut me off. That’S bad, they’ll ask for Conscription next, and will likely accept only once at a time in the future if I don’t. (And if I do, then conquering their cities won’t be effortless.) Subvert Atlanta for 435*2g, get 39+40 and 4 citizens. Akkad17 III built. Izibia wine (d) to Konigsberg: 240g. That was unusually low. Sippar wine (d) to Konigsberg: 990g. Armagh coal (d) to Leipzig: 580. Undemanded for 232, 164, 190. Uh… that’s bad. ALL of my vans at home are oil. If I don’t give Automobile ASAP I will run out of vans quickly after Flight is discovered. But if I do get it, then I’ll be fine. But I won’t build any SHs. Need money for vans. 250, 278. 178.

    Interturn: Americans develop Horseback Riding. Just thought you’d like to know.

    1280 AD: Robotics > Laser. Flight not available. Excellent. Nope. Germans won’t work. They demand Cons/Tact. Dang! Rep still not back to Spotless. Hindana II gold (d) to Berlin: 558g. Samarra gold (d) to Berlin: 534g. Ebla coal (d) to Leipzig: 540g. OH WOW. Computers also reduces the demand for silver, gems and gold. Did not knew that. I’ll try to get a domestic demand center for oil then. SHs rushed in an offshore south city in an attempt to boost oil demand. Salzbourg dye (d) to Leipzig: 94g… forgot to put the workers back on. Fiojmk. Undemanded for 234. Shuruppak coal (d) to Leipzig: 475g. Undemanded for 206. Undemanded for 156, 214, 164,232. 216, 302. 234. Will run out of vans on next turn… SETI will be ready, but nothing in terms of libraries. GOTM score completely static, will increase as we near post-launch.


    1300 AD: Laser > Flight. Ur SETI. Sydney3 silver (d) to Delhi: 730g. Note to self: Get rid of non-military techs to key civ before discovering stuff like Cons/Mobile Warfare… Undemanded for 282g. 292. 284g. Samarra coal (d) to Leipzig: 445g. Dye doesn’t seem to unblock itself, despite my best efforts. Crète dye (d) to Konigsberg: 220g. Larsa II silk (d) to Berlin: 504g. 298. Going to keep the rest of the vans in order to get more beakers. Speed to Apollo > funding and vans for spaceship itself. T3L3S4. With 2140 Mtons production, I think I can get away with it.

    1320 AD: Flight > Radio > Advanced Flight. German trireme is blocking Cannae5, can’t deliver this turn. Salzbourg silk (d) to Berlin: 568g. Not much… GOLD AND SILK DEMAND GONE IN BERLIN. Exclusively Dye/Coal/Copper/Wine now. 178, 158, 160, 166, 167, 203, 220, 144, 182, 110. Tech box Almost full, one single nd van remaining. Should be good for another 2-tech turn. Seems like the ½ penalty after Flight is applied multiplicatively (making it a 1/3 instead), and not additively? Weird, wouldn’t expect those kinds of payouts otherwise. They’re still not that horrible. Now I wish that there was another offshore civ in this game, that I could give different techs to trigger different demands.

    1340 AD: Advanced Flight > Rocketry not available (Recycling) > Rocketry. Uruk14 II oil (d) to Sippar: 1027g. Both cities had SHs, domestic delivery. Babylone uranium (d) to Uruk14 II: 751g, SHs as well. Uruk14 II oil demand. 182, 192, 203, 138. Tech box full. Uruk14 II has a repeater for wine and oil, but will still need some junk vans to unblock once in a while. OBJECTIVE: Finish in less than 200 turns. Should be doable.

    1360 AD: Rocketry > Space Flight > Plastics. Cremona oil (d) to Uruk14 II: 679g. OIL DEMAND GONE. Buy some Factories around to pick it back up. 220, 204, 374, 235 (oh dang it was ND), 122, 139, 192, 163, 134, 178. Demanded for 196g. Americans: WAR. Ok! I’ll have to rush a fighter plane to deal with those Phalanxes. (inb4 shot down) Note to self: Build a Battleship near Madrid, then get them to declare as well. Aand I forgot to spend my money from last turn. Great.

    1380 AD: Plastics > Superconductor not available > Combined Arms chosen instead > Superconductor. UR APOLLO PROGRAM. Kill 4 units in/around Washington with Fighter plane until I run out of fuel (RIP) Washington conquered for 45+60g+4citizens. 157, 72, 730, 132, 636, 35, 640. 480. Uruk III built.

    Interturn: Spanish steal Plastics from me. I declare war.

    1400 AD: Superconductor > Stealth > Fundamentalism. 1 SS structural. 1-0-0-0-0-0. New York subverted for 196*2g, get 64+40 back, and 6 citizens. Carthage uranium (d) to Adab2 II: 1348g. 235g. 300g. 134, 135, 163, 196, 131, 184, 224. Van reserves running low already. Eridu21 III built. Samarra21 III built.

    Interturn: Spanish force the Senate to force me to sign peace. Rly..

    1420 AD: Fundamentalism > Fusion Power > Environmentalism. 8 SS structural, 6 SS component, 2 SS Module. 9-3-3-1-1-0.

    1440 AD: Unable to record much because of a weird bug involving my mouse/kb. Ended up at 14-8-8-1-1-0. Full on components already. Environmentalism > Amphibious Warfare. Spanish: WAR as predicted. Kill units in Madrid, Cordoue: both cities stormed for 251g, Colossus+Market+7citizens and 369+40, SunTzu and 7citizens. Valence bribed for 240g, get 64 back. 322g. 304. Lagash III built. 440, Cunaxa 464 (blocks Dye in Berlin) 155, 135, 134. Start buying units for eventual conquest of Germans and Indians.

    Interturn: Spanish demand an audience, Senate backs me up. Germans swap to what is likely Demo.

    1460 AD: 9 SS structural, 2 SS Module. Amphibious Warfare > FT1. 23-8-8-2-1-1. Adab2 II oil (d) to Utique: 1008g. Utique oil (d) to Salamis2: 580g. Utique uranium (d) to Hambourg10: 1035g. 172. Seville stormed for 395+40g and 4citizens. SPANISH CIV DESTROYED BY BABYLONIANS. Silk to Hambourg for 467. Ready to launch in I think two turns.

    Interturn: Indians almost done with Eiffel Tower.

    1480 AD: FT1 > FT2. 2 SS Module, 8 SS structural. Everytime I write “SS” I keep thinking of the Nazis… maybe should stop reading these WW2 books so often. 32-8-8-2-2-2. Could launch, but only 200 points. 658g uranium to Utique. Silver to Hambourg for 735g, retriggers the copper bug. Only replaces until one of the 3 main routes is replaced as well it seems. 135, 427. 3 modules left. Kish III built. Will launch – and declare war on Germans+Indians – next turn. 314g. Size 28 Lisbonne3 regains its Oil demand. Bigger city sizes=more oil demand. TIL.

    Interturn: Delhi builds Eiffel Tower. At least it’s not the UN.

    1500 AD: FT2 > Communism. No other tech available, sadly. Full spaceship. LAUNCH. ELLIPI SHAKES. Estimated arrival: 1511 AD. I need now to start building quickie-cities on the North/South poles for extra points. And build WoWs. 459g Bergen oil. 227, 464, 235, 294, 203, 198, 202, 156, 128. NOTE TO SELF: Build science stuff in Berlin’s ASAP when you capture. As it has Cope’s. Indians: WAR as predicted. Oh crap, I forgot they had Communism, that’s bad. Fortunately they don’t have Demo. Anyhow, most of their cities are emptied of troops. Delhi paratrooped on for Eiffel+89g+Communism+7citizens: and the effect of reduced Cathedral effectiveness is IMMEDIATELY felt. No partisans! Ok then. Dangit, forgot to take note of the science level b4 taking Communism. I think it was at 80%ish?

