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GOTM 26 Spoiler II - Entering the industrial age; Full World Map.


Oct 5, 2001
Spoiler Warning: If you are playing the GOTM, and you have not yet reached the industrial age, and/or have not yet obtained the full world map (and have contact with all other civilizations) then READ NO FURTHER!

To participate / read this spoiler, you must have satisfied those conditions.

Please refrain from posting any screenshots that show the location of COAL, OIL, ALUMINIUM or URANIUM, or any references to where they may be found.

Domination victory in 730AD. Firaxis score 11658. Playtime about 24h.
14 Great Leaders total. I got very lucky with leaders, got one every time
I was needing one for wonder building. Did not do any research after Terra
Cotta. No libraries or aqueducts, just upgraded horsemen.

Here's a picture of my warring progress:

In the future, I should rearrange tiles used by towns for optimal usage.
Now I just left them growing without micromanagement. New technique for
me was early trade checking every turn, which was worth it.

Thanks to GOTM team for a nice setup & map.

From my prior post I showed the rings I wanted to get to provide my base to get a Space victory. That is accomplished now. Eliminated Baekje with Raj's help around 400AD and except for 1 Raj city in my 2nd ring of lower cities I'm sitting pretty. I have Collosus, GL, Sistenes, Leos and a recently acquired Newtons from a Military academy pre-build. I'm just getting ready to ally with Raj again to try and generate a leader to build a palace for lower ring. Other wise its 40-50 turns. I plan to trade and reserch to get TOE and then get tanks first to dent the Raj which is still on top right now. I'm a close 2nd. I've been giving good deals to lower civs to keep the tech pace rolling. Only Raj and Takada are up democracy on me. After this, hopefully final war against Gogury until I need to take a modern age bite out of Raj, I'm going to Republic to increase revenue. I am also building science like mad over the next 20 turns while paying big dollars to Takada and Raj to keep them from getting any ideas.

If anyone knows how to make this smaller without distorting picture please let me know.

[ptw] 1.27

1025BC - 270AD

Minor civs must be eliminated. I moved swords to south and took Coguryeo's 2 cities 630bc, and gained
control of the Pyramids. Then swords north and Khazar's 2 cities 350bc. Among weakened Baekje 510-170bc. Rider triggered GA 370bc. I was ready to go peaceful scientific mode.

550bc The Republic gambit finished it was known by Koreans and Takeda 650bc. I traded it for
Monotheism and made tech broke's to get Samurai Code. Son Buddhism 330bc ->Education 210bc -> Astronomy 110bc ->Banking 10bc ->trades for the bottom path ->Chemistry 90ad ->Physics 190ad ->I didn't want to cripple AI, I gifted techs to Korean, Takeda, Rajaputana and Ottomans. ->Theory of Gravity 270ad. By then AI had Metallurgy and Magnetism. I traded and entered to IA 270ad.

Tales of the 2 cores at 70ad. Palace is in south, it was frustrating to see 2 productive cities flipped to
Takeda in north (Tsingtao and Xinjian).

open - ptw 1.14f

Throughout the MA i removed the Mongols from our starting continent and built a lot of infrastructure (with the help of a GA). I also used a GL to build FP in the ex Mongol city of Karakorum.

Enter IA just before 1000 AD :(, and I'm still a few techs behind, but i'm starting to catch up. I'm in control of almost the entire norhtern half of my continent, and my most southern city lies on the exact tile where my southenr settler first started out (but never settled). I'm prepared to settle for this land and go for a Spaceship Victory. (I'm obviously gonna finish way behind the other posters here, but any victory will do on this difficulty for me)
[ptw] 1.27

Conquest win 910ad.

Main events were:
3900 BC
Found capital in N at settler factory site. Found second city in south.

1200-1150bc Khazars sneak attack and destroy all 3 southern cities. I never made peace with them.

Contact other continent with a galley and trade into medieval age. I gave them maps but not contacts. The Ai managed to make contact themselves in about 450bc; unfortunately this was before Son Buddhism and chivalry so I never managed any useful inter continental trades for these.
Unfortunately Baekji had Republic but I couldn’t afford it so had to self-research monarchy.

Research monarchy and draw 5 turn anarchy, remain as monarchy for duration of game.

Initially I intended to attack with riders, but it got very crowded in the N, so I changed tack to start with medieval infantry. Fortunately the Baekji and Koreans had been at war with one another for ages so they weren’t very strong. I started with the Baekji as they were tech leaders and had built Pyramids.

470bc –10bc Baekji war
then peace for tech, finally wiped them out after 20-turn peace in 370ad. No leaders but I did have a stroke of luck when the Baekji completed Sun Tzu’s in their capital the turn before I took it.

begins and rider production started. This was done by multiple horseman upgrades and repeatedly disconnecting iron.

