[GS] Help with World Builder


Mar 18, 2020
A few months ago I downloaded Civ VI and all the dlc apart from R&F and GS. After a few games I got bored of the map choices and I noticed the World Builder option and immediately set about making a map based on Game of Thrones. I successfully added everything I wanted to including start locations for all the civs I had access to and played several enjoyable games.
Yesterday I downloaded R&F and GS and I excitedly opened my map in world builder expecting to be able to set start locations for the new civs as well as adding volcanoes etc. However, I can’t seem to do any of this. I figured I could just change the rule set for the map from standard to Expansion: GS and that would fix it but I can’t figure out how to change the rule set.
Is there any way to can get all the new features onto the map without having to build the whole thing again?
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