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Help improve the expansion pack!


Bytes and Nibblers
Nov 9, 2005

You can help improve the Civilization game you love! The Civ V: Communitas Expansion Pack (Cep) is a community-made expansion adding units, features, modding capabilities, and interface enhancements while remaining close to the base game. Your contributions to the project are fully credited on the Credits Page.

People want to know the details of the project before trying it, so this is very important! An accurate wiki also helps in discussions. If you see missing or inaccurate information on the wiki, it's easy to fix. This is something almost anyone can help with. One thing you can do is check if the project details match recent patch notes.

Translating the expansion pack lets everyone enjoy a better Civilization in any language! If you are multilingual and would like to help, this is a big priority. I organize the project for easy translation. Click Here for details.

Good artwork makes the expansion pack more visually appealing. Icons are small pieces of art to identify an object. Skins are the textures for units. These are very important, because I don't have much skill at creating nice artwork! :lol:

  • Icon for the Mentors Hall building.
  • Icon for the Carvel Hull technology.
  • FontIcons for each specialist type.
  • FontIcons to distinguish between roads and railroads for connected cities.

Spoiler Code :
The following list was last updated on September 12th 2012.

These are changes to the game code, if you'd like to try some programming. There are two ways to do this:
  • Beginner: edit files in the mod folder and email the altered files to me.
  • Advanced: fork the project you're interested in at github.com/Thalassicus. Github is a version control system. If you'd like to do this and the github version is out of date, please send me a message and I'll upload the latest version of the project.

Code: Civ V Unofficial Patch

  • Add the Improved build queue mod.
  • Add instructions for how to disable the excessive main menu warning screens with the files located in Civup's "NoChildGloves" folder.
  • Core: Add a notification warning when any player gets close to victory.
  • Core: Display a center-screen alert when resistance ends in a city.
  • Autotips: When a city is selected, show the final yields buildings provide on building tooltips. For example, if a market gives +25% gold and the city base gold is 8, show +2 gold in an area at the bottom of the market tooltip.
  • CsebExtendedPlotMouseover: Show +/- difference for terrain mouseover tip alt-key instead of absolute values. Always show this information if basic help is enabled.
  • Interface-Cities: Update the CityStateDiploPopup, ProductionPopup, and WonderPopup files so they work with G&K.
  • Trades: Add trade deal summary on trade opportunities civ name tooltip.
  • Triggers: Turn random opportunity popups into side-bar notifications.
  • On the Great Engineer tooltip, show the amount of production gained from their hurry mission in a city.
Code: G&K Enhanced Mod
  • In the lua file for the victory screen, hide the "land score".
  • Armies: Fix the rounding error for unit costs on extremely slow game speeds.
  • Armies: aircraft stationed on carriers share some experience with the carrier.
  • Cities: Change "We Love The King" to a +50% growth bonus for 10 turns, on a cooldown.
  • Cities: Liberated cities return to their pre-capture status (puppet, occupied, or normal).
  • Leaders: Give Spain a short Golden Age when it discovers a Natural Wonder, instead of gold.
  • Leaders: Make the Conquistador "Found City" mission not kill the unit.
  • Policies: make the Honor opener culture based on unit cost and strength, and distribute it to cities.
  • Terrain: Change leader placement to a weighted favorability system like how strategic resources are placed.
  • Terrain: In the continents-plus and pangaea-plus maps, prevent land from generating within 2 tiles of the north/south poles if world wrap is enabled.
  • Opportunity: instant Great Person points.
  • Opportunity: Your spy has noticed a weak link in the targeted city – an employee of the state. If you pay him, he can use the money to bribe the target and get much closer to stealing a tech.
  • WWGD: Make AIs consider resource availability when purchasing CS influence.
  • WWGD: When purchasing CS influence, make AIs shift to a defensive strategy as rival influence with known citystates rises.

Game Core
I believe these things require modding the game core.

Bugfixes - high priority

  • UnitArtInfo incorrectly defines unit icons in strategic view, instead of UnitFlagAtlas and UnitFlagIconOffset.
  • Link attack animations for new combat classes.
  • Free units appear inside the capital, instead of the southwest corner.
  • Strategic resources can be traded even if only buildings use the resource.
  • Autosave at the end of the turn, instead of the beginning.
  • Table for promotion prerequisites, instead of list limited to size 4.

