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Bush and Hitler should both be in the next version as uber warlords.
that's not actually funny.. sorry just not my type of humor, especially when people repeat the same joke about Bush and Hitler over n over again.

I can make you believe Hitler was a good leader in one sentence... If you can manipulate an entire country to your cause, no matter how evil it is, You might be a good leader.
Their abuse of power is simliar, deal with it. I agree that it is not funny. Nobody said it was a joke.
....Didn't I just say the Bush Hitler jokes weren't funny lol... Actually I do have to admit that was a good one lol i did laugh lol
i know bush is bad but i wouldnt put him up there with hitler. plus cant ppl let hitler go i would like to see him in the game but its not happening get over it.
Hitler lost the war and then killed himself. Germany got devided in two because of him and perhaps Germany would be a richer country now if only Hitler didn't start a lost war(how can you try to fight the whole Europe in a time where communication with the world was relatively easy and think you can get away with it?). Nah.

Although people might argue that we got similar 'losers' in the game...
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