330bc Khazars destroyed.
I took their cities but most of the fighting was by the Mongols (thanks). The Gogs took my old southern city from the Khazars.

10ad – 190ad Gogurgean destroyed.
Used a Great Leader to place palace in Shanghai (now filled with foreigners). I bought Invention from the Indians for about 42gpt (which I paid in full) about this time. Most research was done with a pointy stick though.

170-280ad Korean War
then peace for tech for 20 turns then destroyed (finally in 600ad). I got my first great leader during this war, about 8 turns before my self-build of Leos was due. Remarkably as I had had countless fruitless elite wins up to then, the very next elite win also produced a leader (I rushed Leo with the first one). The Koreans escaped with a settler in a boat for ages, as did various others (Mongols, Indians, Oda) later on.

320- 410 ad Indian War.
Mongols allied with me for this and earlier fights. Indians finally destroyed in 740ad.

450-490ad Mongol wars
Finally destroyed 690ad.

500- 670ad Takeda War
Just started war in time as 2 of my cities flipped to them just before hostilities commenced. This was a tough war as they were well defended with muskets in large numbers and I still only had riders. They had a tech lead but wouldn’t give me anything for peace so I completely destroyed them. Their culture was very strong so I resettled all of their lands with new settlers. I even razed the city with the Sistine chapel, as it kept flipping and spawning another 2 vet muskets.

720-750 Oda conquest
I already had a toehold in the new continent after a long but rather inactive war with the Tokugawa (who had wiped out the Kuroda in a war I had instigated earlier to keep them busy). I would have liked to continue against the Toks but they started making cavalry, so I made peace with them.
I hadn’t even got to metallurgy at this point and my attempts to squeeze techs out of the Indians and Takeda failed so I restarted science at full blast and developed military tradition in 710ad. This brought in cavalry, which made a huge difference. Up to this time I had been stuck for ages with around 70-80 riders, but lost them as quickly as I made them (around 5 per turn). Once I had cavalry my military might increased enormously as my losses were much lower.
I rebuilt my palace in the new continent with a great leader at the start of the war here. This had some corruption benefits, but my production was overwhelming then anyway, and I mainly did it to minimize culture flips, which it seemed to do: I had no flips on the new continent; whole they plagued me on the old one.
Oda were finally eliminated in 850ad after I found and attacked their ship.

750-830ad Ottomans destroyed.

830-890ad Tokugawa destroyed
I razed their last towns as I was pretty close to the domination limit and I wanted conquest.

870-900ad Rome destroyed

This game was a big improvement for me from my previous deity attempt (GOTM20) so I am pretty pleased with it. However, I completely wasted the second settler (due to Khazar sneak attack) and my game was pretty sloppy after the qsc timeframe, just involving building horsemen, upgrading them and hitting enemies, with little subtlety, and little micromanagement. I built very few improvements of any sort (a few markets and libraries). I do wish I had developed military tradition earlier as it made such a difference when it came along. Rapid tech development is the true key to success and I am a long way from mastering it.

[civ3] v1.29f Open

I entered the MA in 690 bc. Golden Age came in 50 ad, when I declared war on Korea.

One of my elites managed to create 2 leaders. :)

After the Golden Age ended, I and India were left on the continent, and I decided to go for a space race victory. I have won by domination probably the last 4 GOTM's, so even though space race usually means crappy score I wanted to do something different this time.

Anyway, after the wars I switched to Democracy (5 turn revolution) and decided to have India and Oda as my tech allies. I started building infrastructure in all cities, and totally neglected my military. This almost ended in a disaster, when India sneak attacked me 620 ad. I entered the Industrial Age in 630 ad.

Other debacles included Takeda building JS Bach on their tiny island, and having 4 cities flip to the 1-city civ Korea during my second revolution. I of course recaptured them as soon as our peace expired. This is my MA expansion:

Originally posted by Hurricane
One of my elites managed to create 2 leaders. :)

:hmm: I thought you knew you could only get one leader per elite. ;)

I see that you've got a couple of civs down to a city or two. If you can clean those up, then the tech cost will reduce, which may help you in your push for a space-race victory - the tech cost depends on the number of civs with the tech, and the number without. Reduce the total number of civs, and the cost decreases. :)
Research cost thread.
Grey Fox's Tech Calc.
[civ3] v1.29f Open

My MA began in 470BC with a barb uprising near Munsan, the Goog town I'd taken a few turns earlier. I gifted the town to the Ottoman when the barb stack appeared and retook it when the situation was clear.