    907+459+227+464+23503+294+203+198+202+156+128=3473, about 500 missing. Madras stormed for 6citizens+70ishg.

    I might have to raise luxuries to 40% soon. Calcutta stormed for 37+4citizens. Lahore stormed for 4citizens+33g. Bombay stormed for 17g+2citizens. 560g Bergen oil. Decide to delay German invasion one more turn. Still T6L3S1.

    STATUS AT 1500 AD: (End of 176st turn)
    Population: 147.880.000 Cities: 145 Government: Democracy Total advances: 85+FT2

    Gold: 1334 T6L3S1 Income/Cost per turn: 5699 income, 1326 cost. Production: 3094MT 1 polluted tiles
    Wonders: Who cares at this point? They’re going to be built eventually.

    Foreign relations: Germans dead next turn. Indians to 1 city. Everyone else dead.

    Plans: Score-maxing. Pretty straightforward stuff. You know the drill.
  8. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    GOTM 185 Log to 2000


    I have launched my spaceship but am not yet finished.

    My initial plan was rapid ICS and hope the barbs don’t come too soon. No Roads!
    I didn't really do that, but I was happy with my early growth. The second settler allowed some road development while waiting for size 1, which should speed science.

    It is hard to tell how big the starting continent is. Black clicking reveals some small continents to the South and NW:

    4000 plan for size 1. Move 1 square south, and second settler moves to Buffalo to begin roading.
    3900 Babylon founded. Working roaded Buffalo. Tax to 60 (Peaster plan)
    3750 PRB warrior row.
    3700 Whale found. Switch tax to 40.
    3550 CoL => CB. Tax back to 60.
    3500 Carthage destroyed by Celts.
    3250* Size 1, and Babylon will grow next turn.

    3200 Ur (2)
    3150 Hut: Horse. Moves West.
    3100 3-special city spot found.
    3050* Hut: 100g. Science to 60.
    3000 Nineveh (3) in river system to West

    Status 3000BC:
    3C, gov: Despotism. 2 techs res CB (next)
    1 Warrior, 1 Horse.

    2950 CB =>BW (4/33). Hut: Barb Horse. My horse dispatches it.
    2800 Greeks appear in West. Get MM. they withdraw. Ashur (4)
    2550 BW => Mon
    2350 Celts: get HB, Curr, peace, no maps. Hut: Nomads!.
    2300 Ellipi (5) Akkad (6)
    2150 Uruk (7)
    2050* Mon => Trade. Revolt. Gov: Monarchy.

    Status 2000BC
    7C, 1 Sett. Gov: Monarchy. 8 techs res Trade (18/112) (18 science/turn)
    2 Warr, 1 Phalanx, 1 horse
    1 Trireme.
  9. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Log 2000 to 1000BC

    Plan for 1500: Trade. 12C. have start on 4 vans. Explore East and West with horses.

    1950 Hut: Chariot (a better westward explorer)
    1900 Celts: Withdraw, Masonry. Disband warrior for Horse. Trade now 126 beakers. Greeks: ignore tribute demand.
    1850* Eridu (8)
    1800 Celts: 50g. Greeks: WAR. Chariot kills Warrior in Athens.
    1750 Chariot destroyed in counterattack.
    1700 Trade => Myst. Hut: Archers (Akkad)

    Trade => Mono

    4 home cities building vans for MPE.
    Turn Science to 30 to aid rushbuying.

    1650* Hut: NONE Archers
    1600 Celts: 50g.
    1550 Athens warrior killed; Athens razed, 12g. x Greeks? Celts: WAR
    1500 Barb pirates sink our trireme that was not good.

    Status 1500 BC:
    8C, 2 Sett. Gov: Monarchy. 10 tech, res Myst.
    1 Warr, 2 Phalanx, 2 Archer, 7 Horse.
    4 vans on the fourth row.

    How did I do?
    Trade. √
    12C. oops – only 8. I got sidetracked by roading – I could have had 10.
    have start on 4 vans. √ almost done
    Explore East and West with horses. √

    Plan for 1000:
    MPE by 1300.
    movement toward 4 vans for HG
    Wri, Myst, Lit, Poly, Phil, Mono – depending on AI techs, move toward.

    1450* Celt Archer kills a horse. Our NONE archer survives attack, becomes vet.
    1400 Samarra (9) right near Babylon.
    1350 Lagash (10) Greeks still alive – we are still at war.
    1300 Exploring horse killed by barb horse.
    1250* MPE in Ur. Everybody Un-cooperative except Icy Germans. We are Supreme.
    Greeks: no need to contact for a while – after Writing Sparta will be bribable ( no capital)
    Need Pots from Spanish. Wri from Americans, Poly from somebody. Maybe peace with Celts.
    Spanish: give CB, BW. Get Pots, maps, peace, 100g.
    Americans: give Trade, Pots, Monarchy, MM for peace, Writing, map, and 5og.
    Indians: give Trade, Pots, MM, get peace, maps, Poly, 150g.
    Save German contact for later.

    1100 Germans develop Myst. We will trade for it.
    Germans: give Trade, CoL, MM, get peace, maps, Myst. They are on another continent! Trade possible
    1050* res Lit. Armagh destroyed.
    1000 Kish founded.

    Status 1000BC:
    11C, 5 Settlers, gov: Monarhy; 14 tech, res Literacy )next)
    2 Warrior, 2 Phalanx, 2 Archer, 5 Horse, 1 Ellie
    2 Vans

    How did I do?
    MPE by 1300 √ in 1250.
    13C. only 11 – Greeks were in the way.
    movement toward 4 vans for HG – √ HG in 3 turns
    Wri, Myst, Lit, Poly, Phil, Mono – depending on AI techs, move toward. √
  10. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Log 1000BC to 1AD

    Plan for 750
    HG; Trade with Germans: Beads, Copper, Hides, (Konigsberg)Silver, Gems;
    Babylon MP, Lib, Temple; Minimal Road network for trade
    Make 12 settlers; Fill in my area with cities (goal 18 by 750): Vans for MC after the settlers.
    Lit, Phil, Mono, Rep.
    Conquer Celts now or wait for Mono?

    975 Lit => Rep. Greeks attack out of Sparta. Thanks! Sparta captured. Greeks destroyed. English respawn. Nippur (13) Kill Celt Ellie. Spanish: WAR.
    950 Shruppak (14)
    925* HG in Babylon. Zariqim (15).
    900 Sippar (16) Spanish: 50g for peace. Indians 50g. Americans 25g.
    850 Babylon: Temple. Americans 25g. Indians: 25g.
    825*.Celts: reject 150g for peace. Republic. => Phil. Civ too small and ICS-like for celebrations, so no revolt. Re-evaluate in 750.
    775. Americans: 25g. Indians: 25g. Spanish: WAR. English: give Republic, Trade. Get Maps. They are south of Celts.
    750 many triremes set out exploring.

    Status 750BC
    16C, 5 Sett. Gov:: Monarchy. MPE, HG 16 tech res Phil
    5 Warr, 2 Phalanx, 2 Archer, 5 Horse, 2 Ellie,, 1 Dip
    3 Trireme, 3 vans

    How did I do?
    HG √
    Trade with Germans: One trireme starting out.with settler and Babylon Beads.
    Babylon MP, Lib, Temple - Starting MP.
    Minimal Road network Northern part is coming. Some roads near home.
    Lit, Phil, Mono, Rep. Lit, Rep, Res Phil
    Vans for MC - not yet – still working trading round, then 12 Settlers.
    Conquer Celts? Working on bribing Carmarthen
    Perhaps a better plan with this crummy plainly land is PYR in north.

