COTM 167 China Emperor

i just tried again, worked now for me also!
I assume that AlanH hasn't gotten around to reviving the QSC page.

Currently it reads the QSC submissions as now closed, even though I'm not sure anyone was able to submit a QSC.
I achieved a Space Ship Victory at the millenium, but only barely. Early on I conquered three continents and they supplied all the strategic resources I needed for victory. That allowed me to build peacefully for a good while. I built the U.N.and at one point I might have managed a Diplomatic Victory, but I mishandled that and by the time the option to vote came everyone was furious with me.

Victory seemed assured via Space but then I suffered very significand land invasions on all three of my continents from the Mongols and the Dutch. Even my home continent! I managed to kill all the invaders but it nearly depleted my forces and by the time peace was declared I was weary indeed.

Thanks to whomever made the map. It was a good game.
Won domination in a halfway decent time (for me) 1180 AD and only 45 hours of play time. Did use C3X so idk if it will be accepted. Was fun regardless.
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