At this point my army was 22 swords, with 9 horses and more on the way getting ready for Chivalry. The tech pace was very slow. Monotheism had been acquired, presumably for free, by the AI. I researched Feudalism at max and Chivalry also at max after buying Monotheism many turns later. I was already attacking the eastern continent with Riders before the AI acquired these techs.

The capital core was virtually complete at the start of MA. A GL popped finally in 370BC and I got the FP built in Shanghai in 330BC. Using the swords to clear the way, a road was built to the southern Shanghai area and workers shifted south. The worker force actually built the infastructure for the core before settlers for some of the towns were complete, a little backwards from usual. The settlers just plopped into the spots without roads...cool!

At 30BC finally got Chivalry. Had 40 horses built up by that point, the southern core was approaching completion and we were ready to take over. Began to take over the continent with an eye toward shifting eastward as soon as possible.

In 170AD, Shanghai built a Rider, the second core was adding to the fight. Also in 170AD, I attacked a wandering Mongol warrior on open ground with a Veteran Rider...who LOST! Ugh. I've noted that spears often seem unbeatable no matter what the strength of the attacker, but I hadn't seen anything quite this bad before.

I generally had two-three wars going on at a time. With so many targets, it's hard to pass up a warmongering opportunity! Number of Riders was generally between 60-65 during the war years. I built about 20 Junks to handle troop transport and to patrol the oceans for escaping settlers.

In 270AD the home continent seemed well in hand and I began to move Riders to the east, taking Handa from the Oda in 320AD. The rest of the game was just a slugfest and settler rush to fill in the holes. 20 turns later we won a victory by domination.

Flips were a continuing problem. Aside from the problem of going back to regain YOUR property, the loss of recuperating units/MPs is not a help. This particular aspect of the game is, I think, ill-conceived and poorly implemented. I had three cases where Korea only had one piddling town off on an island on the other side of the world and the towns flipped. Stupid.

Armies were enigmatic. I read on this forum where other players don't bother with armies. I popped 14 GLs eventually and armies seemed like the thing to do especially after the AI got Chivalry and Samurai. Attacking a city defended by a veteran Samurai seemed like a reasonable use for an Army. The first Samurai encountered, I hit him with an Army of Riders and lost the army. The very next turn, a Veteran Rider took the now recovered Samurai down. Aren't RNGs a wonderful thing!? And it seemed as if the Army only repairs one unit per turn, which means they don't get in a lot of action. And I was completley unable to get my Riders out of an Army once they were in it. Is this possible? So I'm undecided about Army use in future games. (I found a post about armies after I wrote this)

My approach to war with a civ is to go straight for the capital. Reasoning being that this game is all about production and the capital is usually the biggest producer. As well, the capital tends to be in the center of the civ and the rest of its cities are more accessable from the middle. Additionally, the civ gives you a pretty good look at what he's got when you're in the middle. With a good defensive position, you can easily weather the initial rush and the civ usually crumbles after that.

The game ended with Domination in 530AD for 12407 Firaxis points, which I sent in for my first of hopefully many GOTM submittals.

Fixed your pic link - ainwood :)
Originally posted by ainwood

:hmm: I thought you knew you could only get one leader per elite. ;)

Yes, but he was a swordsman before. So 1 leader as swordsman, 1 leader as med.inf. :)

I see that you've got a couple of civs down to a city or two. If you can clean those up, then the tech cost will reduce, which may help you in your push for a space-race victory - the tech cost depends on the number of civs with the tech, and the number without. Reduce the total number of civs, and the cost decreases. :)
Research cost thread.
Grey Fox's Tech Calc.

Good point, but the rampaging India took care of that bit. More about that in the next spoiler, though. :)
PTW Open

"Flips were a continuing problem. Aside from the problem of going back to regain YOUR property, the loss of recuperating units/MPs is not a help. This particular aspect of the game is, I think, ill-conceived and poorly implemented. I had three cases where Korea only had one piddling town off on an island on the other side of the world and the towns flipped. Stupid."

I lost my game mainly due to flips.
I produced a forbidden parlace clost to my original capital and jumped my palace to Shanghi in the south. I was all gearing up for a war with the Bejeke, when 3 of my cities flipped within 5 turns - including my forbidden palace city. Left with the main bulk of my cities as corrupt shells and only 4 cities left in the south I had no chance to catch up.

I didn't know a FP city could flip!!

Having said that, I made many mistakes including poor first city placement, not pre-building my FP and not going to war soon enough, but even so I feel cheated.
Bad luck, BerzerkerJoe. But the FP city is just like any other non-capital city and can flip. In this game, with the AI having very low build costs, our own civ with no cheap culture buildings and a capital jumped far away from our cities, a high number of flips is almost certain to occur.