Bugfixes - low priority

  • Link roads together in a saner way.
  • Waypoints for orders.
  • Fortify until healed or enemy nearby.
  • Circle enemy units in territory instead of a sidebar notification.
  • Camera snap to target if destination is far.
  • Capability to make tables in tooltips (resource display).
  • Building resource-yield bonuses retroactively applied to savegames.
  • Tech yield bonuses retroactively applied to savegames.
  • Option to mute the game-starting voiceover without muting diplomacy speech.

Gameplay changes - high priority

  • Add policies to the game score.
  • AIs get +10% strength per difference in their "boldness" level.
  • Ctrl+A to move all units with orders.
  • Change defense-building healing to a hitpoint bonus.
  • A.I. targeted gold reserve.
  • Level-based promotions.
  • Replace citystate quests with a mission-driven system. Include a national wonder that improves food and diplomacy, requires hospitals.
  • Missiles cannot injure enemies below 20% health.
  • Create notification for citystate when an AI declares they're going to attack it.
  • AIs trade less gold in exchange for cities.
  • Citystates vote diplomatic victory for the player they've had best relations with throughout the game, not just on the final turn.
  • Military Base increases city range to 3.

Gameplay changes - low priority

  • Forts as mini-cities with 1-tile border radius and a garrison slot, but no other city capabilities. Citadels are forts with 2-tile radius, garrison slot, more hitpoints, and bombard capability.
  • River movement bonus promotion for the Danes and Songhai.
  • Multiple upgrade paths.
  • Ships and units in forts have 2-tile ZOC, subs can ignore ZOC.
  • Gifting units to CS gives influence proportional to unit cost.
  • Permanent alliances.
I can help with documentation if you'd like. Shoot me a PM with details of what you have in mind.

I'm also up for doing more artwork; I haven't done anything recently because I wasn't sure if the new Uniques were finalized. I can give the Shinto Shrine a shot this week.
I'm always looking for more people who might be interested in getting involved in modding Civ, so if you might like to participate in one of the areas listed above, please send me a message. :)
Anyone who can fluently write in multiple languages is invaluable in today's modern world. If you're multilingual and would like to help out with development, this is a big priority for me. I organize the mod as best I can for easy translation.

Does CiV have Finnish? I never checked, because I prefer English... But I can translate, I suppose. Did some previous work on OpenTTD.
Pioneer Fort. Its an amalgam of quite a few images, so it doesn't really look pretty til you scale it to the building icon sizes.

I added a lot of extra ground/sky on this one to give you plenty of room to cut back as you feel.


  • PioneerFort.jpg
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  • PioneerExample.jpg
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Steam Mill. I generally like this one, though the mill itself might have a few too many colors.


  • SteamMill.jpg
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Indian Sanitation.

There is what appears to be 1 artist render of what the system really looked like, but the painting was unusable due to color/lack of clearness of what it was.

I took instead an image of an old Indian stone aqueduct, painted in some fake water, and thus we have a Sanitation image.


  • IndianSanitationSmall.jpg
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I put in my first attempt at a unit icon, which really is pretty difficult. I know the proper way to do this would be spending a few hours redoing every vector mask, but I am pleased with the result.

I figured this could be the Levy


  • Skirmisher.jpg
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Yup. The attached PSD has both the Skirmisher and Levy in it. Beware that the Levy's axe isn't actually attached to the Levy himself. I added it last minute as I felt it looked silly without.

As for the masks, I mean the proper way to do a vector is to pen trace each section and refill with solid colors, then add more multiply layer masks for shadowing. It is entirely beyond my capacity to do at any reasonable pace.


  • RenSkirmisher.zip
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  • RenSkirmisher.jpg
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Ahh I see what you mean, and you're right - it's not important. People see the 64px version 99% of the time, and at a resolution that small, such detail is lost anyway.

I really like the Skirmisher artwork. It looks fantastic even at civilopedia size! :goodjob:
I'll see what I can do about light infantry. I am trying to find an image which is quite different from the regular infantry one, so its been a bit of a project.
I'll see what I can do about light infantry. I am trying to find an image which is quite different from the regular infantry one, so its been a bit of a project.

I found a good Light Infantry image if this helps any:
Light Infantry.jpg
I'm not a modder, but I'm willing to learn. I have tried to mod some in the past and can't seem to figure it out.
Though I am willing to help out in any way that I can.
That image is a bit too small and doesn't appear to be the right time frame. Light Infantry should look from WWI/WWII era combat.
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