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[Civ2] GOTM 188 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by catalin72, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Played and logged this map previously as an unlimited city game and now will play it as a One City game on the land locked 3 special site mentioned in the download thread. Not only is the civ unable to reach civs on separate lands, but there are also no foreign civs on our land, so any foreign trade is completely dependent upon being able to bribe a boat at some point. More than likely this is an unwinnable game without the ability to trade and/or steal and especially on this Large map where foreign civs are likely to become pretty good sized.

    Pre 2700 highlights: Build on landlocked 3 special site, plain @ 57/59. Road on buffalo. Mine and road on wine, 2 roads on plains, irrigation on grass/river/shield. First size one settler built. Starting game already with Alphabet, chose Code as the first tech to research, then Writing which will complete in 2650.
    2700: Completion of 2nd size 1 settler with 20 food in the box. > Warrior.
    2650: Size 1 > 2. One of 2 supported settler's joins city, 2 > 3. Lux to 60% to initiate a warrior aided celebration. (We are not ready to celebrate a size 4 at the moment and will evaluate next turn whether it will work to join another settler at this point and keep celebrating). Writing > Literacy.
    2600: Now celebrating, the other supported settler is able to join city 3 > 4. 10 net shields will build a 2nd warrior which is the only way to maintain the celebration. Celebration benefits as compared to normal despotism include 2 extra shields (buffalo and grape mine), 2 extra food (Pheasant and irrigated grass) and 1 extra trade from the wine (which goes towards the 4 lux) and allows Lux rate to be 50% instead of 60. All of these benefits come at the sacrifice of 3 gold. Science of 4 is equal to what the city would be producing apart from celebration. Another benefit is that celebrating and at size 4 the city is able to produce the clean and overwhelmingly valuable number of 10 net shields. Given the landscape and limited access to ocean or river, the city will require the irrigation of 7 squares before the original buffalo can receive irrigation.
    2550: 2nd Warrior > Library.
    2350: Previous Pheasant is now a Buffalo. 11 net shields. Road is next which will add 1 gold to the 4 science and 4 Lux.
    2150: Literacy > Republic. Library > One Diplomat before starting a wonder. 6 science now... times 10 turns is the perfect 60 beakers needed for reaching oedo 1650.
    2000: Dip > Wonder
    1800: Beaker demand shifts from 60 to 48. I don't trust it to not shift back, so i will plan to complete Rep early.
    1750: Republic > Bronze.
    1700: Revolution
    1650 Step into Republic. Disband both warriors into wonder production. Lux set to celebrate.
    1600: Celebration underway. Irrigation on 2nd plain completes to provide the necessary food surplus.
    1550: 4 > 5. Celebration ends for now.
    1350: Connecting irrigation finally allows the previoiusly pheasant and now buffalo square to receive irrigation.
    1100 COLOSSUS > Colossus as place holder for now.
    650: MARCO'S
    475: Temple
    and celebration > Colosseum.
    450: 5 > 6.
    425: 6 > 7
    400: 7 > 8.
    With three good buildings to decide between. limited food surplus at the moment leads me to choose the one which emerges next turn and the one that will provide the greatest immediate benefit.
    375: Marketplace > Colosseum.
    275: Colosseum > Aquaduct (Later will switch to Bank)
    225: First hut of game hoping each time hereafter for an unchartered tech: 50 gold.
    150: Bank > Aquaduct.
    125: 2nd hut of game: Math
    100: Celebration.
    75: Aquaduct > Caravan for Wonder building. 8 > 9. 3rd hut of game: 50 gold.
    50: 9 > 10
    25: 10 > 11. 4th hut of game, 3 barb horses. Bribe one (none) which kills one of the others and in turn gets killed by the third.
    1ad: 11 > 12. Zero food surplus. Dip bribes the third barb horse since it is a none.

    1ad Summary: Size 12 Republic, landlocked with no boats and no trade routes. Wonders: Marcos, Colossus. Buildings: Library, Temple, Marketplace, Colosseum, Bank, Aquaduct. Units: 1 settler, 1 food caravan, 1 diplomat, 1 legion. 20 net shields. 25 techs.