Link to Ancient Thread


I left off the last thread in 900BC. The great Barb uprising began, so I knew that someone had discovered shamanism, and my suicide junk made it across to contact the Oda. The second continent was behind on tech, by at least Confucianism, Literature, Currency, only Kuroda had Construction. I was able to sell older techs (mostly confucianism) to get contact with all the new civs and their WMs. I then went to Takeda and got Shamanism for 120g plus my new world map, but kept all contacts separate. Korea had Feudal, but I knew the Ottoman were also supposed to be scientific, so I gifted them the 4 required techs to get them into the Middle Ages. They also got Feudal, but it was still worth it, as they did not have Republic or Lit, which were both valued as monopoly techs on their continent, so I got Feudal just for those 2 techs. (Korea wanted more than I could have given). After looking at the map, I knew my contact monopoly would not last long (since Korea had the Lighthouse), but I wanted to try and get as much as I could while it lasted.

I was now ready for my palace jump, so I whipped a library in Canton, and merged 2 workers in Shanghai in the south. In 875 I abandoned Beijing, and the palace jumped to Shanghai, and I then refounded Beijing II in the same spot. I now realize one mistake was I had built up an RCP of 4 around Beijing, which was now out of alignment with the FP city of Canton. Canton was SW of my capital, and half of it’s productive radius were Mongol cities. Hmmm, what could I do about that??? In 825 iron was connected, and I upgraded 11 warriors to Medival Infantry, and prepared for my revolt to Republic in 800. In 775, as if I didn’t need provocation, Shantung flipped to the Mongols, so I declared war. In 730, one of my MI’s created a leader on defense! I thought about it, and decided to use him for the Great Library, so I could stockpile gold for the horse-Rider upgrade I knew was coming. 710 the anarchy was over, and I was in a Republic. I made steady progress with my MI s vs. the Mongols, and in 610 I got another great leader, Sun Tzu! Of course, I used him to rush his War Academy:

Later that same turn I got Quianlang. I thought about building an army, but I wanted to wait for Riders for that. So instead I moved him to Canton, where he rushed the Hanging Gardens in 550, triggering my Golden Age. This would allow me to build up lots of Horsemen and cash before Chivalry. Finally, in 450, I had whittled the Mongols down to 5 cities, and got 2 of them in a peace treaty. I had been expecting the Great Library to get me all the early techs quickly, with the Diety AI, but the tech pace had been very slow, with Korea doing almost all the research. I didn’t get Monotheism until 390BC, but then in 290 things broke open a little more, as I got Engineering, Samauri, and Sun Buddhism all at once. From 250-150 I had a quick war with the Baejke, reducing them to one city in the south, and in 110 I destroyed the only surviving Khazar city. (The Baejke had earlier razed their Colossus city on the lake!). My golden age had ended in 170BC.

The Great Library ended in 10BC with Invention and Education. Korea had Astronomy, and Banking. but no one else did. I started on Gunpowder at break-even (60%, 6 turns). By the time I got it, 110AD, Korea now had Economics and Navigation! I would have to do something about that also! I declared war in 170, amd quickly generated JinQui (Rider army), and General Tso (Leo’s), while Korea completed Sistine, and the Raja’s got Smith’s. (Korea must have started trading after the war started). Seoul fell in 280, and generated Kuang-Yin for another army, but I also lost Puhang to a flip. After retaking it and another couple cities, I made peace in 300 for Banking, Astronomy, Music, and Typography, in exchange for Chemistry, which I had researched myself. However, this was a phony victory, as over the next 10-12 turns, four of my captured cities (including Seoul) flipped back. After the first one, I pulled all but one unit from the garrisons, and tried to starve them down, but obvioulsy not fast enough. I attacked the Mongols again, to get quicker access to the Raja capital, and after discovering Military Tradition in 390, it was time to go after the Raja, who had the most area on our continent.

By now I realized I was probably hopelessly behind the tech pace of the Space Race players, so I shifted gears and planned on domination or conquest. I also didn’t want to deal with lots of flips, so I razed most of the bigger Raja cities, keeping Madras (Smith’s). I continued to generate leaders, using Sun Tzu for Bach’s, Quianlong for another army (cav). I had hand-built the Heroic Epic during the Korean war. 500AD I destroyed the Raja, and declared on Korea again. This time also I was razing everything in sight, except for a couple smaller harbor cities. 550AD was another Barb uprising (near a razed Raja city). I had also been declared on by a couple civs on the other continent (Toku and Kuroda), but was able to get the Oda on my side, and trading luxuries. Somewhere my reputation was hit, and so I could only use GPT in peace negotiations. Anyway, I bought Magnetism from Toku as part of the peace deal, getting into the Industrial Age in 570AD. The Koreans had Medicine for their free tech, so I started on Steam, which would take 11 turns. The Ottomans weren’t even close to the Industrial yet, and I didn’t want to hurry along a free Nationalism yet, so I left them alone. At this point, I was moving in to finish off the Koreans, planning to reduce them to an island city near the other continent, then get Medicine in the peace deal. With them knocked out, the AI tech pace should slow dramatically, and I would have time to prepare to invade the other continent.

