GOTM Reference Thread

AlanH, I've been returning to Civ 3 recently (being 7 when Civ4 already obsoleted it!) and have serached through the old GOTMs, especially those featured on the famed Sullla's page. I have noticed that the first fifteen-or-so games' links have been lost to the sands of time - not only are the files gone, but the .shtml pages that featured them as well!

Do you have any information as to playing these antique games, and perhaps even their future hosting situation?

Thanks in advance.

(PS: Truly sorry for resurrecting such an old thread, but I couldn't find anything closer to an answer in the entire forum... :sad:)
^ too my pleasant surprise, old GOTM site with games up to #13 is available at Webarchive:

If some files are missing/broken, I think different snapshots may help.

But later, somewhere in 2003, GOTM site was upgraded and from that point not cached by Webarchive due to robots.txt prohibition, so result saves for GOTMs ##14-37 (including two of "spotlight" examples) are still lost. Sad. :(
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