    Plan for 500
    Mono, Pyramids, 6 triremes near Babylon (Shipchain to Germans)
    Energetic Trade with Germans. Deliver 5 Hides vans.
    Get Cities to size 3 for Republic growth
    Conquer Cardiff - most expansion this cycle thru Conquest.
    Improve land around Babylon. Maybe a Library.
    Plan MC with vans in non-Hides cities.
    Republic sooner than MC. With good trade, we can suffer. Maybe revolt 550.
    Colonize continents 2, 3 and 5
    Build a City in 4-special in West.

    725* continue making boats and vans.
    700 Izibia (18)
    675 Celt Ellie immolates on my Hilltop ellie. Larsa (19) on Continent 3. Hut: Nimrud (20) on continent 3. Spanish: peace for 50g. Americans: 50g. Indians: 50g
    650. Zamua (21)in North. Where are the Wonder vans coming from? It seems mostly in the North.
    625* English in Republic. Phil, Seafaring => Mono. Hut: Khorsabad (22) on continent 19. Carmarthen captured : 36g, Mathematics
    600 Germans get Construction.
    575 Indians: 50g. Germans: give Phil and Seaf for Construction
    550. Babylon Beads to Hamburg (d, 192) Spanish: 50g for peace. Still not ready for Republic.
    525* Ashur builds Pyramids. Barb archer immolates at Nimrud. Barb leader: 150g Nineveh Hides to Berlin (d, 120)
    500 Barbs land in North. Mono=> Astro. Horse kills Barbs => vet.

    Status 500BC:
    22C, 4 Sett. Gov: Monarchy MPE, HG, Pyr. 20 techs, res Astro
    12 Warrior, 2 Phalanx, 2 Archer, 7 Horse, 3 Elephant, 2 Dip
    7 Trireme, 5 Vans

    How did I do?
    Mono, √ Pyramids √
    6 triremes near Babylon √ - Shipchain still needs to be organized
    Energetic Trade with Germans. Deliver 5 vans. Delivered 2, one in place, 1 enroute. So, too optimistic.
    Get Cities to size 3 for Republic growth – working on it 7 have arrived
    Conquer Cardiff - most expansion thru Conquest.
    Improve land around Babylon. √ one settler starting roading and irr.
    MC vans in non-Hides cities. - next cycle.
    Republic sooner than MC. With good trade, we can suffer. Revolt 550. - still too small
    Colonize continents 2, 3 and 5 - 5, 14 colonized. Trireme heading to bribe Valencia on 2.
    City in 4-special in West. - in place.

    Plan for 250
    Energetic conquest of Celts. Raze Cardiff if necessary.
    Republic in 425?; MC by 350.
    Energetic Hides trade with Germany – 5 deliveries
    Cities size 3 for growth - 7 are size 3: and 9 are Size 2
    Tech goal: Demo, SoL, soft Fundy. Path: (get Wheel from AI), Eng, Inv

    475 Indians develop Wheel. Barb archer dies on my vet archer. Akkad Hides to Berlin (d, 224). Hindana, at 4-special western spot. Spanish: 25g. Indians: Wheel. English in Republic are working on Banking.That's nice - maybe they will develop it in time for us!
    450 hut: Univ. Still using the production in Monarchy to build vans, so no revolt yet.
    425*. Ellipi Hides to Berlin (d, 140). Nineveh Hides to Berlin (d, 136).
    400 Astro => Eng. Cardiff Razed.
    375. Tell Wilaya (24)
    350 Germans in Repubic. English develop Banking. Tribute: Spanish: 25g. Americans: 50g. Indians: 50g. English: 50g. Revolt.
    325* In the interregnum, (gov: Monarchy) ask for tribute. English: Banking. Americans: WAR. Indians: WAR. Gov: Republic. MC in 3 turns.
    300 Lagash Wool to Babylon (u, 172). Babylon Silk to Berlin (d, 192). Valencia (25) subverted 2x
    275 Samarra Hides to Berlin (d, 272). Caernafon subverted.
    250 Engineering => Inv. Eridu builds MC. Kells (27) captured. Celts destroyed. Romans respawn. Nineveh Hides to Berlin (d, 320)

    Status 250bc:
    27C, 5 Sett. Gov: Republic MPE, HG, Pyr. 27 techs, res Inv
    7 Warrior, 2 Phalanx, 3 Archer, 7 Horse, 3 Elephant, 1 Crook 2 Dip
    7 Trireme, 8 Vans

    How did I do?
    Energetic conquest of Celts. Raze Cardiff if necessary. √
    Republic in 425? - 325 seemed better.
    MC by 350 - well, 250... All my plans seem about 4 turns too optimistic.
    Energetic Hides trade with Germany – 5 deliveries √+ 7 deliveries
    Cities size 3 for growth √

    Plan for 1AD
    Grow in Republic. Lower Lux as much as possible.
    Energetic Trade with Germans: 5 deliveries
    Babylon Aqueduct, Harbor , Library, 1 more trade route.
    Copes in Babylon
    Fold settler into Samarra for growth. Explore that possibility for other cities.
    Vans for Leo’s, SoL – goal by 100AD.
    Start making Settlers to expand towards Americans and English.
    Bribe an American City.

    225* Babylon builds Aqueduct. Sparta Hides to Babylon (d, 280). Babylon Cloth to Berlin (u, 256). Caernafon stops producing copper…
    200 Invention => Demo.
    125* Ibizia Copper to Berlin (d, 240)
    100 Settler joins Samarra. Chicago (empty( bribed.
    75 Babylon size 12.
    50 Babylon builds Cope’s
    25* Demo
    => Nav. Revolt. Gov: Demo. Zariqim Gems to Konigsberg (d, 186) Nineveh Hides to Berlin (d, 188)
    1AD Hindana hides to Berlin (d, 212)

    Status 1AD:
    29C, 9 Sett gov: Demo HG, MC, MPE, Pyr, Copes. 27 tech, res Medicine.
    6 warr, 2 Phalanx, 3 Archers, 8 Horse, 3 Ellie, 1 Crook, 1 Dip.
    8 Trireme, 10 Van

    How did I do?
    Grow in Republic. Lower Lux as much as possible - stayed at 60. In Demo at 40 until Magnetism
    Energetic Trade with Germans: 5 deliveries √ delivered 6.
    Babylon Aqueduct, Harbor , Library, 1 more trade route. - √ plus Coliseum next.
    Copes in Babylon √
    Fold settler into Samarra for growth. √
    Vans for Leo’s, SoL – goal by 100AD hmmm – looks like that might be on track.
    Start making Settlers to expand towards Americans and English. – it’s slow.
    Bribe an American City. √ Chicago. A lousy adv tribe city though.

    So this is the earliest I have been in Demo - Maybe I can get a landing before 1000AD! It would be my first.
  11. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Log 1AD to 600AD

    Plan for 200AD
    Turn Science down before Nav?
    Goal: 35 cities, 8 settlers
    Energetic German Trade: 5 deliveries
    Road to the west for trade. City on Eastern point
    North: complete roads; boat in Izibia, settle Island 2 East.
    Babylon – Univ, Bank, eventually sewer.
    Tech path: Nav, Phy, trade for IW (Romans) and Medicine (Germans); Magnets, San, etc.
    Expand West to Spanish lands.
    Leo, Magellan

    Set Science to 0 until next delivery.