The Han Dynasty, 600AD
[ptw] Open

Carrying on from Spoiler 1...

900BC Gogury declare war. I fight until 750BC just leader fishing really.

825BC Elite Spear fends off Gogury Archer and General Tso is born. Send him to rush Great Lib in Shanghai.

750BC The supply of Gogury troops seems to have dried up so I sign Peace for 9gp.

730BC Prep for war with Baekje.

630BC Takeda declare war. I move some troops north to the coast.

590BC Our Gems deal with Baekje has expired so I declare war. Objectives are Ch'onan, Ch'ongju, Taejon & Kunsan. In the opening round I capture Taejon (Incense) and cut off Iron.

550BC Capture Ch'onan

510BC Resistance in Ch'onan ends but not in Ch'onan. The Culture lead Baekje have is turning out to be a problem.

450BC Ch'ongju is captured with the Oracle. As the war is going so slowly I sell Peace to Baekje for 20gpt. Great Lib gives Son Buddhism obsoleting Oracle :)
Start revolution - draw 7 turn anarchy.

430BC Ready troops for war with Khazars.

330BC Ask Khazars to leave & they declare War :)
Great Lib gives Education.

230BC Balkhash is ours and the Khazars are no more.

210BC Discover Samurai Code. Looking around I decide to rid the world of Korea next.

130BC Rome destroys Kuroda.

50BC Declare war on Korea. Andong captured. Golden Age begins (Rider is our UU).

30BC Puhan captured. Pillage Korean Horses

10AD Seoul captured.

30AD P'yongyang captured (Colossus)

70AD Wonsan captured

90AD Kangyang captured

110AD Pusan captured

130AD Yondok & Qitaigyon captured

150AD Samchok captured

170AD Nampo captured and Korea is reduced to a 2 tile island. Sell Peace to Korea for Gunpowder, Banking, Astronomy, Typography, WM + 5gp (we give them 120gpt).
Despite many elite wins I failed to get any leaders.

190AD Troops head for Mongol border (our next target)

250AD Declare war on Mongols. Capture Tabriz & Karakorum.

260AD Capture Dalandzadgad.

270AD Advance on Ulaanbaatar. Takeda declare on me (again). I dispose of their landing party - getting a GL (Qianlong) into the bargain.
I use Qianlong to hurry Sun Tzu in Taejon. As you've probably gathered I was on a conquest/domination path and it was quite a difficult decision.

290AD Ulaanbaatar captured & the Mongols destroyed. 1 turn left on peace with Baekje (next target).

310AD Accidentally declare war on Korea instead of Baekje. No problem I thought, declared on Baekje and just carried on. It wasn't until several turns later that I remembered that I had a GPT deal as part of the Peace Treaty with Korea.

So one silly lapse and my game was ruined. I could no longer trade to keep up in tech & didn't have the infrastructure to self-research at a decent pace.

I finally reached the end of the MA in 750AD but it took me too long to get to Cav and my major opponents had Rifles by then. I could still get a win but it wouldn't be much fun and I'm not sure if I'll bother.

Ancient Ages

Open – Civ3

975 BC: I am at war with Korea in the North and Mongols in the West. I have gathered Khazars, Takeda and Gorg to help my fight. On the second continent, I have declare War to Tokugawa allying all the second continent civs to fight. It will be Toku vs all. Oda joins for WM. Rome with Confucius. Tokuda need Lit & WM & Contact with Raja & 34 GP. I am not sure if this is wise… Ottomans want the same except for only 4 GP.
Army is 20 Swords, 4 Horse, 21 Warriors. My army is strong to everybody
Infrastructure is 1 Granary and barracks in the RNG core. I am now building mostly Horseman and still some Warrior for the upgrade.
Research is still at 10% (lux at 20%) so I have still 746 GP (+44 GPT).
I will concentrate on crippling the AI so that I can get more confident in the game and take the lead getting more space and a second core up and running.

950 BC: Just lost 2 swords vs a spear. I hate RNG. Baekje have the Republic… I need the Great Lib to get back to tech parity
900 BC : One of my town south (Nanking) just flipped to Baekje. I new I should have rushed Culture. My only culture is the Palace for a very low 144.
850 BC : Failed the gambit on currency. Bad news. I buy Shaminism from Kuroda for WM & 10 GPT & 133 GP. Entering in Middle Ages. I continue my war against the weak Koreans & Mongols just gaining more territory. I am building more horse that are dying quite fast in the fight despite my limited usage of it.