    40: 5th hut: 25 gold.
    80: > Astronomy. Science set to 80% as a precaution since Egypt is researching Astronomy and is building a wonder. with only a library to enhance beaker production, the tech will take 17 turns. If somehow able to get this tech from somebody (and only Egypt is researching it), i will hopefully be able to choose Sani next or secondarily University.
    140: Lux to 0. Sale of Colosseum.
    160: Shakespeares > Food caravan.
    200 ad: Egypt runs out of wonders to switch to and is forced to abandon which makes my situation much less tense and i am looking very good to get Copernicus which is my greatest hope in staying in this no boat and no same land neighbors game with no ability to land caravans. (Shakes/GW/Oracle all got snatched from Egypt's reach). Seeking each turn in cease fire to make war with Egypt in the hopes i will be able to trade them for Astronomy the turn they get it which will likely be before me. Nobody else is researching it. They have Great Library which makes them my most formidible adversary in the tech race and i only have one tech they need which is horse... and the inability to gift them a tech and to have one left over to trade with them makes it very difficult and likely impossible to pick up Astronomy from them.
    260: 6th hut: Tribe. 2nd try: 6th hut: Astronomy. Best possible outcome. Science to 20%, Tax to zero. will now be able to afford one turn cara rushes towards Copernies. Currently have 2 Caras, a third one next turn and 5 in 3 turns. Ironically even though Egypt has GL and only one tech fewer than me, i will gift Astronomy to them in the hopes that they develop something new that i will eventually get from them. No more huts on my land. 2 huts of 6 were techs, Math and Astronomy. With very little food surplus, my preferred path is now Uni before Engin/Sani and once i have Copernicus, i intend to build some settlers to pick up the pace on all of the irrigation that is needed. As well a couple of the other civs are researching Engin and i will likely get it from them. Very possibly i would go for Theory of Gravity after Uni before (Engin)/Sani. At some point i will station diplomats on in several sectors of my land in the hopes of bribing at least one boat which would change my situation dramatically.
    280: Astronomy > University. 20% science until Copernies. At size 12, my 2 forests are necessary to maintain 20 shields.
    300: 4th Cara > 5th. Treasury: 52 gold.
    320: 5th Cara > Copernicus. Can't afford rushing the wonder or another cara this turn, will complete Copernies in 2 aided by a disbanding Legion to allow for the next settler while maintaining 20 net shields.
    360: Sci to 70%, Lux to 30.
    380: Copernicus > Settler. Celebration. Disband Legion.
    400 Celebration. Settler > Food Caravan. 12 > 12. Not enough food surplus for another settler without losing the size 12 and it would also take us from 20 shields to a much less desirable 19. Will for now make it work with the 2 settlers.
    440: Food Caravan > Building to become University.
    460: University (tech) > Economics. > University (building). Rationing gold including in saving up for a Stock Exchange to follow as well as 2-turn Caravans, rush this building to 100 rather than 160 and it will be completed in 3 turns. First two of these three turns, Gold to 80%. Treasury: 167
    500: Science to 80%. Greeks develop Engineering. Incited war with them in the hopes of trading for it next turn.
    520: University (building) > Food Caravan. Greeks are building Rick's and won't trade Engin.
    600: Food Caravan > Building to become Stock Exchange. Sioux and egypt pick up Engin too and none will trade it at the moment.
    620: Treasury 239 gold.
    640: Economics > Theory of Gravity. Place holder > Stock Exchange. In rationing limited funds, building is rushed to 100 and will complete in 3 turns. Treasury: 122 gold.
    700: Stock Exchange > Food Caravan.
    820: Theory of Gravity > Engineering. Not quite ready in terms of resources to build Isaac's. Greeks complete Richard's which frees up Engineering towards Sani and which my food surplus is now well ready for. Paid 50 tribute to Greece for cease fire, able to trade for Engineering, peace. Tax to 80% to store up some gold until the turn Isaac's is completing at which point science goes to 80%.
    840: Engineering > Sanitation. 7th Food Caravan > Isaacs. Again with limited funds, will complete this wonder in 3 turns.
    900: Isaac's > Food Caravan.
    980: Sanitation > Invention. Tax to 80% to allow one of the other civs to complete Invention before me in the hopes of trading for it. Food surplus and 20 shields can not coexist so the perfect plan to celebrate the turn Sani completed and to rush Sewer to 100 shields on this turn with 20 shields to finish it was not going to work out this time. Will need to leave the mined grape unworked until the celebration is completed or until the supported Settler gets disbanded.
    1000: Celebration
    1010: Sewer > Food Caravan. 12 > 13.
    1020: 13 > 14.
    1030: 14 > 15.
    1040: 15 > 16. Back to 20 net shields.
    1050: 16 > 17.
    1060: 17 > 18.
    1070: 18 > 19. Completion of irrigation on final square and there is no more work to be done in the city until Explosives and then Refrigeration.
    1080: 19 > 20. Disbanding of supported settler.
    1090: 20 > 21. No remaining food surplus and as a result, celebration comes to an end for now. Treasury has built up over several turns of 70% tax to 848 Gold. Science is adjusted to 20% for now and this yields a 13 turn tech rate as other civs research Invention as well. Max science including utilizing the one specialist as a scientist is able to complete a tech every 3 turns.

    1090 ad Summary: Size 21 Republic, landlocked with no boats and no trade routes. Wonders: Marcos, Colossus, Shakespeare's, Copernicus, Isaac's. Buildings: Library, Temple, Marketplace, Colosseum, Bank, Aquaduct, University, Stock Exchange, Sewer. Units: 1 settler (none), 5 food caravans, 1 diplomat, 1 horse (none). 27 net shields. 31 techs with Invention in progress. In this no-trade game, i could have exchanged for about 4 additional techs if i had wanted them, but for now they are unhelpful and they only create an additional beaker cost to techs i am needing to research for myself. In games where trade caravans are doing most of the work, this works oppositely and i would have exchanged for the extra techs with only few exceptions such as with Feudalism. Treasury: 848 gold.
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