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Guild match, the 13th of August

Discussion in 'CivWorld - General Discussions' started by avien, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. avien

    avien Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2011
    Oslo, Norway

    This is game is meant to be a measure of strength and wit between the guilds* that are organized in this game so far. It has come to life, because we would like to have some proper opposition, rather than owning whole games with our closed civs. If you would like to join the game with your guild, post in this thread, so I can write you on the list. Feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

    Guilds in:

    • Team Crushinator
    • Civilized Rulers of the World
    • Teamplayers Community (by then we'll have a proper name!)

    How to join the game:
    To join the game, at least one person from each guild need to delete all his Facebook friends that are currently in a game. That way he will see new games, when they are created. We will join the first empty (0/200) game that appears after 20:00 GMT +0 time. When he is in the game, the player can invite the friends he did not delete, which can in turn invite the others.

    How to keep track of time:
    Note that most of Western Europe is now on summer time. This means that my country, Norway, is currently +2 so the game will start after what's 22:00 Oslo (CET) time. I advice guild leaders to add me on Facebook, so that we can coordinate the start up together, in a chat group.

    *A guild is an organized group of players, that play together in a team.
  2. Glinda

    Glinda Warlord

    Jul 10, 2011
    As I said, we will play, but your idea for joining the same game (deleting friends) is stupid.

    It would be much better if people who wanted to join the game joined a FB group, and then we could use FB chat to co-ordinate, and those of us who have teammates who are FB friends could invite them in.

    Here, I made a group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/176389459097174/ People who want to play in the Guild Game should join it.

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