630 BC : My full army is 32 Swords & 12 Horse. I have repositioned my army to attack Baekje from the North in order to grab the GL. I target the Gem city with 1 Sword & 4 Horse. I have Josu under attack of 2 Swords … waiting for more comrades. I have my main army slowly migrating towards Ch’onan across the jungle and parking it on the Mountain close (ROP with Khazars). I am building a road to be faster. Baekje do not have Iron connected so I will face only Archers (few Sword if they had a deal for iron …)
In the south I have put my 2 spear and my 6 cats with 2 swords in defense behind walls.
I Give Currency for Khazars to join the war. Gorg joins the fight for Currency & WM & 4 GPT & 8 GP & Dyes. Takeda & 12 GP & WM vs Currency & Construction. So that I hope my South front will be receive help from my allies.
I have a Gorg leader waiting desperately to join his cities :lol: but trapped in my territory north. He may need to go through all the Raja territory to get there … I had hoped this leader was going to move through the Baekje territory when I would force the war it would have been even more fun.
610 BC : Takeda now has Republic but I will soon have it too. I exchange WM and gain a slave from Khazars. I have 3 Wa & 1 Bow from Mongols coming to attack my South Front where I have parked 4 sword & spear & Cats… rushing them as soon as pop grow.
510 BC: I am ready to attack Ch’onan with 7 swords & 1 horse and win. I will rest a bit and continue towards Taejon so that all my territory is linked and I will benefit from the Incense & Spices & Furs from the south to combine with the Dyes & Silks & Gems of the North.
430 BC : I win back Nanking in the south, 4 Swords, One spear and 4 cats did the job.
I have stopped building units and will be working with the current army (32 Swords & 16 Horse). My RCP is now building libraries and then Market to benefit from the lux. I am still building settler from my capital in order to fill the gaps left by the dying Koreans. The corrupted towns are slowly building temple then Harbors where needed to get to decent size.
410 BC: My first GL emerges. I rushed FP in Nanking, the town that flipped to Baekje earlier on. It was my intended place for FP with 2 towns at RCP 3, with Taejon and soon Kunsan, it will be 4.
370 BC : I have just conquered the Great Lib.
350 BC: Revolution for 6 turns of Anarchy :(
290 BC : I have a second leader. He will rush Hanging Gardens at the FP. I will then continue the attack and I bring a second leader. But I had poor RNG with Elite Sword loosing against damaged Spear (85 % success). My second leader builds an army.
230 BC : I am in Republic but I have so few infrastructure that I better continue my re-search at 10 %. I rush some temples around Khazars area and wait for the construction of the Libraries… I badly need culture.
130 BC : Time to make some deals. Ott : WM & 2 GPT & 16 GP vs Incense. Takeda : WM & 5 GPT & 48 GP vs Incense.

10 BC : I have now Engineering. I will search Invention at max while building some Horseman to build up a decent army of riders. I have another leader rushing back Sun Tzu. I have sending some forces on the order continent to finish the Baekje and Koreans are already dead. The next targets are the Khazars and the Gorg.
30 AD : I enter my GA triggered by wonders. I did not planned it but so be it. Mongols are dead with Horse by 100 AD
170 AD : I trade Engineering to Samurai Code with Ott and I make a deal with India Incense vs 6 GPT & WM & 59 GP. I upgrade 19 Rider for 1520 GP. I have an Elite leader with a defending Horse :D on the other continent. I need to grab a town to rush some building. I have rush a junk to ferry some more units to capture the capital of Baekje.
230 AD : Rider Army is ready to attack the Khazars. I will join already attacking forces of Gorg and Takeda. Balkhash E of their capital with 4 Riders and a sword. Hovd W of their capital with 4 Riders. I have some workers ready to move in an rebuild roads and irrigate.
250 AD : Baekje are dead. I rush the Leonardo with the preserve leader so that I have the extra culture on the other continent. I launch my attack on Khazars. I win the first towns moving towards the Capital with the rest.
260 AD : Terrible luck with the RNG. I lost 5 riders attacking a Khazars spear now redlined and protecting a leader. My last war I think. I will research GunPowder at 80% in 4 turns.
280 AD : India trades Music & WM & 79 GPT & 144 GP vs Invention. I give techs away to bring everybody happy. I move in to attack Gorg because Khazars are now dead
330 AD : I get silks from Kuroda gifting outdated techs. I give GunPowder to everybody grabing some more luxs : Wines and Wool. I then build an army with my last leader. I should make the JS bach just before India (13 turns). In case, I miss it, I will try to grab another leader with Gorg. I killed the Togu so that I will be owning my own Wines resource …
410 AD : One more leader that I keep slowly waiting for the kill of Gorg. I am protecting them from marauding Otts forces. I want to keep chances to generate a leader. I am building a constant infrastructure Libraries / Market / Unis & Banks in order to have a good research & a good commerce..
530 AD : I finish Gorg failing to generate another leader under the pressure of pillaging Ott. I was short of Elite Rider. No big deal. My preserved leader rushed Magellan’s so that Takeda do no have it.
580 AD: I enter IA, still in Republic with my workers waiting in my core so that I am ready to rails things.
Wonders :
Colossus (constructed by Koreans – 1525 BC)
Hanging Gardens (Rushed by Leader – 290 BC)
Great Lib (thanks to Baekje – 1125 BC)
Oracle (thanks to Gorg – 1575 BC)
Sun Tzu’ (rushed by leader – 30 AD)
Leonardo’s (rushed by leader – 250 AD)
Copernicus (rushed by leader – 310 AD)
JS Bach (rushed by leader – 400 AD)
Magellan’s (rushed by leader – 510 AD)
Smith (handbuilt – 530 AD)
Newton’s (handbuilt – 580 AD)
And 2 armies
I have constantly a Palace prebuilt so that I am ready for next wonder… and easily leading in techs. I am gifting to other and considerered going for domination but will try to manage AI search path (?)
I have also moved some settler to fill gaps in my continent and grab a Wool lux in second continent rushing Libraries & Uni (for Culture battle).