    20 Babylon Coliseum. It still doesn’t help unhappiness from ships at sea. Romans: give republic, Seaf, Univ. get ALLIANCE. Get IW.
    40 Berlin builds Colossus. Yay! Leipzig builds GL. Adab. Romans cancel alliance. Surprise!
    Kish Beads to Berlin (u, 120g) Nineveh Hides to Berlin (d, 228). That's the paltry payout for delaying Navigation 2 turns.
    60* Nav => Madicine. Telloh on continent 10
    80 Germans: we need to give them Inv, Nav, and Univ to get Medicine. Bribe San Francisco.
    Nippur Hides to Berlin (d, 240) Nimrud Gems to Nineveh (d, 114)
    100 res Physics. Physics => San (no magnets) Eridu builds Leonardo. Nina on continent 5
    Nineveh Hides to Berlin (d, 224). Nineveh stops producing hides.
    120 rehome Babylon caravel to Larsa. Ebla. (34)
    Valencia Copper to Berlin (d, 288). Samarra Hides to Berlin (d, 208).
    140* San -> Magnets. Americans: Senate forces peace. Trade maps.
    Hindana Hides to Berlin (d, 264). Naples (35)
    160 Babylon builds Sewer. Size 13 Indians: peace. Massive tech bomb to Indians. Trade maps.
    180 Bab 14. Issus.
    200 Bab 15. Magnets => Chem. Leos upgrades to Galleons ending that kind of happiness problem. Germans: WAR. Cunaxa.
    Hindana Hides to Berlin (d, 280)

    Status 200AD
    37C, 13 Sett. Gov: Demo. HG, Pyr, MPE, Copes, MC, Leo. 35 Tech, res Chem
    7 Warr, 2 Phalanx, 4 Archer, 8 Horse, 5 Crooks, 1 Dip
    10 Galleon, 13 vans

    How did I do?
    Turn Science down before Nav? I don’t know if it was good. Delayed Nav for 2 turns for a measly payout. It was bad.
    Goal: 35 cities, 8 settlers √
    Energetic German Trade: 5 deliveries √ 8 deliveries. Next round 8
    Road to West √ City on Eastern point √
    North: complete roads; boat in Izibia, settle Island 2 East. √ next turns.
    Babylon – Univ, Bank, eventually sewer. - well, bank and sewer. Rushing vans now. Univ at next availability.
    Expand West to Spanish lands. √ could be more energetic.
    Leos √
    Magellan somewhere - maybe next cycle

    Plan for 400AD
    Now that Galleons are here, this cycle should really show growth, aiming for continuous 1-turn techs.
    Try for 50 cities. (+13 – ambitious)
    Every current city one trade route or enroute (ambitious – need 19 vans, plus 8 for INC)
    Tech path: Chem (next), Guns, Expl. ToG – should be very possible.
    INC . Magellan, Adam Smith would be nice, but only needed is INC.
    8 trades with Berlin.
    Babylon size 18 – that’s max before irrigation (expl) collect vans for INC (currently 0) Food vans can be built after Univ.
    Irrigate 2 squares at Samarra to avoid disaster.
    Keep fighting Spanish, and bribe some cities with Valencia dips
    Consider conquering Leipzig after Guns (otherwise it may not be defensible)
    Disband Caernarfon (a horrible AI city), and try for 4 cities SW of Celts.
    Expand to eastern buffalo special and double population of Chicago/San Fran.
    Warriors everywhere before guns

    220* Chem => Guns Cremona (38) Hindana Hides to Leipzig (d, 184) Cannae (39)
    240. Capua on island 5. Adab Copper to Berlin (d, 216) telloh Silver to Leipzig (d, 140)
    260 Turin. Samarra silk to Berlin (u, 118) Hindana Hides to Berlin (d, 284). Rush many warriors
    280 Guns => ToG. Genoa. Crete. Indians: withdraw. Barcelona subverted for 152g.
    Ur gold to Babylon (d, 76 but a +5 trade route) Babylon Spice to Berlin (u, 224) Nineveh Wine to Berlin (u, 112).
    300* shipchain all messed up. Berlin demands Silk now, not hides. Hindana no longer producing Hides.
    320 ToG => Explosives. Uruk Silver to Babylon (d, 60)
    340 Leipzig subverted (Great Library) Germans: give HB for peace.
    Nimrud Silk to Barlin (d, 192) Babylon Salt to Berlin (u, 228)
    360 Expl => Bridges. Boston subverted (2x). Genoa, Turin
    Ur Silk to Berlin (d, 390) Akkad Silk to Berlin (d, 624). Let's hope that can continue...
    380* Barbs land near Barcelona. Bridges => metallurgy (going Refrig). Salamis.
    Eridu Gems to Nimrud (d, 156) Cardiff Copper to Berlin (d, 304) Lagash Silk to Berlin (d, 450) Hindana hides to Hamburg (d, 208)
    400 Metallurgy => Econ. Cordoba subverted (x2).
    Carmarthen Hides to Hamburg (d, 188) Adab Silk to Berlin (d, 420) Ashur Spice to Telloh (d, 69) Nippur hides to Hambutg (d, 216)

    Status 400AD
    52C, 1 Sett. 10 eng Gov Demo MPE, Pyr, HG, MC, Copes, Leo , GL 41 techs res Econ.
    54 Musketeers, 1 phalanx 4 Horse,, 5 Crooks,
    12 Galleon, 17 Vans.

    How did I do?
    This was a very successful turnset!
    Growth, aiming for continuous 1-turn techs. √ with trade deliveries
    Try for 50 cities. (+13 – ambitious) √
    Every current city one trade route or enroute - coming slowly
    Chem (next), Guns, Expl. ToG – √+ and also Bridges and Metallurgy
    INC - will come in 2 turns
    8 trades with Berlin √ + I got 12.
    Babylon size 18 √
    Irrigate 2 squares at Samarra to avoid disaster. - √
    Keep fighting Spanish, and bribe some cities with Valencia dips √
    Consider conquer Leipzig after Guns. √
    Disband Caernafon, and try for 4 cities SW of Celts - \ coming
    Expand to eastern buffalo special - √
    Double population of Chicago/San Fran. - sort of.
    Warriors everywhere before guns - √ I love Leos!

    Plan for 600
    Continue 1 tech/turn.
    Spam silk deliveries to Berlin
    Need to expand to 70 cities.
    Build 15 engineers.
    Babylon size 28 – may need Shakes.
    Darwin for sure
    Magellan is fun; Adam Smith could be good; Womens Suffrage after Ind.
    Need to start roading for Auto, especially rivers.
    Island 5 finish roading and RR to ends. Harbors. Vans, and send 4 eng to settle
    Island 14 one more city, road 6 sq,RR 3 sq
    Island 20 – settle (there will still be barbs there)
    Build 4 more cities around Chicago/Boston. Vans and roads if possible
    Spain: Bribe Barb frigate and nearby Spanish city (A destroyer could empty Madrid). Build 2 more eng to complete roads.
    German island: Leipzig: musket, eng, hides vans, road 8 sq
    bribe Frankfurt,
    Tech path:
    Steam, RR, Ind, Corp, then Elect, Refrig
    Detour for Theo, then Refi, comb, steel, Auto.
    but Maybe feud, chiv, lead, conscr, tactics, and Machine tools first? Are Superhiways worth the end of upgrades for defense?

