How about a Discworld map?


Feb 26, 2002
Lake Vänern
Are there any Discworld fans here who can also make maps? I've never tried making a map of my own, so I don't think I'm the man for the job. But it would be awesome with a Discword map where you could play as Ankh-Morpork, Klatch, The Agatean Empire etc.. (You wouldn't even have to make completely new civilizations, just rename most of them since quite a few of the Discworld countries are spoofs of real-word countries)

If I remember correctly there is a very crude map of the countries surrounding the Circle Sea in the Discworld Companion under the word "Circle Sea". Altough I'm sure an "unofficial" map could be found online.

Anyway, If someone feels he could do this, please! It would kick ***
i thought there was no map of discworld. something along the lines of "no map to the imagination."
playing as the different cities, omnia and the like would be sweet tho. maybe its best as a mod using random map.
There was an official map released a while back (along with maps of Ankh Morpork and Lancre). If anyone had that they could post a scan, and someone could work from there.
There indeed is an official Discworld map, called "The Discworld Mapp - Being the Onlie True & Mostlie Accurate Mappe of the Fantastyk & Magical Dyskworlde" published by Corgi Books 1995 (ISBN 0-552-14324-3). It's made by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Briggs.

It's accurate enough to make a civ3 map, but I won't promise to make it... :)
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