Ancient Times


Since I'm trying for an early launch date, research was my highest priority.

I've been finding it difficult to get my research rate to four turns in this game. This is partly because the number of beakers required to research techs is high, partly because I was progressing so quickly in tech that I hadn't built much infrastructure (libraries etc.) before getting to some more expensive techs, and partly because I didn't want to attack the Baekje. The last factor was an interesting one. The Baekje were a logical early target because they separated my two regions and they occupied some lands where I could have additional productive cities. But they also became my strongest research partner so I didn't want to hurt them!

During Ancient Times I made contact with the other continent, in 1300BC. I traded with the Civs there to get Shamanism.

In 1225BC the Ottomans learned Construction. The Baekje already knew Currency at that date, the only other Ancient tech I needed. I expected to need seven more turns to learn Republic. Until then, I would not be able to trade cheaply for Currency and Construction. Since I really wanted some Civs to enter the Middle Ages and start researching its techs, and I didn't think it would be a very long time before my rivals contacted each other anyway, I traded contacts to get Currency and Construction.

The Ottomans learned Engineering at that point, so I knew they were really scientific. I gifted Korea to the Middle Ages and she learned Monotheism. Great news!

I didn't try to trade for those Middle Ages techs yet. Instead I continued research of Republic and learned it in 1075. By that time Baekje, Korea, and Ottomans had traded back and forth so that they all knew both Engineering and Monotheism. So I was able to trade Republic for both of those devalued techs :) Then I gave Republic to almost everyone else to keep things moving.

I revolted to Republic immediately upon discovering it (via "the big picture" and F1) which gave me an 8 turn anarchy; revolted again when asked and got a better four turn one. Since that included the current turn I ended up being a Republic at exactly 1000BC.)

I learned Son Buddhism in 750BC (8 turns), then waited for a rival to learn Feudal Warlords. I'm not sure if this was a good decision. I didn't think it could be long before someone learned it - they'd already had 15 turns to work on it. And I wanted to save up some cash since I'd been running a deficit budget for a while. But I did lose 3 research turns here. In 690 a few rivals suddenly knew Feudal Warlords. I traded for it, then learned Samurai Code in 570 (6 turns.) That wasn't a required tech of course but I felt it would pay back the time taken to learn it by allowing me to trigger a Golden Age. (Another decision I'm unsure of in hindsight.)

I then researched Education, expecting the AIs to follow the bottom path. For a while around this stage I wasn't researching at maximum speed because I diverted some funds to horseman upgrades and urgent builds during wars. Nonetheless I got Education in 450BC (6 turns - I'd almost learned it, then traded with an AI who learned it first), traded for Invention in 410BC, and learned Banking in 350BC (5 turns.)

From that point on I almost always ran 100% research. I was able to nonetheless make a bit of gold via deals with the AIs. I didn't take much from the strongest ones, to keep their research quick, but hit the others for all I could.

After Banking I went for Gunpowder. I'd hoped the AIs would learn it by then but they hadn't. At this point they'd go for Astronomy given a chance, and all other required techs were on the bottom path. So there was no point waiting any longer. I researched each of Gunpowder, Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgy, Theory Of Gravity, and Magnetism in four turns, though some of them were a very close thing requiring numerous scientists to get them down to four turns.