    420 Econ => electr. Salzburg. Spanish Withdraw.
    Tell Wilaya silk to Berlin (d, 204) Valencia Silver to Berlin (u, 164). Wah – no advance this turn.
    440 Babylon builds INC . Nina Silk to Berlin (d, 198) Izibia Silk to Berlin (d, 600)
    460* Electr => Steam Engine. Babylon coal to Berlin (u, 242) Hut: 50g. Sparta gold to Babylon (d, 174)
    I will do RR next, and spam vans for Darwin
    Set lux back to 30 - Babylon still celebrates. Germans: give Bridges for Peace.
    480 Steam => RR Delhi builds King Richard. Babylon spice to Berlin (u, 236) unlocks silk again.. Nina Silk to Berlin (d, 192) Naples Silk to Berlin (d, 330)
    500 Bergen on island 14. Venice (dye producer) Milan (also dye.), Germans: WAR. Kill German catapult.
    520 RR => Ind. Larsa Silk to Berlin (d, 208). Eridu Coal to Babylon (d, 67)
    Frankfurt bribed. Ghent (dye producer)
    540* Ind => Conscr. Germans develop Demo. Germans: peace. Barbs land near Berlin. Spanish kill my engineer. Samarra builds Darwin: Consc, Corp => Refrig.
    Cannae Silk to Berlin (d, 408) Babylon gems to Baerlin (u, 236) Crete Copper to Berlin (d, 196)
    560. Refrig => Feud. Bach first, then Auto. Pisa. Dublin. Indians: they withdraw.
    Capua Silk to Berlin (d, 210) Cardiff Silk to Berlin (d, 456) Uruk Silk to Berlin (d, 558) Lisbon Copper to Babylon (d, 168)
    580 Feud => Steel Cremona Silk to Berlin (d, 468) Zamua Silk to Berlin (d, 540) Salamis Silk to Berlin (d, 294)
    600 Theo => Ind Caernarfon disbands, finally. Hut: 100g
    Cunaxa Silk to Berlin (d, 432)) Babylon Spice to Berlin (u, 242) Valencia coal to Babylon (d, 285). Salamis Silk to Berlin (d, 196). Cremona Silk to Berlin (d, 284). Sippar Coal to Babylon (d, 82) Ebla Gold to Babylon (d, 108) Akkad coal to Babyon (d, 58)

    Status 600AD:
    60C, 22 Eng. Gov: Demo MPE, Pyr, HG, MC, Copes, INC, GL, Leo, Darwin 51 tech, res Steel
    1 phalanx, 51 Rifle 8 Horse, 5 Crooks, 2 Dip, 1 Destroyer, 1 Frigate.
    13 Transport , 19 freight
    – vans delivered for Bach

    How did I do?
    Continue 1 tech/turn. I got 10 techs, but I missed a tech twice.
    Spam silk deliveries √
    Need to expand to 70 cities. - only 60, but still a good turnset.
    Build 15 engineers. √
    Babylon size 28 – may need Shakes. - only size 23. Still more irrigation needed. So far, Shakes not needed.
    Darwin √
    Magellan is fun - no. Adam Smith could be good. - no Womens Suffrage after Ind. - we'll see
    Need to start roading for Auto, esp. rivers. √
    Island 5 roading and RR - in progress. RR finished in 1 turn and then revise shipchain.
    Island 14 development - cities OK. RR done soon
    Island 20 – settle (there will still be barbs there) - moving there now.
    4 more cities around Chicago/Boston. Vans and roads if possible – only 2. It’s slow. All plains.
    Spain: Bribe Barb frigate and nearby Spanish city - √
    2 more eng to complete roads. - take it easy!
    German island: Leipzig: musket, eng, hides vans, road 8 sq - no - German War slowed growth
    bribe Frankfurt - √
  12. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Log 600AD to 800AD

    Plan for 800
    Best plan is to prepare for 2-turn techs. The civ still needs roads, RR, and irrigation,
    Bach is next turn, but CFC is necessary to celebrate.
    I’m running out of trade options. Koenigsberg wants Hides and Hamburg wants Beads. There is still the coal/Gold in Babylon.
    3 routes each city should be possible in all cities over size 5
    Temple, MP in all cities.
    Tech path: steel, refin, comb, Auto. Detour to Chiv and Leadership if necessary
    Conquer or Bribe Atlanta
    Conquer Madrid, bribe all the other Spanish cities
    4 more cities W of Celt lands. Road network

    620* Steel => Gen Eng Samarra builds Bach. Prague Coal to Babylon (d, 100) Verona Dye to Berlin (d, 132) Akkad wool to Berlin (u, 224) Akkad Gold to Berlin (u, 224) 2Hamburg coal to Babylon (d, 187)
    640. Gen Eng => refining. Madrid emptied by Destroyer and conquered.
    Hindana Gold to Babylon (d, 216). Cunaxa Coal to Babylon (d, 244). Salzburg Copper to Berlin (d, 200) Milan Dye to Berlin (d, 244) Venice Dye to Berlin (d, 156)
    660. Refining => combustion. Seville subverted (x2).
    Leipzig hides to Bombay (d, 112) that was a bust. Frankfurt silk to Delhi (d, 168). Babylon Gems to Berlin (u, 242). No Science this turn.
    680. Bergen Silk to Eridu (d, 164) Akkad Hides to Hamburg (d, 396) Valencia Hides to Hamburg (d, 248). 20 Melbourne
    700*. Combustion => Chiv Babylon size 25. Sydney.
    Akkad Hides to Hamburg (d, 432) Naples Beads to Hamburg (d, 192) Lisbon beads to Hamburg (d, 52) Cremona Coal to Babylon (d, 215) San Franisco Coal to Babylon (u, 132) Chicago gold to Babylon (d, 128) Ellipi coal to Babylon (d, 150) Zamua goal to Babylon *d, 120)
    720 Chiv => leadership. Shuruppak salt to Babylon (u, 64g) Issus Coal to Babylon (d, 214) Cardiff Coal to Babylon (d, 97) Adab gold to Babylon (d, 256) Ashur Coal to Babylon (d, 100). Babylon Spice to Berlin (u, 242) Akkad Hides to Hamburg (d, 448) Lagash hides to Hamburg (d, 260)
    740 Leadership => Auto. Samarra builds Cure for Cancer. . Hut: barb knights on small island.
    Camarthern Gold to Babylon (d, 92) Kells gold to Babylon (d, 116) Salamis gold to Babylon (d, 102) Ebla gold to Babylon (d, 220) Venice gold to Babylon (d, 104)
    760 Auto => Electronics. Many cities in celebration. Barb Leader (150g) Toledo bribed 2x; Spanish destroyed. No respawn.
    Cunaxa gold to Babylon (d, 292) Akkad Hides to Hamburg (d, 468) Crete hides to Hamburg (d, 148) 2x.
    780* Electronics -> Mass prod. Babylon builds Superhiways.
    Sparta wine to Babylon (u, 112). Lagash hides to Hamburg (d, 268) Adab hides to Hamburg (d, 216) Babylon gems to Berlin (u, 408) Ghent Silk to Berlin (d, 390) Cunaxa Gold to Babylon (d, 440).
    800 Mass Prod => Atom Theo. New Ashur. New Ellipi. New Akkad Canal near English. Superhiways in Nineveh, Akkad, Lavash.
    Valencia hides to Hamburg (d, 146) Akkad hides to Hamburg (d, 846) that was good. Naples gems to Berlin (u, 160). Elippi gems to Berlin (u, 116) Prague oil to Berlin (u, 170)

    Status 800Ad
    72C, 1 sett, 22 eng gov: Demo MPE, Pyr, HG, MC, Copes, INC, GL, Leo, Darwin, Bach, CfC 60 tech, res Atom theo.
    1 phalanx, 47 rifle, 16 dragoons, 1 frigate, 1 destroyer, 1 dip
    14 transport, 43 vans.
    Space flight in 9 moves.

