Hopeful options in Civ-7: Better ways to develop our Civilizations and Cities. And prepare for later Eras


Jul 16, 2016
Starting Age.
6000 BCE-
History tells us that towns and cities began emerging between 7000-5000 BCE. 4000 BCE has been the usual starting date for Civilization. But since we start with cities, I think 6000 BCE is a more reasonable and perhaps more accurate age to start.

Multi-tasking Research and Building
Researching just one Technology and just one building project at a time is just not realistic. Instead of choosing between agriculture techs. Maybe allow to research Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, and Mining at the same time. And Cities should be granted the same ability to multi-building projects. Instead of choosing a building or a unit. Why not choose a building, unit, and wonder all at once. And this is closer to reality. As ancient cities did grow because a greater population was able to do more things.

Reduce Year-Turn Increments
Were used to having the Ancient and Classical Eras start with 20-40 years per turn. This should be slowed down to maybe 5-10 years per

The idea of these is to be better prepared for the Modern and beyond eras. So we're not stuck fighting a Tank with a Crossbowman.
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