COTM 167 China Emperor


Aug 24, 2013
The person who originally signed up to do this GOTM seems to have disappeared from the forums. Fortunately, I had already started to make a map for this scenario and hadn't deleted it.

Warning: This is an untested game. However, since it's Emperor level it should be doable. The world is yours to discover. Good luck!

I sent the save file to Alan. He will update the game release page and post the link or edit this post as soon as he can.

Starting Position:

Thanks got to MrRandomGuy for stepping in. The game files are now uploaded, and the start file can be downloaded from midnight tonight, Central Standard Time.

Have fun!

  • Civilization: China
  • Difficulty: Emperor
  • Map size: Standard
  • Map topology: Archipelago, 85% water
  • Rivals: Seven opponents
  • Barbarians: Unknown
  • Victory conditions: All enabled.
  • Required victory: None specified.
  • Options: No scientific leaders.
  • Submissions due by June 30, 2024
The tile count was actually 83%. I could have rounded it either way.
I don't think I saved at 1000BC. Perhaps I still have an autosave?! (But since I'm playing this on my new Win11 box, Civassist auto-archive no longer works (have to load manually each turn, and neither archive nor the map feature works :()
Is anyone still submitting QSC? Amazing! I’ll see if I can reinstate it.
Is anyone still submitting QSC? Amazing! I’ll see if I can reinstate it.

I think it's a very good suggestion by Piu Freddo. It's less time. Easier to keep or get an open mind about the map settings and such for a QSC run.
Mine sunk too, once I finally got it in the water. These Chinese quality products...

I didn't have a sunken curragh when I made the above comment. It was more of a joke. I do have some notes now though.
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The download link for the save is not available for me. Anyone else facing this problem?
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