    How did I do?
    So I accomplished most of my plans but still no 1-turn techs from my own science.
    3 routes in all cities over size 5. - not yet, but pretty close
    Temple, MP in all cities. - not yet at all.
    Build rail networks - this was better - almost all finished.
    Steel, refin, comb, Auto. Detour to Chiv and Leadership if necessary. √+ 9 techs this cycle
    Conquer or Bribe Atlanta not yet
    Conquer Madrid, bribe all the other Spanish cities √
    4 more cities W of Celt lands √
  13. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Log 800AD to Space Flight

    Plan for 1000
    To land before 1000 needs 2-tech turns.
    I get 2307 beakers at 100% science. (1650 at 30% lux) I need 2340 for advances. I need to give a ton of tech to my key civ (Indians). They have 26 techs.
    Giving the Indians nearly everything gets it down to 1620. Giving them absolutely everything gets it to. 1560. But I don’t want them to have submarines yet.
    Structures cost me 118/turn. I should build Adam Smith.
    Clearly could use more libraries too
    need 10 more techs: need 9 for Apollo
    Tactics, Machine Tools, Flight, Radio
    Min, Mass Prod, Adv Fl, Rockets, Space.
    Supermarket in Kells before it starves
    Babylon is at size 27 and has only 5 more irr units.
    Akkad could use some work too. Also Lagash and Hindana

    800 end of turn Give Indians 29 techs. Not Electricity or combustion. Kells Coal to Babylon (d, 167)
    820 Atom Theo,Tactics => Flight. My first 2-tech turn!
    Adab hides to Hamburg (d, 216) Nina Wine to Hindana (d, 217)Toronto Copper to Babylon (d, 120). Seville Hides to Hamburg (d, 208) Akkad Hides to Hamburg (d, 846) Valencia Hides to Hamburg (d, 248) Zamua Wine to Larsa (d, 155) Ghent Dye to Berlin (d, 260) last before Colossus ends…
    Switch production to maximize science. Many cities have food shortage, but thanks to Pyramids, no crises.
    840. Flight, Machine Tools => Radio.
    Crete hides to Hamburg (d, 99) - the Flight penalty is annoying. Valencia Hides to Hamburg (d, 139). Akkad Hides to Hamburg (d, 548) (Superhiways!) Lagash hides to Hamburg (d, 308) Barcelona Gold to Babylon (d, 230) Verona gold to Babylon (d, 432) Cordoba coal to Babylon (d, 227).
    860* Radio, Min => Computers. Akkad no longer producing hides. Wah. Bribe American elephant for 108g.
    Frankfurt coal to Babylon (d, 277) Cannae gold to Babylon (d, 223) Boston gold to Babylon (d, 230 New Babylon coal to Babylon (d, 120) Lagash Hides to Hamburg ( d, 344) Elippi Wine to Lisbon (d, 100) Adab hides to Hamburg (d, 126). Tell Wilaya spice to Akkad (d, 360) Kish spice to Babylon (u, 98). This fills the science box.
    Crisis: No more 1-turn Science. --Adding trade routes to Babylon now:
    Issus Oil to Babylon (u, 104) 2Hamburg gems to Babylon (u, 103) Sparta Wine to Babylon (u, 78) Shuruppak silver to Babylon (u, 67) Dublin Beads to Babylon (u, 67) Camarthen beads to Babylon (u, 37) Nippur wine to Babylon (u, 32) San Francisco oil to Babylon (u, 69) Milan Silver to Babylon (u, 67)
    Prepare for Apollo. Need 12 vans connected by RR. should do it in Samarra and jump to it after the Babylon van.
    Techbomb Indians? not yet.
    Libraries? Lets try delivering 1500g and buying libraries.
    2Hamburg Cloth to Babylon (u, 103) Telloh beads to Babylon (u, 121) Salamanca wool to Babylon (u, 74) Zariqim silver to Babylon (u, 50)
    Ashur Cloth to Babylon (u, 40) Nimrud Beads to Babylon (u, 97) Ghent Oil to Babylon (u, 80)Pisa Oil to Babylon (u, 55) Eridu Silver to Salzburg )d, 64)
    Buy some libraries. That was enough - back to 2-tech turns.
    880 Computers, Adv Flight => Rockets.
    Salamis Cloth to Leipzig (u, 121) Akkad Oil to Leipzig (u, 272) Leipzig Silver to Babylon (u, 234) Zariqim cloth to Babylon (u, 50)
    Cordoba Gold to Babylon (d, 282) fills Gold delivery. Frankfurt cloth to Babylon (u, 115) opens gold. Lagash Hides to Hamburg (d, 344). Madrid gold to Babylon (d, 258)
    Almost at 2-turn tech. Gift Indians 6 techs. Down to 1904. Science 2081 Now we get 2-turn tech.
    Ghent Oil to Babylon (u, 63) New Ur dye to Babylon (u, 113)
    Buy MP in Naples and Izibia.
    900 Rockets, Space Flight. => Plastics. With zoom trick, Samarra builds Apollo. New Eridu. New Samarra.
    Babylon gems to Cremona (d, 362) Chicago gems to Babylon (u, 55) Milan Oil to Babylon (u, 74) Salzburg Coal to Babylon (d, 145) Lagash hides to Hamburg (d, 344) Cordoba Silk to Berlin (d, 372)
    Only one tech this turn - no tweaks available.
    Need to build Space ship fast. Best size: 15 - 3/3 – 1/1/1 arrival 15 years
    SO: plan to build in 960 and launch in 980 for a triple digit finish!!
    This is going to be tight. (in the end I did not make it)

    (These turns took a very long time in RL)
  14. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Wow. Amazing game grigor. You rarely play spaceship and yet you are doing so well. Railroad around 500 and Mass Production by 800 are rare achievements.
  15. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1 to +500
    I am not pleased with my progress in this period. I spent the whole time growing via celebrations and trading. Both worthy goals but this is supposed to be a conquest game and at +500 I yet have to conquer a single rival city. My forces are on their way to Carthaginian empire which is pretty weak due to much warfare with Celts but somehow I expected better even though I achieved all my stated goals at +1 for this period. Furthermore, no disasters happened in this period to derail me. I am hoping the next period goes better now that my growth is maxed out for the most part, I have all the techs I need and all the essential wonders are either built or will be very soon.