Along the way I traded the AIs for Astronomy, Music Theory, and Typography. And so when I learned I Magnetism in 130AD I entered the Industrial Age. (With no hope of maintaining a four turn research rate :) )


I began warfare in the Middle Ages with a number of goals - to trigger a Golden Age, to gain additional productive land, to create opportunities for great leaders to appear, and to increase score.

In 530BC I had 12 Riders ready from upgrades, declared my first war on Coguryeo, and entered a Golden Age. It took just three turns to capture both Coguryeo cities, thus eliminating some of her armed forces before they could attack my largely undefended cities. (A couple of stacks had advanced toward my cities instead of returning home to defend.)

After reorganizing a bit and building up more force I attacked Khazars in 390BC. I went slower with them, hoping to get a Great Leader. But in 290BC I killed the last Khazar unit without getting a leader.

In 250BC I had 20 riders and began an attack on the Mongols. Got my first leader in 210BC after quite a few elite wins. He rushed Copernicus'

In 70BC the Mongols were down to 4 towns and I gave them peace for an island town.

In 30BC I declared war on Rajaputana. They were richer and stronger than the rivals I'd previously attacked. I had 21 Riders at this point - still not a very large force because there'd been attrition, and my largest efforts went toward increasing research capacity instead of building an army. I allied Baekje, Korea, and Takeda against Rajaputana so that I could send all of the Riders, leaving my borders unprotected.

In 10AD I got a second leader and used him to rush JS Bach's.

When I entered the Industrial Age in 130AD I was still at war with Rajaputana and my world looked like this:


Culture was a worry for much of the Middle Ages. I lost one town to a culture flip, rather a nuisance since it was my gem town at the time. But by the end of the Middle Ages I've built about 20 libraries and about 10 universities, with more of both on the way. Culture is now climbing and only the Baekje still have significantly more culture.

Happiness is in good shape at this point. I traded aggressively for luxuries, getting them included in tech deals when possible. Five luxuries are now owned and three are imported - it should be possible to continue with eight luxuries from this point onward.
I spoke in my end game submitted post that I need to learn to manage the OTHER civs better and your post, once again, shows me the errors of my game. It looks like you'll have Korea, Baekje and Otto left to help your research down the stretch. I wanted to personally thank you for your posts and to express that your posts have helped me immensely in my personal game.
See you in space. Of course you'll have already been there for probably 400 years prior to me getting there in 1768AD.
GOTM26 Civ3 v1.29 Predator

This is a screenshot from my territory in 1000BC.

I had 18 cities and switching to Republic. I missed contact with the other continent by one turn...

In 975BC I trade for Construction, Shamanism, and Currency and entered the MA. I immediately gifted my techs to the other civs. Ottomans and Korea got Monotheism as free tech.

In 950BC I became a Republic. I rushed one harbor in the north and another one in the south to connect my empire. After 3 turns I researched Literature and I started rushing libraries with my gold. I sold my World Map and Literature to some civs to make some GPT, and then I was able to keep my science at the maximum rate during all the Middle ages.

Around 600BC I declared war against the Mongols and captured a few cities from them. Didn't got a leader in this war, but in the end I had several elite horsemans. Next the Takeda declared war on me, and beside the reverse war weariness, they kept unloading warriors and archers in my territory :)
After 10 turns, I think I had killed around 10-15 units and I only used my elite horsemans, but I didn't get a leader. :mad:
In 290BC I trade for Chivalry and started upgrading my veteran horseman. In 130BC I already had several Riders and one of my cities had flipped to Korea in 290BC. They had some units in my territory (settlers). I asked them to leave more than 20 times, and when they become furious they declared war... I captured 2 cities in this turn and got my first leader :D

I captured a few more cities from Korea and I sent my leader with a settler to a distant island to rush my palace there.

Techs that I researched during the Middle Ages:
710BC - Theology
590BC - Education
450BC - Astronomy
370BC - Engineering
290BC - Invention
210BC - Gunpowder
130BC - Chemistry
50BC - Physics
30AD - Theory of Gravity
110AD - Magnetism

And the AI researched:
550BC - Feudal Warlords
290BC - Chivalry
50BC - Navigation
Music Theory
90AD - Banking
130AD - Metallurgy

And in 130AD I entered the Industrial Age. In 1 turns I will finish Newton's University (my first GW) and almost all of the other GW of the Middle Ages were already built.

My map and military in 110AD:

Economy in 110AD:
Originally posted by barbslinger
I wanted to personally thank you for your posts and to express that your posts have helped me immensely in my personal game.
See you in space.
You're welcome barbslinger, and thank you!
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