How about your most unusal (weirdest) situation


My Ancestors were Vikings
May 29, 2002
Minneapolis, City of Lakes
Here's mine:
I"m play continents and I am playing as the Byzantines, horses are a million miles away but I was able to take over a barbarian city next too it so if I build a road across half the continent I suppose I can get some cataphraks.

But what makes this one SO weird is I'm sharing the continent with Stalin, Wang Ton, Monty, and Togu, all I'm missing here is Shaka :) and Monty is my CLOSEST FRIEND!! He's actually pleased with me, mostly because I discovered Hindu and spread it too him, and because we're surrounded by other jerks, but I don't think I've ever been in a game where Monty is more that cautious with me.

Normally I would have given up on a game like this with all those warmongers and no horses, but I'm thinking this is going to turn into a pretty interesting situation once the arrows start flying :D
How much did you pay him?

No lies! How much?

I haven't paid him any thing...!! I S**T you not! :) he did however once ask for 60 gold which I gave to him. I think he's please because I spread my Hindu to him and besides that he's already got his hands full with Wang. Togu is the one I'm concerned about, he's cautious right now but he can change in a second.
I played the Persians and my plan was to start my imperial wars with my immortals extremely early. Lucky me I got horses, next to my capital, so build settler, immortals and so on, but then I checked all the areas my scouting had revealed, every border to my neighbours was narrows landtongues stopped by a mountain. I realized that I would never had the time to build up a sizable galley fleet to move my SoD of immortals to my neighbours before they have large and good land (I tried, but gave up). I do not often play a warmonger, but this time I felt like "Today I will takeover the world".
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