    +0020 -> Iron Working. None archer from polar hut. Construction -> Celt -> Math. Philosophy, Republic -> German (4) -> Seafaring, maps.
    +0040 Spice to NY for 30.
    +0060 100g+25g from polar huts. Deliveries to Germans for 328, 200.
    +0080 Iron Working -> Bridge Building. Dezful founded as the first city on island 2. Silk to Boston for 120. Hides to Konigsberg for 328, 48. T0L6S4
    +0100 Domestic Silk for 72.
    +0120 Bridge Building -> Feudalism. T1L8S1
    +0140 Adab founded near Celts. Domestic Dye to Babylon for 64.
    +0180 Shush founded on island 2. University and None crusader from polar huts. T2L8S0
    +0200 Pishavar founded on island 5. 25g form polar hut.
    +0220 Barbarian ship stops by undefended Shush founded 2 turns ago but does not disembark.
    +0240 2 barbarian legions land near Shush. Barbarians take Frankfurt. Shushtar founded on island 2. None legion from Indian hut.
    +0260 Barbarians capture Shush and advance towards Shushtar. Barracks sold to raise funds to rush a diplomat in Shushtar.
    +0280 Copper from Colossus city to Berlin for 500 (capped). T1L8S1. Barbarian legion bribed for 82g. T2L7S1
    +0300 Nomad from polar hut. T2L6S2
    +0320 Legion on hilltop survives barbarian legion and turns vet. Feudalism -> Theology. Deliveries to Germans for 472, 344, 170. Shush bribed back for 26g; got a legion. T1L8S1
    Analysis: Next turn I will build a 300 shield wonder. It could be Great Wall or Sun Tzu. No one else has Feudalism, but all except Germans have Masonry and 3 of the rivals have been building Great Library for quite some time now. The moment one finishes, another can grab Great Wall. Hence it is better to get Great Wall now and Sun Tzu later.
    +0340 Theology -> Chivalry. Great Wall built. Deliveries to barbarian Frankfurt for 230, 136. Silk to Berlin for 558. Republic -> Celt (2) -> Wheel, maps. Construction -> German (5) -> Banking, maps. Got all other rival's maps too.
    +0360 Celts build Pyramids. Chivalry -> Medicine.
    +0380 Barbarian Frankfurt bribed for 104g; got 2 archers and a diplomat. None crusader from polar hut.
    +0400 Chariot kills barbarian archer approaching Frankfurt. Economics and Engineering from huts.
    +0420 Wool to Hamburg for 184.
    +0440 Archer kills barbarian archer approaching Frankfurt. Domestic Hides for 192. Undemanded Silk to Berlin for 204.
    +0460 Nomad builds channel city of Telloh at 18,20.
    +0480 Germans capture Boston! This is great news, since it can likely be bribed for cheap. Barbarian leader in Spain for 150g. Legion from hut.
    +0500 Kharg founded on island 16. No more celebrations possible: T3L6S1

    Status at +500
    Population: 5.4M; Cities: 33; Techs: 32; Government: Republic
    Gold: 341; Cost: 37; Trade routes: 10D15F;
    Wonders: Colossus, Marco, Michelangelo, Great Wall
    Units: 19 settlers (1 none), 25 warriors, 5 Phalanx, 8 Archers, 4 Legion, 1 horseman, 1 chariot, 4 Crusader, 9 Trireme, 4 diplomats, 11 vans, 2 explorers
    Goals: Revolution next turn and switch back to Monarchy, Sun Tzu in a few turns, Bach, Adam Smith?, bribing of Boston, conquest (One boat with 2 vet crusaders already by a Carthaginian city, another boat on its way; will open a second front on the west soon)
    Celt: 7 cities, 18 techs; Pyramids; war with Spanish
    German: 5 cities, 20 techs; Hanging Gardens
    Spanish: 8 cities, 15 techs; war with Carthaginians and Celts
    American: 2 cities, 13 techs;
    Carthaginian: 3 cities, 9 techs; war with Spanish
    Indian: 6 cities, 17 techs
  16. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Finally found the time to finish and submit my game today. I always seem to lack the motivation to play on after launch...
    As I mentioned before, I decided early on to go for a full ship instead of an early on, so this peariod was about trade, a little more expansion and pre-building vans.

    Stats at 500AD:
    pop.: 7.05M; Cities: 40; techs: 48; gold: 1113; Gov.: Rep; wonders: Pyr, HG, MPE, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Darwin, Cure; TR: 2D/42F
    units: 24 engineer, 22 musc, 2 horse, 1 cannon, 13 boat, 3 dip, 8 van, 1 explorer
    Goals: Bach next turn, demo the turn after, then celebrations; expand some more, complete railroad network, build more roads around Berlin

    520 Hammaburg founded; 96, 160; Revolution, get 175g tribute from Celts; Spain 200, China 100, Carths 200
    (3 Barb knights attack Uruk, defense holds)
    540 Demo established; Prag founded; musc from polar hut; sign alliance with India
    560 Electr.->Refining; Salzburg founded; 328, 465, 206
    580 Ref.->Steel; 276, 152, 206, 244, 204, 328
    600 Steel->Conscription; 210, 240, 352, 305, 230
    620 Conscr.->Combustion; Bergen, Venedig (near Spain) founded; 315, 605, 252, 336, 140, 212
    640 Comb.->Automobile; Oasis (cont. 5), Ghent (cont. 20) founded; 270, 328, 264, 180, 200, 126, 112
    660 Auto->Gravity; Subvert revolting New York for 2*259 (76 back); musc from polar hut, disbanded; 708, 400, 184
    680 Grav.->Mass Prod.; Pisa founded; 448, 756, 435
    (Barbs show up and capture New York! Ouch!)
    700 MassP.->Electronics; 254, 102, 148, 852, 702
    720 Electron.->Chivalry; Bribe New York back for 104 (get 1 g + 2 crusaders); 396, 450, 366, 152, 158
    740 Chiv.->Leadership; Dublin founded; 537, 516, 330, 280
    760 Leader->Tactics; 352, 277, 441, 1206
    780 Tactics->Mob. Warf.; Hoover Dam built; 342, 194, 972, 492
    800 Mob.->Machine Tools; 568, 558, 618, 264, 677; 3 tanks will be ready in 3 turns to attack Celts, they are at war with Carths, this might open up a window
    820 Mach.->Mini; 420, 309, 777
    840 Mini->Computer; 882, 996
    860 Comp.->Robotics; 482, 384, 604, 528, 831; hail Carths, but no invitation to war with Celts...
    880 Rob.->Commy(Not going to get a full ship ready before 1000, so we will do some conquest first); 957, 50, 690, 990,
    900 Commy->Atomic Theory; UN built; Sneak attack Carths, senate agrees! We capture Cardiff (84g), bribe Caernarfon for 136 (33); 318, 43, 588, 540, 432
    920 Atomic->Recycling; Kells destroyed; 540, 230, 1106, 304, 393
    940 Recycl.->Nucl. Fission; Capture Carmarthen for 65g, Celts down to 1 city; 691, 1070, 558, 432
    960 Fission->Power; Adam Smith built; 212, 727, 602, 405, 318
    980 NPower->Flight; Barb leader 150; Bribe Armargh for 189 (149 back), Celts assimilated; 1314, 996, 1022, 862, 1062; cancel most celebrations and raise science instead
    1000 Flight->Radio->Adv. Flight; SETI + Newton built; Barb leader 150; 630, 768, 312, 260, 236

    Stats at 1000AD:
    pop.: 38.0M; Cities: 54; techs: 72; gold: 8676; Gov.: Dem; wonders: Pyr, HG, MPE, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Bach, Newton Adam Smith, Darwin, Hoover, UN, SETI, Cure; TR: ?D/?F
    units: 43 engineer, 2 musc, 35 rifle, 2 horse, 1 crusader, 4 tank, 1 cannon, 15 boat, 1 dip, 70 van, 1 explorer
    Goals: Full spaceship and some more conquest
  17. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +500 to +1000

    The conquest I have been preparing for all game, finally happened in this period and with the exception of Indians it went better than expected. Indians had city walls in all their major cities and several (3-4) vet defenders. Thankfully they did not have Feudalism. Over 90% of my casualties were against Indians.

