How are Millennials resetting the cultural agenda?

Valka D'Ur

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Mar 3, 2005
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As far as culture is concerned/political power, a lot of it is imposed on the generation rather than the generation actively creating it. Music taste for instance is often times pushed on the generation in their youth by record label managers from an older generation who preselect the next big name in music.
They haven't been all that successful with me for the most part. I think the only time that ever worked was when I, along with a large number of my age-peers, became instant fans of The Partridge Family/David Cassidy. That was a long time ago.

I might include The Irish Rovers; they became very successful after getting a TV show that ran for years on Sunday nights; someone's been uploading some of the episodes to YT and it's either been a wonderful trip down memory lane or a treat because it was from a year or two before I became a fan and it's all new to me in spite of being over 50 years old. But they're not as well-known anymore and the newest generation or two of Canadians have either never heard of them or know the name just vaguely.

Otherwise, I was either not in my youth, or the music in question was not intended to appeal to youth.
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