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Grenadiers in BtS

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by dutchfire, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. CivCorpse

    CivCorpse Supreme Overlord of All

    Nov 15, 2005
    There are a couple other factors on deciding between Grens/Rifles.
    A. If you are running a CE, then PP is a big boost and that favors the rifling line. If you're running an SE then Biology is the big boost so Chemistry->steel->MS is a wise choice.
    B. what techs does your opponent have? If they are going "lower tree" and you are looking at facing grens and cannons then rifling for defensive units. Grens may have an advantage vs rifles but 5 turns of fortification plus CG1 cancels it out, so if you can get CG2 as well then you are not too bad off. then research MT while building rifles for cavalry to deal with their cannons and grens in the open field. If the enemy is going rifles first then the steel route to open up steam/railroads for MG's while you build cannons and grens. Though if the Ai beats me to rifles I usually move towards flight, Fighters aren't the best for dropping defenses and collateral but they are not going to be butchered by flanking.
    C. If it's an amphibious assault then I definately want frigates, which means i definately want chemistry. SoTL may be a bit slow but they make great anti-seafood pilliagers.
    D. Am I behind in techs/powerrating? If so then steel. Cannons as defenders can save your bacon. Slap 3-4 cannons against an enemy SoD and you just might survive.
    E. How many decent production cities do I have? Will a Military Academy really help? Did I capture a city with a military academy already built?
    F. Personally I would rather go to war with cav/cannons/rifles than just one of them.so i really don't focus on MS. Real life military experience has taught me the parralled value of combined arms. I have never lost a war in Civ when fielding a well balanced army of units from the same time period. I am an admitted wonderholic builder, but do not piss the corpse off. If you attack me with axes in 2000 bc...I will thoroughly mash the limegreen crap out of your aztec butt when i get around to it. Justinian Cataphracted me in a game and cost me the lib race. I put him in every game for about 3 weeks to punish him. One game i eliminated all but two crapps cities. I kept taking one and gifting it back so i could take it again. CivCorpse is most vengeful.
    G. I tend to wage long wars in the Medievil period so my civ is usually consolodating it's newest aquisitions. I can usually take a large chunk of land during this period and then hunker down and tech. Once I hit tanks I spam about eleventy billion of them and just go on a rampage.

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