    +0520 Revolution started. Celt, American -> 150g; German -> 0g; Spanish, Carthaginian -> 100g; Indian -> 250g. Single warrior defending Malaca killed and the city captured for 4g and barracks.
    +0540 Monarchy established. T6L3S1
    +0560 Carthaginian elephant kills my vet crusader and is killed by my other crusader. Silk to Washington for 132.
    +0580 Thanks to Great wall my warrior survives one barbarian knight before being killed by the second one saving the city; reinforcements are on their way. Medicine -> Sanitation. 2 Carthaginian units killed. Boston subverted for 2x150g. Got 31g, barracks, and archer.
    +0600 Barbarian knight killed in attack on my city. Sun Tzu built. Domestic coal for 140. Spanish -> 50g; Indian -> 0g. Lost 2 None crusaders on walled Delhi.
    +0620 Silk to Madras for 276. Celt -> 25g. Caernarfon subverted for 2x460g. Got 5g, phalanx, and archer.
    +0640 Germans build Great Library; Indians switch to Lighthouse; Spanish switch to and build Lighthouse; Indians abandon. Caravan survives barbarian knight thanks to Great Wall. Horseman kills Carthaginian catapult and turns vet. Hides to Hamburg for 352. German trireme bribed for 132g.
    +0660 Carthaginians kill a crusader. Spice to Carthage for 174. Lost my horseman attacking Utica. Carthaginian catapult killed.
    +0680 Legion on hilltop survives Indian elephant and turns vet. Sanitation -> Invention. Domestic Coal for 60. Deliveries to Germans for 224, 272. Phalanx defending Utica killed and the city captured for 13g.
    +0720 Bach built. 2 Phalanx defending Carthage killed despite its city walls by two vet units and the city captured for 19g. Carthaginian civilization destroyed. Greeks appear in a heavily forested unsettled peninsula off of the north end of continent 1. My canal city of Telloh is the closest city to them. This is not bad. I also have a boat and an explorer nearby as well.
    +0740 Dye to Germans for 128. Izeh founded. Single defender of Celtic Leptis Parva killed and the city taken for 12g. Celtic Trireme bribed for 154g.
    +0760 Celts and Spanish reach peace. Celtic Caerphilly bribed for 116g. Got 10g and Phalanx. Celtic elephant killed. Celtic Panormus bribed for 138g. Got 9g, Phalanx, and settler. Gems to Washington for 72. Gold to Germans for 300. Zahedan founded.
    +0780 Celts kill a crusader. Invention -> Chemistry. Deliveries to Indians for 44, 52. 2 defenders of Armagh killed. Domestic Spice for 147. Tus founded.
    +0800 Indians lose an elephant attacking my vet legion on hilltop. Celts lose an archer attacking me before killing a crusader. Armagh captured for 22g. 2 defenders of Cardiff killed and the city captured for Pyramids and 21g. Domestic Dye for 94.
    +0820 Celtic phalanx killed. Spanish -> 75g; American -> 50g; German -> 25g. Spanish Cordoba subverted for 2x395g. Got Lighthouse, 38g, temple, and 2 archers. Greek settler, which has been moving around looking for fertile land, trapped in a corner by my explorer.
    +0840 Archer survives barbarian chariot and turns vet. Germs to Spanish for 96. Lost 2 vet units attacking walled Delhi. Need to bring a larger force. Bangalore bribed for 452g. Got 48g and 3 soldiers.
    +0860 Spanish -> 0g; American, German -> 50g.
    +0880 Indians lose another elephant attacking my hilltop vet legion. Once again Shush is attacked by barbarians. It survives one barbarian knight, but the second one kills the defender, and the third one (off of a trireme!) takes the city; commodity van lost. Celtic elephant killed. Gems to Berlin for 282. Spanish -> 0g; German -> 50g. Walled Madrid attacked with 4 vet units; 2 lost and 2 defenders killed. Celtic settler bribed for 180g; turned into nomad. Spansih settler bribed for 240g; turned into nomad. 2 defenders of Spanish Valencia killed and the city razed for 10g.
    +0900 Spanish use several units attacking me. Indian diplomat gets as far as Boston, but rather than bribing it steals pottery! Lost 2 vet units attacking walled Madras. Celtic Tintagel bribed for 165g. Got 27g and phalanx. Celtic Carmathen bribed for 162g. Got 15g, barracks, and legion. Celtic civilization destroyed. There is no immediate respawn. Barbarian knight bribed for 82g. It kills the other knight in Shush which is now defenseless. Last defender of Madrid killed with one of the two remaining attackers and the city captured for 61g and city walls. Spanish Cadiz bribed for 183g; Barcelona for 60g; Saragossa for 177g. Deliveries to Germans for 168, 120.
    +0920 Chemistry -> Gunpowder. No white respawn. This likely means no good spots are left which is great news. Beads to Spanish for 52. Shush liberated; its harbor stands. Spanish Toledo razed.
    +0940 Adam Smith built. Gold to NY for 60. Tabas founded. Gems to Germans for 198. German -> 0g. Berlin stormed with 2 crusaders and 3 knights. 2 knights are lost before the 3 defenders of the city are killed and the city captured for Hanging Gardens, Great Library, Astronomy, 141g, and 2 structures. T5L4S1
    +0960 Wide spread celebrations in even-sized cities. Leptis Magna founded. Silver to NY for 37. 2 Indian units killed. German settler killed.
    +0980 Germans kill 2 units. Spanish Valladolid bribed for 116; Seville for 168. Spanish civilization destroyed. No immediate respawn. Karachi bribed for 164g. Single defender of Lahore killed and the city captured for 39g. German Konigsberg bribed for 330g; Leipzig for 434g. German catapult killed. Hamburg bribed for 354g. German civilization destroyed. No immediate respawn. Domestic wine for 45.
    +1000 Canal city of Nina founded. Greek settler killed. No immediate respawn. 3 vet units lost on Calcutta.

    Status at +1000
    Population: 9.2M; Cities: 65; Techs: 37; Government: Monarchy
    Gold: 372; Cost: 10; Trade routes: 67;
    Wonders: All ancient ones except Oracle, Marco, Michelangelo, Sun Tzu, Bach, Adam Smith
    Units: 34 settlers, 22 warriors, 14 Phalanx, 18 Archers, 6 Legion, 14 pikemen, 22 Crusader, 7 knights, 23 Trireme, 14 diplomats, 8 vans, 2 explorers
    Goals: Conquest
    Celt: Destroyed by me
    German: Destroyed by me
    Spanish: Destroyed by me
    American: 2 cities, 17 techs;
    Carthaginian: Destroyed by me
    Greek: Destroyed by me
    Indian: 4 cities, 22 techs; war with me
  18. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1000 to end

    I left Americans to the end thinking with only 2 cities they ought to be quick. Their defenses were as tough as Indians. They delayed final conquest by a turn and could have caused even more delays.

    +1020 Barbarians land near Madras and kill 2 Indian units. Indian archer killed.
    +1040 2 defenders of Bombay killed and the city captured for 55g. Calcutta bribed for 460g.
    +1060 Ebla founded near India. Undemanded delivery to Madras for 63. Madras bribed for 770g.
    +1080 8 units storm Delhi killing its 4 defenders with 2 casualties. Delhi captured for 100g. Indian civilization destroyed. Mongols appear where the Greeks used to be; Trireme is near by.
    +1100 Mongol settler killed. No immediate respawn. Washington attacked with 3 vet units. All 3 get killed. Despite having no walls, I lose 2 vet units attacking NY before its 2 defenders are killed and the city captured for 58g. Domestic Silk for 27, 75. Tonb founded.
    +1120 Americans kill an archer. King Richard and Leo built. Attacked Washington with 6 units and lost 3 vet crusaders before taking out Washington's 3 defenders. American civilization destroyed.

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